And more horror by muslims, who, somehow miraculously are also the ‘real victims’ links 3 for Jan. 2 – 2015

1. The Sikhs have brought in a couple of bus loads of additional protestors for their now daily, 2 week old protest at the Indian consul along with a PA system etc. Thanks to Victor Laszlo who went down and took some footage for us and sent it up for editing we can have a look. This was in front of the Metro on Beechwood Ave. a minor commercial street in Ottawa where the Indian Embassy is located.

2. Women drivers are being threatened in Yemen now by vigelantes

The number of women driving cars in Yemen has increased dramatically over the last two years, according to the Arabic news site Al-Arabi al-Jadeed.  Acceptance of this “phenomena” has also increased significantly and even spread to the more rural areas, where fiercely patriarchal attitudes are deeply entrenched.

However, in Sanaa, the capital and the site of violence and unrest in the sectarian struggle between the Houthis (Shiite rebels) and Sunni tribesmen (backed by Al Qaeda), the presence of armed male vigilante groups has scared many families into forbidding women to drive alone for fear of their safety.

3. More clips are being found of police training in India where the perps, for reasons that are a mystery to everyone world-wide, are dressed as religious muslims.


4. Palestinian party posts, pulls image of skulls with Jewish stars

(I think the only reason CNN covered this is because no Western news service seems to be able to resist alliteration)

View image on Twitter

Abbas’ “moderate” Fatah celebrates the anniv of its 1st attack against Israel w/ a mound of Israeli skulls.Despicable

(CNN) — The political party of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas posted a drawn image online showing a large pile of skulls and skeletons with Jewish stars on them.

An Israeli government spokesman called it “despicable.”

5. 4 soldiers, 6 militants die in Al-Shabaab attack, Somali police official says

Col. Mahad Abdirahman, the police chief of Bay province, told CNN that heavily armed Al-Shabaab militants in fighting vehicles attacked Isku-Darka military checkpoint Friday morning, sparking an hourlong, close-quarters gun battle in which six militants were killed, along with the four government soldiers.

“Somali government troops managed to resist and push back the militants from the area,” Abdirahman said.

Friday afternoon, a roadside bomb targeted a bus carrying Kenyan teachers in Galkayo, killing a bodyguard and wounding 10 other people, six of them Kenyans, according to Ahmed Muse, a deputy governor who spoke to CNN by telephone.

6. Boko Haram attack on bus in Cameroon kills at least 11

Kano, Nigeria (CNN) — At least 11 people were killed and six others were injured in Cameroon when Boko Haram militants opened fire on a bus late Thursday, local time, residents said.

The attack took place in Waza, a region bordering northeast Nigeria.

The Islamist group, which dominates swaths of Nigeria’s largely ungoverned north, has increasingly conducted attacks outside of Nigeria, targeting Cameroonian military forces and civilians.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Victor Laszlo for the footage and all who sent in materials. I think given the opportunity for victimhood and false claims of ‘islamophobia’ the recent Indian anti-terror maneuvers will create, that same Indian Consulate may see another protest soon. If this is the case, it will make for an interesting comparison with the 2 weeks of peaceful and quite police Sikh protests that street has seen.

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  1. Another ship… More enrichment knocking on the door…

    Abandoned migrant ship Ezadeen reaches Italy (BBC, Jan 2, 2015)

    “A ship abandoned by its crew off Italy with 450 migrants on board has arrived at the Italian port of Corigliano Calabro, the coastguard says. Earlier, rescuers boarded the Ezadeen after a passenger raised the alarm as it drifted in the Mediterranean.
    The ship, sailing under the flag of Sierra Leone, lost power in rough seas overnight off the south-east of Italy. A total of 796 migrants were rescued from another ship found abandoned without any crew earlier in the week. Italy’s coastguard tweeted to say the Ezadeen arrived into port shortly before 23:00 local time (22:00 GMT). Cmdr Filippo Marini told reporters that the vessel was towed by an Icelandic ship that is part of the EU Frontex border control mission. Children and pregnant women were among the migrants, most of whom were believed to be Syrian, Mr Marini said…”

  2. We still dont know who did it, right? But racism has to be the culprit and people need to be educated about Islam to counter Islamophobia… Guess what; more applied Islamophilia implies more of what… Most people following the vladtepesblog probably know what to expect.

    Sweden protest after three mosque fires in one week (BBC, Jan 2, 2015)

    “Swedish anti-racism campaigners have staged a big rally in central Stockholm after three arson attacks on mosques.

    Demonstrators held leaflets saying “Don’t touch my mosque” at the 1,000-strong rally outside parliament.

    A petrol bomb was thrown at a mosque in Uppsala, eastern Sweden, on Thursday. The building did not catch fire.

    In late December a mosque was set ablaze at Esloev in the south, and earlier an arson attack on a mosque in Eskilstuna injured five people.

    Anti-racism rallies also took place in the cities of Malmo and Gothenburg on Friday.

    In Stockholm Sweden’s Culture Minister Alice Bah Kuhnke said the government would launch a national strategy to counter Islamophobia. The idea is to educate people about Islam and curb prejudice, she said…”

        • I can see how it looks that way. It was just an event that took place in my city, to which one of the people who film for this site went and shot this footage and sent it in and I didn’t feel it was worth its own post because it wasn’t much of an event. I took it for granted that people would know this wasn’t a muslim event.

          MOst of the titles deal with Islam because nearly ever link, story and post is about Islam. Sikhs are currently one of the big victim groups of muslims in Pakistan and India.

          It should be remembered however, that it was the Sikhs who did the largest successful terrorist attack against Canadians with the Air India attack and it was Sikh’s who destroyed the secularism of our Federal institutions by agitating to have a Turban and other non-secular symbols included with the RCMP uniform. I said at the time it would lead to a grotesque unraveling of our institutions and it is now. How can we say no to muslims who want to radically change the meaning of police uniforms by adding veils and islamic symbols to it?

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