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12 Replies to “Another (low level) attack in France.”

  1. No need to worry… Those attacks are deemed seemingly unrelated (at least according to the BBC).

    France to deploy soldiers after spate of attacks (BBC, Dec 23, 2014)

    “France is to step up police and military patrols in areas frequented by the public following recent attacks, Prime Minister Manuel Valls has said.

    He said up to 300 soldiers would be deployed around the country to boost security over the Christmas period.

    The attacks, seemingly unrelated, in Nantes, Dijon and Tours have left more than 20 people injured….”

  2. Algerian army ‘kills jihadist behind Herve Gourdel beheading’ (BBC, Dec 23, 2014)

    “Algeria’s defence ministry says troops have killed the leader of a jihadist militant group which kidnapped and beheaded French tourist Herve Gourdel.

    Abdelmalek Gouri and two associates were shot dead late on Monday in the town of Isser, a statement said.

    His group, Jund al-Khilafa (Soldiers of the Caliphate), pledged allegiance to Islamic State (IS) in mid-September.

    Days later, it seized Mr Gourdel in the Djurdjura mountains and killed him in response to French air strikes on IS.

    The Algerian army subsequently launched a major operation to track down members of Jund al-Khilafa, which has seen several of them killed….”

  3. Back to square one or so… “We” shouldnt be paying for this charade.

    Pakistan and Afghanistan vow anti-Taliban co-ordination (BBC, Dec 23, 2014)

    “The military chiefs of Afghanistan and Pakistan have agreed to co-ordinate military operations along their border.

    The move comes a week after Taliban fighters attacked a school in Peshawar, killing more than 150 people.

    Afghan army chief Gen Sher Mohammad Karimi and his counterpart Gen Raheel Sharif met in Islamabad on Tuesday and announced their plans to co-operate.

    In the past the two countries have accused each other of allowing cross-border attacks by militants.

    The two generals met in the presence of US General John Campbell, who heads Nato coalition forces in Afghanistan….”

  4. Australia PM Abbott warns of ‘heightened terror chatter’ (BBC, Dec 23, 2014)

    “Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott says there has been a “heightened level of terror chatter” since the siege at a Sydney cafe last week.

    Mr Abbott said the National Security Committee had met to discuss the development on Tuesday.

    However, the terrorist threat level would remain at “high” and not be raised to “extreme”, he added….”

  5. US-led air strikes in Syria ‘kill over 1,100 militants’ (BBC, Dec 23, 2014)

    “Three months of US-led air strikes have killed at least 1,171 people, mostly Islamic State (IS) militants, in Syria, a UK-based monitoring group has said.

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said most of the dead were foreign fighters who had joined the IS cause.

    The group also said that 52 civilians – including women and children – had been killed in the strikes.

    Large swathes of territory in Syria and Iraq fell to IS earlier this year.

    A US-led coalition has been carrying out air strikes against IS in Syria since the end of September.

    Earlier this week the US commander in charge of the mission, Lt Gen James Terry, said it would “at least take a minimum of three years” to defeat IS. …”

  6. Definitely; an isolated incident cannot, I repeat cannot ever constitute a terrorist attack…

    France boosts security after string of attacks (CNN, Dec 23, 2014)

    “One victim is dead and five others are hospitalized after the latest in a string of attacks that sparked fears in France, authorities said Tuesday.

    Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced Tuesday the country is boosting security with up to 300 additional security forces.

    A 25-year-old man died from his injuries suffered Monday night in Nantes, when a van plowed into shoppers at an outdoor Christmas market, Nantes prosecutor Brigitte Lamy said.

    In addition to the five victims hospitalized, the driver is as well, Lamy said.

    The driver stabbed himself twice after the incident, but is expected to survive, said Pierre-Henry Brandet, a spokesman for France’s Interior Ministry.

    An investigation for murder and attempted murder has been opened.

    Officials have said the incident appears to be an isolated case and not an act of terrorism. But it came after two other incidents in which the perpetrators were reported to have been yelling “God is great” in Arabic at the time of their attacks….”

  7. Fortunately the amateur pschology skills of the French police and French reporters were useful here in swiftly arriving at a suitable pschological conclusion/evaluation of this mans psychiatric issues and needs.The analytical skills and expertise it takes specialists 10+ years to develop at some of the worlds top institutes of medicine these guys have learned in a ten minute coffee break.And all with the blessing of the ECHR!

    • The murderous attrocities done by those who are slaves to Islam are deliberate to intimidate in order to recruit the weak-minded. Therefore, the mentally ill and the liberal (carrying resentment through pacifism) are the first to sucumb and bow down to the Religion of “I’ll kill you unless you submit.” Deception is the only reality they know. (“Yes boss”).

  8. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula confirms links to underwear bomber (CNN, Dec 24, 2014)

    “A new video released by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula confirms the group’s senior leaders were closely involved in the plot to blow up a U.S. airliner over Detroit five years ago and that American-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki was among them.

    The video, released by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s official media arm, shows a short clip of the “underwear” bomber, Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, together with both the group’s leader, Nasir al-Wuhayshi, and al-Awlaki. CNN is unable to confirm the authenticity of the clip, which is in slow motion and lasts barely five seconds.

    But Laith Alkhouri of Flashpoint Partners, which monitors jihadist media releases, says it appears to be genuine. A previous al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula video released in June showed AbdulMutallab embracing al-Wuhayshi, who is now deputy to al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.

    AbdulMutallab’s communications and meetings with al-Awlaki were previously known. But this video underlines the extent to which al-Awlaki was by the fall of 2009 closely involved with al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s leadership.

    AbdulMutallab, a Nigerian student, boarded a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day 2009 with a device hidden in his underpants. He was unable to detonate it as the airliner descended to its destination.

    The video — some 30 minutes long — is a compilation celebrating an important clan in central Yemen, the Dahab, and specifically three brothers, Nabil, Qa’id and Tariq. They had become prominent supporters of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and formed a friendship with al-Awlaki, who married their sister….”

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