The press uses non-Islamic names for muslim terrorists. Again. Links 8 for Jan. 9 – 2015

1. Canada: RCMP Arrests Two Individuals for Terrorism Offences

OTTAWA, Jan. 9, 2015 /CNW/ – Today, following a national security criminal investigation, the RCMP Ottawa Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET) arrested and charged two individuals from Ottawa with a number of terrorism offences under the Criminal Code of Canada.

Ashton Carleton Larmond (D.O.B. 1990-11-21) has been charged with Facilitating terrorist activity (Sec. 83.19), Participation in the activity of a terrorist group (Sec. 83.18), and for Instructing to carry out activity for a terrorist group (Sec. 83.21 (1)).

Carlos Larmond (D.O.B. 1990-11-21) has been charged with Participation in the activity of a terrorist group (Sec. 83.18) and for Attempting to leave Canada to participate in terrorist activity abroad (Sec. 83.181).

Carlos Larmond was arrested at the Montreal Pierre-Elliott Trudeau International Airport as he was intending to travel overseas for terrorist purposes. Ashton Carleton Larmond was arrested in Ottawa.

(Once again, the names they likely took for themselves, their muslims names most likely, are not used)

2. VICE News clip on today’s events in France, stressing the government narrative that you are the terrorist if you connect Islamic terror attacks with Islam. Next, we can expect flowers to appear from their sleeves and a rabbit out of the camera lens cap! It should be noted that the muslim they interview says: “95% of muslims suffer from extremism and they are the first victims”. If this is true, then I have to quote Inigo Montoya about the word, extremism’ yet again. “I do not think that word means what you think it does”

3. CNN on the one missing tardorist:

4. Who is female tardorist suspect on the run?

5. Intelligence indicates Assad building nuclear plant: report

Berlin (AFP) – Intelligence suggests that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is building a secret underground plant with the aim of developing nuclear weapons, Germany’s Spiegel news magazine said Friday.

Citing information made available by unidentified intelligence sources, Spiegel said the plant was in an inaccessible mountain region in the west of the war-ravaged country, two kilometres (1.2 miles) from the Lebanese border. Related German article

6. There is something dishonest about this report of the Montpellier Jewelry store siege today in France. There was no attempted robbery, but the motive is not known?

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  1. Senior AQAP official praises Paris attack in new audio message

    A newly released audio message from al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) features a top official in the group, Harith al Nadhari, praising the attack on the office of Charlie Hebdo earlier this week.

    Although the audio message was not released via one of AQAP’s official channels, it appears to be legitimate. The release bears the logo of al Malahem Media Foundation, AQAP’s media wing.

    Al Nadhari begins his roughly 5-minute message by saying the French cartoonists targeted in the attack are the “enemies of Allah’s messenger, who have disbelieved in him, lied about him.” They are also “the impure from among the sons of France,” Al Nadhari says.

    Although the audio does not include any claims of credit for the attack, al Nadhari lauds the gunmen as “mujahideen heroes.” He justifies the massacre by saying that France is “among the leaders of disbelief,” alleging that the nation regularly insults Islam, its prophets, and its followers. Al Nadhari addresses the French nation directly and asks, “When will you stop fighting Allah and his messenger? If you convert to Islam, that would be better for you.”

    Al Nadhari concludes his statement by telling the French that unless they cease their “aggression against the Muslims…you will not be blessed with security.”

    A separate written statement, allegedly authored by AQAP, has been disseminated via social media. The message is purportedly AQAP’s claim of responsibility for the Charlie Hebdo attack.

    However, The Long War Journal cautions that the statement’s authenticity could not be immediately verified. The statement has been tweeted and retweeted by well-connected jihadists who usually promote legitimate messages, but this does not guarantee that it is authentic.

    “The operation was directed by the leadership of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP),” the statement reads. The targets were chosen deliberately “in retaliation for the display of the Prophet.”

    The authors of the release also claim that the operation was “the implementation of Sheikh Osama Bin Laden’s threat” in which he warned the West against going too far in offending Muslim sensibilities. Moreover, the statement explains that AQAP delayed taking credit “for security reasons” related to the attackers.

    The release outlines four messages to the West, as conveyed in the Paris attack. Firstly, violating Muslim sanctities will come at a high price. The authors say that the “punishment will be severe and be a deterrent.” Moreover, Western countries will pay the price of their crimes “in their own homes.” Additionally, the alleged AQAP message says that al Qaeda’s policy of striking the “head of the snake” is ongoing. Lastly, the statement alleges that Inspire, AQAP’s English-language magazine, has been a “resounding success,” because of the attack on Charlie Hebdo. In Inspire, AQAP called for terrorist attacks against Charlie Hebdo and others who had supposedly smeared the Prophet Mohammed.

    At least two media outlets are reporting that AQAP members have claimed responsibility for the attack. The Intercept reports that an AQAP member sent the publication a statement saying that the group “directed the operation.” And the Associated Press reports that an AQAP member says the attack was ordered “as revenge for the honor” of the Prophet Mohammed.

    Such claims may be accurate, but jihadist organizations typically issue formal statements claiming responsibility for attacks, especially assaults as high-profile as the one on Charlie Hebdo.

    video / audio ( in Arabic )

  2. ITALY – New mosque ban in Padua after Paris attacks

    The mayor of Padua has said that no more permits will be granted for the construction of mosques in the northern Italian city in the wake of the shooting at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, the satirical magazine, in Paris on Wednesday.

    Massimo Bitonci, a Northern League member who earlier this year said crucifixes must be hung on the walls of all schools and offices across the Veneto city, said in a tweet on Friday: “No to new mosques”.

    The mayor was quoted in Corriere as saying that unlike in the past, “the council will not grant any more public space for the construction of mosques and Islamic places of worship.”

    He added that controls on private establishments used for worship will also be tightened.

    In a sign of solidarity with France over the shooting, in which 12 people died, a French flag has been hung outside the town hall.

    […] Muslims make up Italy’s second-largest religious group but their faith still lacks official national recognition.

    The country is home to 1.7 million Muslims and the country has over 700 mosques.

    video 1 – ( in Italian )

  3. # 1 – RCMP charge two brothers with terrorism offences – Twins to ‘vigorously defend’ against terror charges

    […] However, Addelman described the case as a matter of religious freedom. He said both his clients are Muslim.

    “All Canadians have the right to express their religious beliefs and to participate in free assembly without that being a criminal offense,” he told reporters.

    On Saturday, the brothers appeared separately in court via video link.

    Dressed in a hoodie and wearing his beard shortly trimmed, Carlos Larmond looked straight at the camera for the majority of his fifteen-minute appearance. The only words he spoke were “yes ma’am,” to acknowledge Judge Louisette Girault’s instructions that he not contact his brother.

    Ashton Carleton Larmond, appeared shortly after at 11 a.m. for his five-minute hearing, wearing a black sweater with long hair and a long beard. He also stared at the camera and only spoke the words “yes ma’am,” when told not to contact his twin.

    Crown Prosecutor Rod Sonley said the brothers have been adjourned until Feb. 12. By that date, Addelman said the two will have separate counsel.

    Speaking from Paris, where he is visiting the sites of recent terror attacks in the city, Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney said the Larmond arrests were part of an ongoing investigation and that Canada is commited to fighting terrorism.

    Blaney added that the brothers’ arrests are not directly linked to the Paris attacks.

    “They are not linked in itself by exact link but they are part of this extremist ideology and in that way they are related but not necessarily in the same cell or groups,” Blaney said.


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