Press release by Riposte Laique and Resistance Republicaine:

Translation by Oz-Rita

The situation worsens from day to day in France and in the world, where islamists multiply their attacks and barbaric acts. In a video, the jihadists of IS asked  the muslims of France to strike the infidels, specifically to  run them over with cars, or to slit their throats with knives. The dramatic events in Joué-les-Tours, Dijon and Nantes demonstrated that these calls could be heard. Denying this evidence, the government  tries systematically to pas the terrorists as “unbalanced” or “lone wolves”. The people of France cannot wait passively and  put up with these violences.

So we propose to initiate what should become a succession of rallies and patriotic demonstrations, a popular mouvement in the image of PEGIDA in Germany,  a movement which rallies all, individuals, associations, political parties…marking the refusal of the islamisation of our country with all its consequences. We give you a rendez-vous Sunday 18 January, Place de la Bourse, at 2.30 pom for a first meeting during which different speakers, French and European will address us, speakers who are aware of the deadly danger awaiting our compatriots and will demand that all islamists be driven out of France.


Pierre Cassen, founder of Riposte Laique


Christine Tasin, President of Resistance Republicaine.



French Version here:

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  1. How come these monsters are so full of hate? Killing people cannot be their meaning of life? He is telling muslims in France to kill the people of the land that gave them help as refugees and probably also supported them.

    Islam is a very sick ideology..

  2. 3 soldiers killed in Kashmir gunfight between India and Pakistan (CNN, Jan 1, 2015)

    “The sound of gunfire marked New Year’s Eve in the tense disputed region of Kashmir between India and Pakistan. Pakistani rangers shot and killed an Indian soldier, India’s military said. India’s military shot and killed two Pakistani rangers, Pakistan’s military said.

    Both sides claimed that the other started the gunfight.

    Indian military spokesman Dharminder Parikh said Pakistani rangers opened fire unprovoked at Indian positions in the Samba sector of Indian administered Kashmir as the old year was coming to a close. A second Indian border soldier was also wounded in the fight, he said.

    Pakistan’s Punjab Rangers said that their Indian counterparts had a meeting, and when two rangers contacted them, the Indian side opened fire. The two were wounded and later died, they said.

    The two nuclear armed South Asian neighbors had agreed to a bilateral ceasefire in border regions in November 2003, and the agreement held for years. But there have been breaches in recent years. Kashmir has been in the throes of separatist violence since 1989, which has claimed over 43,000 lives.”

  3. India blocks websites for hosting ISIS content (CNN, Jan 1, 2015)

    “Dozens of websites have been blocked in India for hosting content created by terror group ISIS. The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team issued the ban Wednesday, requiring broadband providers to block access to the sites, according to a government advisory made public by Pranesh Prakash, director of the Centre for Internet and Society in Bangalore. Arvind Gupta, an IT official with India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, tweeted that the banned websites “were carrying Anti India content from ISIS.” Officials at the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team could not be reached for comment.

    Among the blocked sites is The Internet Archive, which stores websites’ pages in a cache file, enabling people to go back in time to see old and removed content. GitHub and Pastebin, prominent websites that people use to communicate anonymously, were also banned. Pastebin was the Sony hackers’ favorite publicity tool. Video sites Vimeo, Dailymotion were blocked, presumably for hosting videos that were uploaded by ISIS. Google’s YouTube was not on the list — Google (GOOGL, Tech30)has been proactive about taking ISIS videos down.

    “It is Vimeo’s longstanding policy not to allow videos that promote terrorism, and we remove such videos whenever we become aware of them,” said a Vimeo spokeswoman. “We have not received notice from the Indian government concerning such videos and have contacted them requesting the blocking order to identify, and evaluate the video in question. It is our hope that Vimeo can be restored promptly in India.”

    By Thursday, some of the blocked sites were coming back online, according to India’s communications and IT ministry. Vimeo, GitHub and Dailymotion were among the sites that were restored. “The sites that have removed objectionable content and/or cooperated with the ongoing investigations, are being unblocked,” Gupta said on Twitter…”

  4. 2 suicide bombers attempt New Year attacks in Nigerian city of Gombe, witnesses say (CNN, Jan 1, 2015)

    “Several people were injured when a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a church in the northeastern Nigerian city of Gombe on New Year’s Day, residents and a rescue worker said Thursday. It came only hours after a female suicide bomber was killed outside the Bolari military barracks, also in Gombe, on New Year’s Eve, witnesses said.

    The male bomber, who was on a motorcycle, struck outside an evangelical church in the Tudun Wada area of the city around 9 a.m. local time, as worshipers attended a New Year service.

    The explosives strapped to his body detonated as he was having a heated argument with church volunteers who had set up a barricade some distance from the church to screen people and prevent any attack by the Islamist militant group Boko Haram, according to Samson Luka, an eyewitness…”

  5. And more on that press release from Riposte laïque and Résistance républicaine here:

    On Sunday January 18 at 2:30 pm, in each city and each town of France, patriots can hold rallies similar to those of PEGIDA (European Patriots against the Islamization of the West) to say:


    If you decide to gather in your city or town, you can take photographs of the rally to send to Republican Résistance for dissemination. Even if your first demonstration starts with a small group, it’s already good. Subsequently, other patriots will join you to express their opposition to the introduction of the Sharia in France.

    You can also share information with residents and elected officials in your city or town!

  6. Dear Eeyore,

    Happy New Year!
    Missed you, missed everyone here! So glad the “snow” is still falling. After all, this is the place where pigs do fly.

    Thanks to an anonymous benefactor, we took our Israeli kids on a whirlwind tour of NYC. Then saw them off on EL Al with tears and blessings. Let’s hope for quiet in the Holy Land.

    So far behind, how can I hope to catch up here?

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