Mosques and explosives, together? SAY IT AINT SO! Links 2 for Jan. 2 – 2015

1. Ottawa: Mosque, businesses evacuated after suspicious package found in taxi

OTTAWA — A mosque and several business were evacuated on Walkley Road Thursday night after a suspicious package was found in a taxi cab.

Police were called to Imam Ali Masjid on Walkley Road near Heatherington Road after someone reported the package was sitting in the back seat of the car.

After inspection, police determined the package was not dangerous.

Ottawa police find inactive explosive device in taxi

Ottawa police are investigating an inert explosive device found in a south Ottawa parking lot Thursday night.

Police were called to a parking lot on Walkley Road between Heatherington Road and Baycrest Drive around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, empty except for a taxi with a suspicious package inside.

Officers closed Walkley Road as they investigated, but later found the device wasn’t active.

There are no details on the type of device it was as police said they don’t want to interfere with the ongoing investigation.

Police also said they’re doing their “due diligence” to see if there is any connection to a mosque in that area.

2. One in 8 Germans would join anti-Muslim marches: poll

(And one in 8 are muslim which leaves 6 in 8 which need to read the koran etc. so they can join the one in 8 fighting for their rights)

BERLIN (Reuters) – One German in eight would join an anti-Muslim march if a rapidly-growing protest movement organized one in their home towns, according to an opinion poll published on Thursday.

The survey highlighted growing support in Germany, as in other European Union countries including Britain and Sweden, for parties and movements tapping into voter fears that mainstream politicians are too soft on immigration.

Some members of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc worry that they risk losing support to the euro-sceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which has shifted its focus to immigration and includes many who also back the PEGIDA protest movement — Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West.

3. Screaming phrases from Koran, muslim trashes Italian church, damaging 5 statues.

(Below, a screen capture of a Google machine translation from one of two articles on this. I will try and get a proper translation done later today)

Google ChromeScreenSnapz005

(Of course they will not try him for a ‘hate crime’ or aggravating community relations or inflaming religious feelings or anything else they would charge us with should we so much as leave a ham sandwich on the steps of a mosque. Instead they are using the canard of ‘mental illness’ and may charge him with vandalism)

This is the church where this took place I believe

4. More on the Ottawa cab with non-active explosive device


Thank you M., Richard, and many more who sent in material. Most likely more to come. Day 2 of 2015 and it is living up to the Muslim Brotherhood promise of increased open warfare in the streets already. Who knows. A few more attacks and maybe 2 of 8 Germans will march in the streets against this crap.

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19 Replies to “Mosques and explosives, together? SAY IT AINT SO! Links 2 for Jan. 2 – 2015”

  1. Given what the reporter sounded like in his speech it won’t be long before the number supporting the anti-islam marches will be higher.

        • The movie is a very fictionalized telling of Nelson Story’s trail drive of the first cattle into the Northwest US. I don’t remember if the movie shows the decisive fight with the Sioux where the Remington rolling block rifle using metallic cartridges (they were new then most firearms were still muzzle loaders) let a small number of good shots defeat a much more numerous foe.

        • Looks like a classic, with an all-star cast and in “living color”. Thank-you!

          I wish some of these films were used to teach college-level American history. To understand the 1950s look at how we wanted ourselves to be portrayed. What did “American Exceptionalism” mean to civilian populations after WWii? Like that.

  2. 2. from article: “A poll of 1,006 people by Forsa for Germany’s Stern magazine found 13 percent would attend an anti-Muslim march nearby”

    I would join a Pro-Muslim march but I would NEVER join a anti-Muslim march.
    The way they word polls is so racist how can anyone answer them?

    Just to be clear. A pro-Muslim march would be for change in Islam supporting Muslim rights to live their life as they wish. An Anti-Islam march would be exactly the same thing.

  3. I am quite surprised to see this on a CNN page… (To see the image, consider clicking the link.)

    Palestinian party posts, pulls image of skulls with Jewish stars (CNN, Jan 2, 2015)

    “The political party of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas posted a drawn image online showing a large pile of skulls and skeletons with Jewish stars on them.

    An Israeli government spokesman called it “despicable.”

    Along with the image, posted Wednesday to the Facebook page of the Fatah party, are the words “lingering on your skulls.”

    When contacted by CNN on Friday, a member of the Fatah Central Committee disavowed the image.

    “Fatah did not design this image,” Mahmoud al-Aloul said. The person who posted it to Fatah’s page “is currently being asked to remove it. The image and the text do not reflect the opinions of Fatah.” The image was then pulled from the page…”

  4. Boko Haram attack on bus in Cameroon kills at least 11 (CNN, Jan 2, 2014)

    “At least 11 people were killed and six others were injured in Cameroon when Boko Haram militants opened fire on a bus late Thursday, local time, residents said.

    The attack took place in Waza, a region bordering northeast Nigeria.

    The Islamist group, which dominates swaths of Nigeria’s largely ungoverned north, has increasingly conducted attacks outside of Nigeria, targeting Cameroonian military forces and civilians.

    At least 23 people were killed in an assault by the militant group in the Mozogo district in Cameroon’s Far North Region, said Mijiyawa Bakary, a regional governor.

    In May of last year, the group kidnapped 10 Chinese construction workers in Waza and killed another worker. The hostages were freed in October.”

  5. 4 soldiers, 6 militants die in Al-Shabaab attack, Somali police official says (CNN, Jan 2, 2014)

    “At least 10 people, including four Somali soldiers, were killed in an attack by Al-Shabaab forces on an army checkpoint near Baidoa, and two other people were killed Friday in bomb attacks in the country, officials said.

    Col. Mahad Abdirahman, the police chief of Bay province, told CNN that heavily armed Al-Shabaab militants in fighting vehicles attacked Isku-Darka military checkpoint Friday morning, sparking an hourlong, close-quarters gun battle in which six militants were killed, along with the four government soldiers.

    “Somali government troops managed to resist and push back the militants from the area,” Abdirahman said.

    Friday afternoon, a roadside bomb targeted a bus carrying Kenyan teachers in Galkayo, killing a bodyguard and wounding 10 other people, six of them Kenyans, according to Ahmed Muse, a deputy governor who spoke to CNN by telephone.

    Muse blamed the attack on Al-Shabaab, a Somalia-based, al Qaeda-linked group whose goal is to turn Somalia into a fundamentalist Islamic state….”

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