Translation of PI News article on wife beating in Islam

Original translation of PI News article by Oz-Rita with many thanks

The following video was obviously recorded in Malaysia and was published on the 2nd January on the Internet. One can see 2 mohamedanians beat a fully veiled woman.  according to  the commands from allah in Sura 4 Vers 34:  “Beat them if they are not obedient”. No muslim would have a bad conscience during the beating or even feel restraint, because his “God” orders him to chastise the woman until she is obedient. She shall also be a field for him which he can cultivate as he wishes. This means he can have sex whenever and how often he wants to. A very practical religion for men who are sex-oriented, power-conscious and prone to violence…

(from Michael Stürzenberger)

Here is the Beatings-Video

In Malaysia Islam is the religion of the State, which of course has nothing to do with Islam. ‘

Note: Some comments suggest that the beating in the video is not strong enough and it could possibly be a “Comedy. Here is another such presentation:

2nd video

And now to the good news from the Volks-Taming-Propaganda-Department:

1. Islam is a very pro-women Religion

2. Islam means peace

3. Islam belongs to Germany

4. There is no islamisation in Germany

By the way: The first child of born in 2015 in Hannover is called “Mohammad” (photo above). In Altenessen the most popular name last year was Mohammed. Parallel societies grow, Sharia pushes German Justice out of the way, german children are increasingly in the minority in Kindergarten and schools and  are bullied, to be “sensible” often there is no pork on the menu, Christian traditions disappear more and more, while Islam enters the vacuum forcefully.



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14 Replies to “Translation of PI News article on wife beating in Islam”

  1. So, would someone please explain to me why the majority of Western converts to Islam are women? Actually, could someone explain to me why any woman anywhere would belong to such a misogynistic cult at all?

      • That’s just not enough. It’s a cover-up.

        They must have been sold a bill of goods. They wouldn’t know from the LSM. PC texts in schools wouldn’t tell them. Warm and friendly Muslimas won’t clue them in.

        I’m an educated adult. Yet I had no idea that such atrocities were routine in Islamic societies until I learned online here and elsewhere. No woman would choose THIS knowingly.

        • I agree with you, they are buying into the idea that the Moslems are nice people but they are converting to find a manly husband since the western males are suppose to forget being manly and get in touch with their feminine side.

    • Even if a Jewish woman converts, her child has Jewish DNA.

      It’s so twisted that those who oppose Islam are called racists, while JewHate – genuine racism – is given a pass, even encouraged.

      • Even if that was not true Yucki, what gets me is that criticism of Islam or its practitioners, which is identical to criticism of Republicans or Democrats considered racist even though pretty much 100% of us would have no problem with any given muslim if they did not hold to the tennets of the faith and did not aspire to achieve islamic goals or ideally, apostatized from the religion, something a black person cannot do with his skin color, Michael Jackson not withstanding.

        Meanwhile people who hate Jews do not care whether that person is religious or not, or whether they even practice another religion etc. It doesn’t matter to them if that Jewish person is a loayl soldier to the state or an inventor of a medicine that saved that person’s life. Therefore, antisemitism is racism even if there is no DNA or biological issue whatsoever.

        Hitler had to formalize this into a policy as its irrational from the get-go. He had to say that any human being that had a grandparent that could be identified as Jewish had to be exterminated.

        This is not an ideological position. This is a racist one even though there was no basis in biology at all.

        • I think racism helps to explain, in part, the virulence of self-hating Jews. Today they’re left-wing, but that wouldn’t account for their suicidal self-hatred throughout history.

          Torquemada, for example, the first Inquisitor General in Spain was a convert and Dominican priest. The Inquisition couldn’t have functioned in the early days without the intimate knowledge of conversos.

          The closet Jews can’t deracinate themselves to themselves. Unlike those from most other races, Jews can “pass” with no problem. Racist Jews tear themselves apart even when they’re “passing”.

        • Some of the reports I have read say that a Jewish mailman had an affair with Hitlers mother and this made him hate all Jews.

  2. “Note: Some comments suggest that the beating in the video is not strong enough and it could possibly be a “Comedy””

    The first beatings video looks and sounds like something out of Monty Python. The second one…er, not so much…

  3. I hate to be a party-pooper, but I didn’t think Muslim women had to wear burkas and head scarves and such when they were at home…

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