Souppes-sur-Loing: Definite prison time for threatening to set fire to a school

An original translation from Le Parisien by Bear with much thanks.

Edited by Gates of Vienna

The head of a family (the father) from Souppes-sur-Loing was sentenced this Thursday afternoon to twelve months in prison, including three months that must be served, by the correctional tribunal of Fontainebleau. Wednesday morning, not long before the assassination that hit Charlie Hebdo, this 30-year-old man, a convert to Islam, uttered some death threats against the personnel and the director of the Carnot kindergarten.

He also threatened to set fire to the school while screaming “Allah akbar”. The man was apprehended soon afterwards at his home, and judged after appearing in court immediately on Thursday. At the end of the hearing he was jailed. The origin of the problem is an incident that happened with his child, who attends the school.

During the search of his home, the investigators found drugs. He was immediately placed in police custody at the police station of Nemours for “threats against property by arson”. The sub-prefect of Fontainebleau was immediately made aware of these facts. The Mayor of Souppes-sur-Loing, Pierre Babut, is the first to be concerned by this situation: “We are always surprised by this type of behaviour. Even more so during our campaign. The Republic must protect itself.”

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