Islam on Campus, Islamic state and leftist hypocrisy: Links 4 on Jan. 28 – 2015

1. Ben Shapiro: 1st amendment is dead

2. Fascinating look at the distinction between an action driven by mental illness and ideology. Article here at English Review, video below:

3. Carleton University in Ottawa, one of the universities that can brag a successful ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ every year, has a tribute alter set up to the dead king of Saudi Arabia. Here is a recent photo but many more are on this Facebook page. I am informed that this has moved to a more prominent location in the University Center but am waiting for confirmation and photos from there.

Wouldn’t it be an excellent idea for Carleton U students, especially history ones but any really, to study what Apartheid actually was and then look at modern Israel and Saudi Arabia under this much loved king and see if anything strikes them as odd?

Carleton U tribute to KSA dead king

4. France begins propaganda campaign to stop muslims from joining the jihad overseas by showing the exact videos (or parts of them) that Youtube pulled down.

5. Here is an interesting threat video by the Islamic State. You dont need the sound on as its just a guy intoning and whining in scribbly but its titled in English so you can put on some metal or jazz or whatever and read the text.

As usual, its a little cryptic. To really understand the threats and intent, one would have to be willing to look up the referenced scripture in it and possibly the relevant tasfirs of interpretation of those bits of scripture. But even without doing it some of it is pretty clear. I think one of my favorite parts, if a rabid skunk intoning threat-poetry can have a part which is a favorite, is where he explains the battle now is to force ‘monotheism’ on all the people in the parts of the Islamic State now conquered and about to be. There are other threats vague and specific and definite warnings to the usual suspects that add up to all who aren’t muslims. But not knowing this and not reading their propaganda strikes me as unwise. If more people had read Hitler’s book and taken it seriously, tens of millions of lives could have been saved by acting forcefully against him earlier. Here is a chance to preempt that kind of slaughter once again by doing the same. We won’t do it, but I like to think we have a moral oblation to try.

Thank you M., SeekTruth, Lynx, ML., and all. More to come. Also I would like to extend a welcome to a flurry of new people who have started to send links and post comments. Thank you. This is great stuff and we need people on campuses as I think a lot of people still do not understand the theater of the absurd they have become at this point.


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7 Replies to “Islam on Campus, Islamic state and leftist hypocrisy: Links 4 on Jan. 28 – 2015”

  1. 3/ Those history students needed to set up a booth opposite with a description of apartheid in Saudi Arabia along with looping videos of recent beheadings and lashings, reports of stonings, news stories about Filipina maids being tortured or murdered, pictures of all of the king’s wives (all in full hijab of course), accounts of the bulldozing of early Christian archaeological sites, and maybe for background some animated episodes from the hadiths and sira of the life of Mohammed and large colourful panels illustrating the fate of the Jews of the oases of 7th-century Arabia. Just to get things rolling.

  2. The names of the history students as well as their professors and donators to Carleton should be made public.

    I can only wonder how many have ties to Saudi.

    How much money is received by Carleton from Saudi??

    Islam is evil. We all know it. But I think that sometimes Canada, especially Canadian liberals ( who descend from the exterminators of the natives) need some more Islam in their lives.

    Canada will have it. at least the dimwit WASP part of Canada.

    The Quebecois are more astute when it comes to Islam.

  3. Sorry, I should have made it clear that the Memorial display was run by the Saudi Students Association. I’m not sure what sort of permission you need to set up tables or something like that in the tunnels, presumably some sort of clearance from the university. As for prominence, despite its unassuming appearance, the location depicted in that photo is pretty much the highest-traffic spot on campus.

    • It was clear from their Facebook page. I was referring to the history students Vlad suggested should be on this.

      Something else those students could be querying is the wisdom of providing Saudis with Western graduate level training in engineering, computer science and bacteria.

      And they could point a fan at that flag so passersby might register the sword beneath the shahada.

  4. It is not just the first amendment that is dead, the Fourth is also in massive trouble and the entire rule of law is at massive risk by the Dems ignoring the law when they don’t like or agree with it. At the moment the US is a Third World dictatorship.

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