Ottawa: Twin brothers who converted to Islam claim terror charges violate freedom of religion

As predicted, they are converts to Islam and as predicted the media prefers their original names as they are on the wrong side of the narrative.
Article and video with the lawyer of the accused is here.

Let’s hope someone finds out the names they took for themselves so we can use those as they would wish, and as we need to.

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4 Replies to “Ottawa: Twin brothers who converted to Islam claim terror charges violate freedom of religion”

  1. Germany protests: Dresden marches against anti-Islamists Pegida (BBC, Jan 10, 2015)

    “About 35,000 people have marched through the German city of Dresden in protest against recent so-called anti-Islamisation rallies, organisers say.

    The turnout is nearly double that of the largest demonstration by anti-Islamists Pegida, held last Monday.

    Saturday’s counter-demonstration observed a minute’s silence for the 17 victims of this week’s terrorist attacks in France.

    The next Pegida protest in Dresden will be held on Monday.

    Some analysts say that numbers may grow as a result of the violence in France….”

  2. Lebanon violence: Bomb blast hits northern city of Tripoli (BBC, Jan 10, 2015)

    “A suicide bomb attack in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli has killed at least seven people, in the latest violence linked to Syria’s civil war.

    The Nusra Front, al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate, said it was behind the attack, which also injured 30 people.

    The blast, on a cafe in a predominantly Alawite neighbourhood, was the first major attack in Lebanon for months.

    There has been tension in the past between Tripoli’s Sunni Muslim majority population and its Alawite minority.

    Lebanon’s National News Agency said the attack was carried out by two men from Tripoli, where longstanding religious tensions have been exacerbated by the war in neighbouring Syria.

    In a statement, the Nusra Front said the attack was “in revenge for the Sunnis in Syria and Lebanon”….”

  3. “All Canadians have the right to express their religious beliefs,” their lawyer said. To include going on jihad? Giving the infidel three choices at gunpoint? Murdering to avenge cartoons of Mohammed? Killing apostates or otherwise enforcing shariah? Taking sex-slaves? Raping children? It could be an interesting trial.

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