More and worse attacks coming and more links 6 on Jan 9 – 2015

1. Why we must run the damn cartoons

(Macleans steps up the plate and swings)

2. National Secular Society: BBC restrictions on depicting Mohammed must be abolished, says NSS

The National Secular Society is calling on the Government to compel the BBC to remove a restriction on any depiction of the prophet Mohammed.

The BBC’s editorial guidance that forbid any representation of the prophet Mohammed came under fire on Thursday’s Question Time on BBC1. During a response to a question about the Charlie Hebdo massacre, chairman David Dimebleby told panellists that the editorial guidelines of the BBC say “The prophet Mohammed must not be represented in any shape or form.”

3. Ezra Levant on CBC’s complicity to terrorism

4. Landmark Paris synagogue closes on Shabbat for first time since World War II


6. London Islamic school shut down, govt accused of ‘witch hunt’

An Islamic academy and tuition center in London has been closed down, with the college alleging it was the target of a “government witch-hunt” against British Muslims.

The Siddeeq Academy in Whitechapel provided support for Muslim families who wished to teach their children in an Islamic way.

The college was closed down following the arrest of its director, Mizanur Rahman, in September by the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command. During the raid, nine men were arrested including radical Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary.

The college stated it was with “great sadness” that they were forced to close, but that it was not motivated by a “lack of business and profit.”

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  1. 3/ David Studer might benefit from a close encounter with Islamoreality. Perhaps the CBC could dispatch him to Yemen to help out the national broadcaster there, arrange a tour of picturesque mountain villages on his day off.

  2. I would like it better if more media sources and media big wigs would come out in favor of publishing the cartoons, but I suppose asking for courage from the leftist media is going way too far.

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