Here is what it looks like when they give a war and only one side comes: Links 3 on Jan. 10 – 2015

1. We all know that most muslims are moderate and peaceful and want to live in harmony with the rest of us. In that spirit, a reader of Vlad, Carpe Diem, just designed a new flag for the moderate Muslim community we all hope they will wear and wave at their massive demos in support of the victims of this last few days Islamic attacks.

IS new flag

2. (repeat item new source) MI5 chief warns of planned ‘mass casualty attacks’ in West

In a rare public speech by Britain’s domestic intelligence chief at the agency’s headquarters in London on Thursday, Parker addressed the terror challenges facing the U.K. in 2015.

Attacks are often directed at “transport systems or iconic targets,” he said before adding that “we know, for example, that a group of core al-Qaida terrorists in Syria is planning mass casualty attacks against the West.”

3. Ann Coulter: Fighting Terrorism While Politically Correct?

4. Gutfeld Calls Out CNN’s Amanpour for Labeling Terrorists ‘Activists’

5. Muslims make very clear threat video with specific messages to specific countries and peoples. It is worth seeing. There is value in it and some truth. For example we will find that we fear the muslims on our own streets. But this is because we are still at the self deception stage. I have maintained that history turns on a dime and it can turn suddenly any number of degrees. The muslims on the street may yet come to fear us. But watch the video, it has English subs. Also interesting is an instrumental music track which is technically forbidden in islam but which also shows the axiom that all things are allowed so long as they assist the goal of global islamic supremacy, ideally by jihad. This clearly includes music, cocaine and other things people who confuse Islam with a principled belief system do not understand.

Thank you M., Richard, and many more. Sometimes I lose track. More to come later.

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  1. ITALY – MILAN -Jan 10 2014 – tribute rally for the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack — « Je suis Charlie » — Leftists and Muslims protest against Islamophobia

  2. 3/ I can’t find the story about el-Sisi’s speech at Al-Azhar on the BBC site. CNN picked it up, but the expert reaction is a dismissive one from the Brookings Institution. And what would a ‘Lutheran reformation’ of Islam look like anyhow?

    “There is little to suggest (el-Sisi) is interested in some sort of Lutheran reformation of Islam. By all accounts, he’s quite comfortable with the prevailing leadership of the Azhari establishment.

    “If anything, he wants to empower it further in order to push forward a counternarrative against radical Islamism. The real question is: How credible can such a state-empowered counternarrative be?” Hellyer said.

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