Marine Lepen does interview with Al Jazeera

This is one of the better interviews I have seen of her actually.

The talking head they introduce as a ‘philosopher’, who in fact is really just a Frankfurt School style Islam rhetorician sort of blows it. But the actual interview was much more fair than most.

For those in the USA this link may work.



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  1. As a Nouveau Philosophe, Bernard-Henry Levi is supposed to have become disenchanted with Marxism in ’68. He was still disillusioned in 2008’s Left in Dark Times: A Stand Against the New Barbarism. But this sure sounds like leftist apologetics for Islam here.

  2. Bernard Henry Levy, a deluded multiculti a$$hole of monumental proportions. He is a darling for al Jizz, they love him. He does the kumbaya babble like a pro. Is he “disenchanted with Marxism?” Of course not. These types never leave the reservation, its always others that provide for them, they are natural born parasites who think of themselves as intellectuals.

    But I do like how Marine LePen brings her point across. I hope she gets in.

  3. I live in the United States. California, to be exact.

    When I try to watch this video, I get a message which says, “The Uploader has not made this video available to watch in your country.”

    But apparently, you can watch it in Canada.

    The Uploader is Al Jazeera.

    Why do you think Al Jazeera would not want Americans to see this video?

  4. The support against and condemnation of the Paris attacks by Abbas, Hamas, Hizbollah, Qatar and Turkey etc is for one purpose only. They lie in order to silence protest against them, allowing them to progress their dastardly schemes.
    While their stormtroops kill and maim they soothe and stroke the west into submissive compliance.

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