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21 Replies to “Filip Dewinter of Vlaams Belang”

    • We know from repeated surveys that about 40-80%+ want sharia law (to be) implemented as the law of the land (wherever they settle across the globe). So calling them moderates makes no sense whatsoever.

      Of course this does not mean every one of “those” will pick up a rifle or grenade and charge the ranks of their enemies. However, the same applied to the Nazis, commies and so on. Some of those memories should be still relatively fresh.

      Speaking for myself; I do not desire to live under these kind of regimes. I do not desire to live under Muhammadanism. It is time people start publicly speaking out. We need to keep pushing and pushing….

      • Not with the left busy erasing the facts from the history books, most of the modern high school students have never heard of the Vietnam war.

  1. Work from prison! It pays! lol

    Lebanon prison raided over inmates’ links to bombing (BBC, Jan 12, 2015)

    “Lebanese security forces have raided a prison after an investigation found detainees were connected to a suicide attack over the weekend, officials say. Television pictures showed troops entering and searching inmates’ rooms and smoke rising from Roumieh prison. Officials said some detainees had set light to mattresses in protest at being transferred from one wing to another.

    The interior minister said intercepted telephone calls proved some were linked to bombings in Tripoli on Saturday. Al-Nusra Front, al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, claimed it was behind the attack on a cafe in the northern Lebanese city’s predominantly Alawite district of Jabal Mohsen, which left nine people dead. But officials said its rival, Islamic State, might have been responsible…”

    • Not as appalling as the usual effort, but “non-violent extremism?” Give me a break. That would be common and garden Islam, Muslims not presently engaged in kinetic jihad. “An intolerant, dehumanizing interpretation of Islam…inculcating a them-and-us mindset.” This is all Islam is. Where on earth can one look in the core texts or the exegesis or entire history for anything else? Britain isn’t going to “forge” any new kind of Islam. Suppressing expressions of “non-violent extremism” is just sweeping more problems under the rug.

  2. Tom Trento has an exclusive interview with Anjem Choudary who states that anyone who “insults Islam or Mohamad deserves capital punishment” including the Pope.

  3. Egyptian cleric warns Charlie Hebdo against publishing ‘racist’ cartoons

    CAIRO – Egypt’s Grand Mufti warned the French satirical newspaperCharlie Hebdo on Tuesday against publishing a new caricature of the Prophet Mohammad, saying it was a racist act that would incite hatred and upset Muslims around the world.

    Charlie Hebdo is due to publish a front page on Wednesday showing a caricature of the Prophet in its first edition since Islamist gunmen attacked the weekly’s offices in Paris last Wednesday, killing 12 people.

    “This edition will cause a new wave of hatred in French and Western society in general and what the magazine is doing does not serve coexistence or a dialog between civilisations,” the office of Grand Mufti Shawqi Allam, one of the region’s most influential Muslim clerics, said in a statement.

    “This is an unwarranted provocation against the feelings of … Muslims around the world.”

    A total of 17 people were killed in three days of violence that began when the gunmen opened fire at Charlie Hebdo in revenge for its past publication of satirical images of the Prophet. With demand surging for this week’s edition, Charlie Hebdo planned to print up to 3 million copies, dwarfing its usual run of 60,000.

    The Grand Mufti described the attack on Charlie Hebdo as “terrorist” and Egypt’s Al-Azhar, a thousand-year-old seat of religious learning respected by Muslims around the world, has referred to the attack as a criminal act. But they have also been critical of caricatures of the Prophet, which provoked protests when they were first published in 2005.

    The Grand Mufti’s office called on the French government to reject what he called the “racist act” by Charlie Hebdo, accusing the newspaper of seeking to provoke “religious strife… and deepen hatred.”

    The front page of the Jan. 14 edition shows Mohammad, a tear on his cheek, holding a sign saying “Je suis Charlie” (“I am Charlie”), below the headline “Tout est pardonne” (“All is forgiven”).

    Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan accused the West on Monday of hypocrisy for its stance over the attack on Charlie Hebdo and the hostage-taking at a kosher supermarket in which four Jews were killed, while failing to condemn anti-Muslim acts in Europe. “The West’s hypocrisy is obvious. As Muslims, we’ve never taken part in terrorist massacres. Behind these lie racism, hate speech and Islamophobia,” he said.


    • EGYPT – Charlie Hebdo’s new caricature ‘unjustifiably provocative’

      Dar Al-Ifta, primary Egyptian authority responsible for issuing religious edicts, condemns new Charlie Hedbo caricature, says it incites sectarianism and obstructs dialogue

      Charlie Hebdo’s decision to renew the publication of caricatures of Prophet Mohamed is “an act unjustifiably provocative to the feelings of a billion and a half Muslims worldwide who love and respect the Prophet,” Egypt’s Dar Al-Ifta warned in a statement on Tuesday.

      The new issue of Charlie Hebdo will cause a “new wave of anger” in France and the West in general, the statement said, adding that it “will not serve the dialogue between civilisations which Muslims seek.”

      The cover of the first edition of the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo since 12 of its staff members were killed by Islamist gunmen last week showed a cartoon of the Prophet Mohamed crying and holding up a “Je suis Charlie” sign under the words “All is forgiven.”

      Dar Al-Ifta, the primary Egyptian authority responsible for issuing religious edicts, described the act as “counter to human values, freedoms, cultural diversity, tolerance and respect to human rights,” adding that it “deepens hatred and discrimination between Muslims and others.”

      The statement also condemned the recent attacks against mosques in France warning that such acts will “give extremists from both sides a chance to exchange violence.”

      The statement finally requested that the French government, political parties and organisations condemn Charlie Hebdo’s “racist act which works to incite sectarianism.”

      It is common for satirical publications in Europe to mock religious figures.

      Following the attack in Paris, Egypt’s Al-Azhar, Sunni Islam’s most prestigious centre of learning, issued a condemnation, saying that “Islam denounces any violence.”

      President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi also condemned the attack, voicing Cairo’s solidarity with France and underlining that the fight against terrorism is a global concern. Egypt’s Foreign Minister joined other world leaders in the million man protest in Paris.


  4. Police Official: Arms for Paris Attacks Came From Abroad (abcnews, Jan 13, 2015)

    “A French police official says the weapons used by a terror cell in attacks in the Paris region that left 17 people dead came from outside the country, and that authorities are urgently tracing the source of the financing.

    Christophe Crepin, a French police union representative, said several people are being sought in relation to the “substantial” financing of the three gunmen, as well as others in their network.

    He said that the weapons stockpile clearly came from abroad and the amount spent shows an organized network.

    The news came hours after a Bulgarian prosecutor announced the arrest of a man with ties to one of the brothers who carried out the Charlie Hebdo newspaper massacre. Crepin said the people in the Islamic extremist cell had mixed allegiances, with little sense of loyalty to individual jihadi groups.”

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