Links post 1 for Jan. 6 – 2015 Europe opens one eye

1. The BBC reports on growing attacks on schools recently but doesn’t mention once who is doing them.

(If you were undecided about the media’s role, whether it is to inform you, or force your opinion with selective release of information and censorship, this article should settle most if not all of any doubts you may have left.)

Researchers at the University of Maryland have recorded attacks on education between 1970 and 2013.

The Global Terrorism Database shows a sharp increase in attacks since 2004.

Pakistan had the highest number, but the figures do not include last month’s massacre of school pupils in Peshawar.

The report, Terrorist Attacks on Educational Institutions, examines the long-term incidence of deliberate aggression against places of learning.

But researchers say that fatal assaults on schools such as in Peshawar in north-west Pakistan, where more than 140 students and staff were killed, mark a deadly and unusual departure from the typical pattern.

2. France24 claims 18,000 people attended anti PEGIDA demo in Germany

3. Iran General: Our Ultimate Goal Is the Destruction of America And Israel

(While this is hardly new, now and again its good to be reminded that this is still Iran’s agenda)

“Today there is no mandate to end our fight because Iran’s greatness in the region and the repeated losses by the Zionists and America are the proof of our fight up to today,” Gen. Mohammad Naghdi said, according to Fars News Agency. “Our ideal is not [nuclear] centrifuges but the destruction of the White House and the annihilation of Zionism [Israel].”

4. I don’t know if I posted this yesterday or not, but its very important. The Czech Republic raided many locations for islamic books that contained flatly illegal racist hate filled calls to genocide. One can be certain that this same material is in islamic bookstores anywhere in the world.

(Google Translate)

Conclusions opinion is according to the findings law gives police the truth claims that the book contained hateful and racially intolerant statements, even below the edge of the law.
“Supports (opinion) to the police version,” Pravo trusted source familiar with the investigation of the case.

5. Brian Lilly on how some muslims raise their children for jihad


Thank you UK Pete, M., Oz-Rita and more.

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  1. Iran’s goal would not have been the destruction of America and Israel if Iran remained Zoroastrian. They would have lived their lives like the rest of Hindu-Buddhist Asia, not bothering anyone.

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