Brilliant speech at a PEGIDA demo in Germany

I would just like to add the following comment:

1. To see whether or not there is a process of Islamisation taking place in Europe, often one needs only to look out one’s window, or take public transport, or ask people who have recently moved out of an area of a city why they did so.

2. What muslim songs. Name one please. Just one will do.

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  1. Dr Udo Ulfkotte has been a long time cxritic of the Islam, and n particular of the Islamisation of the West.

    And -as far as Muslis are concerned “Procol Haraam”.

        • Thank you Martin. (I should go to wiki more frequently, ut usually get side tracked.)

          You may now call me “thick” but I still dont get the meaning of DP111 ‘ sentence above: “And -as far as Muslims are concerned “Procol Haraam”

          Did he mean to say that for Muslims Dr. Ulfkotte is “the Cat cat’s fancy” ? (mind you I dont know the meaning of this expression “the Cat cat’s fancy” either, but assume it’s something like “of no interest”?).

          Incidentally I was just looking up Dr. Ulfkotte. In the interview I found he speaks english fairly well (says he had 3 heart attacks, which makes his appearance at PEGIDA even more courageous). He was speaking about a book he had just written about how Journalists are forced/enticed to lie with the German title of:
          “Gekaufte Journalisten ” (Bought Journalists).

  2. His speech was right on point, however few will heed his dire warnings and still be BS’D by the MSM and the Sycophants of Islam in the political class.

  3. He should be speaking on a stage where people can really listen. What he’s saying is too important and too easily lost.

    Michael Stürzenberger does well outside, swaying with the crowd, but Dr. Ulfkotte needs a more formal platform.

    I’d love to read his articles. Are any translated?

    • yucki, seeing him on the PEGIDA “saucisse stand” (that is literally a saucisse stand I am told, Pegida does not have the petrol dollar nor the sympathies of those who enjoy the fruits of the petrol dollar such as – I now suspect – even Angela Merkel herself.) I fully agree with you that his platform must be other than the street corner. Having looked him up a bit, I understand he has been a very controversial figure and know as Islam-Critic for a long time. He seems to be very famous in Germany. I just ordered his latest book “Gekaufte Journalised” (bought journalists).

      Here is an article, translated into english – which is from 2006, I have only scanned it superficially. (I saw an interview with him in english, so he speaks this language).

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