The darkening of the Enlightenment links post 1 for Dec. 27 – 2014

1. Morocco says Exodus film ‘represents God’ and is forbidden in Islam

Morocco banned the Hollywood biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings because it “represents God” which is forbidden under Islam, its distributor said on Saturday.

The distributor said it had received written notice that Ridley Scott’s blockbuster contained a scene that represents God in the form of a “child who gives a revelation to the prophet Moses”.

Initially, cinema owners were informed verbally that the film had been banned, media reports had said.

“I deplore this censorship,” distributor Mounia Layadi Benkirane said in a statement.

2. Egypt to put critic of Muslim ritual of slaughtering sheep on trial

Fatima Naoot described the Eid Al-Adha tradition of slaughtering sheep as the ‘greatest massacre committed by human beings,’ saying humans use religion to justify their lust for killing. Egyptian prosecutors referred Friday journalist and writer Fatima Naoot to a misdemeanors court on charges of disdaining religion, after she was critical of the Muslim Eid Al-Adha tradition of slaughtering sheep.

3. Swedes, who didn’t get the memo that the recent fire at the mosque was not actually an attack by a non-muslim against the mosque, rally around the non-crime to protest it.

4. Meanwhile, Christians and churches really are attacked in the West

“You have a cross on… Do you know what we do to people like you?” — Muslim in Denmark.

Muslim Fulani gunmen forced their way into the church, cut [the pastor], his wife and a daughter with a machete, and then tied the hands and feet of the three of them before setting the building on fire… We only found the charred remains of the three of them in the morning. I heard them shouting at the top of their voices, saying they must obliterate any traces of Christianity in the town.” — Eyewitness account, Nigeria.

Each year, approximately 1,000 women in Pakistan are forced to convert to Islam and marry Muslim men. Whenever a case of this nature reaches the law courts, those women, under threat and blackmail, often declare that their conversion and marriage were decisions freely made, and the case is closed.

The Muslim persecution of Christians in September started making prominent appearances not just in the Islamic world, but also in the West—in America, Australia and Europe.

5. Another Muslim family of 12 becomes Hindu in Agra

(Long Live Jambi!)

The national furor raised by the Ved Nagar ‘reconversion’ issue of over 300 Muslims in Agra is yet to settle down, when another Muslim family of 12 has voluntarily converted to Hinduism in Achhnera tehsil of Agra, changing their names to reflect their new religious identity on Christmas.

At a time when the Government of India is under pressure to explain the ‘reconversion’ movement operated by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and other Hindu organizations, this new reconversion in Agra could drag it down deeper into muddy water

6. NSA reports improper spying on Americans

The National Security Agency has released redacted documents outlining instances in which it the agency improperly collected data on U.S. citizens over more than a decade.

Responding to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union, the NSA this week released redacted copies of reports to the President’s Intelligence Oversight Board detailing instances in which it gathered intelligence on Americans in ways that may have violated the law. Bloomberg first reported the document release.

The NSA said the release of the documents showed the agency’s transparency.

(No. It doesn’t. Its just doing the childish desperate hope that admitting to a small crime will avoid scrutiny of the larger ones)



Thank you M., Richard, and many more. Currently there are three translators working on what we feel are very important stories in Arabic, French and Turkish. I hope to have them al published today. Also a German one I’m also looking for help with.



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  1. #6 no the aren’t being transparent, however with the vast amount of blackmail material they have on politicians we can’t realistically expect much to be done about their crimes.

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