Obama defends Americans by stopping them from criticizing Islam: Links 5 on Jan. 13 – 2015

1. Mosques fire bombed and pelted with pig heads in aftermath of Paris terror attacks

(Of course the firebombing will show minimal damage and those who track these events very carefully will likely discover that most or all of them are by muslims and congregants themselves trying to turn the victim narrative around, as this happens pretty much every time public opinion turns against Islam and it recently happened in Sweden as well, where out of three mosques ‘attacked’ at least one of them turned out to have been a minor fire in the kitchen to which the fire department was denied access)

PARIS — Firebombs and pig heads thrown into mosques. Veiled women subjected to crude insults in the street. The Internet awash with threats against Muslims. Europe’s Muslims are feeling the heat of a fierce backlash following last week’s terror attack against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

A climate of fear is taking hold in Europe, as ordinary people increasingly heed rightist rhetoric equating the millions of peaceful Muslims with the few plotting murder and mayhem.

Abdallah Zekri, head of the National Observatory Against Islamophobia, said that in a 48-hour period after the Wednesday massacre at Charlie Hebdo, 16 places of worship around France were attacked by firebombs, gunshots or pig heads — a major insult to Muslims who don’t eat pork.

2. Press conference with English voice-over of the editorial staff of Charlie Hebdo.

3. If this isn’t the last straw for anyone who still thinks maybe Obama is on our side, I would like to hear your reasoning.

4. Operation Sanctuary: Benwell man charged with 21 sex offences, some involving girls as young as 11

Bahmani Ahmadi, of Benwell, Newcastle faces charges including transporting girls around the UK for sexual exploitation

5. Le Pen seeks return to internal EU border controls

Thank you Grace, M., Richard, and so many more. Its been a very busy day. But more to come.

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12 Replies to “Obama defends Americans by stopping them from criticizing Islam: Links 5 on Jan. 13 – 2015”

    • I know which side Obama is on and most Leftist and assorted cowardly politicians, and a large part of the Media and BDS and all those who march for “Palestine” aka HAMAS, – I am on the opposite side, the side of Israel.

      This is an excellent video we must distribute widely !.

  1. 3/ And the BBC reports that dozens of Muslim leaders have signed a letter calling for ‘patience and tolerance:’

    ‘The imams’ letter, released through the Muslim Council of Britain, said: “With dignified nobility we must be restrained.”

    It added: “Most Muslims will inevitably be hurt, offended and upset by the republication of the cartoons.

    “But our reaction must be a reflection of the teachings of the gentle and merciful character of the Prophet.

    “Enduring patience, tolerance, gentleness and mercy, as was the character of our beloved Prophet, is the best and immediate way to respond.”’

    We’re not going to get anywhere so long as Muslims, the ones who aren’t simply lying through their teeth to advance the Islamic supremacist agenda, remain in their own through-the-looking-glass state of hypnosis, inside their own mirror image of reality. How could anyone living in a world in which two plus two equals four even begin to construct a picture of Mhd that conforms to the one described in the BBC report and in the release for the Texas rally? This is simply not the character that emerges from Islam’s own canonical texts.

    Yet it’s an idea of Mhd Muslims hold in their heads. And then all truths about the world must be deduced from that, and so anything critical of Mhd is a priori wrong. And that’s their mental universe, the planet they live on, the alien atmosphere they breathe.

    We need to wake Muslims from their dream of Mhd. Instead here is Obama standing with the Muslims as promised, and with the excuse of ‘advocating for the safety of our men in women in uniform, ‘ threatening to ‘push back’ against anyone who tries.

  2. “Jihadism is not the solution, and it has nothing to do with islam”

    Says some boring looking german eurocrat in the Le Pen video.

    Well, well, well Mr. boring looking german eurocrat, thats a lie!

    Jihadism is indeed the orthodox sunni/shia concept of islamic holy war.

    And by now you should know better than spewing such utter garbage.

    • “…And by now you should know better than spewing such utter garbage.”

      He DOES now better, but he is simply whores for islam as does his chancellor Merkel.

      The video tells us that ITALY AND GERMANY have already voted against it. Always so eager, aren’t they…..Oy: Mussolini & Schickelgruber – you can safely return to Germany now. Memories….

  3. #3.

    Blacks have traditionally been the slaves of Mohamedaneans: The more things change the more they stay the same….

    Psssst my excuse for sounding raaaaaaacist? Obama made me do it.

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