URGENT: ISIS creates 2 weapons labs in Mosul, uses suicide terrorism to attack Kurdish forces

Nineveh (IraqiNews.com) On Monday, according to a local source in Nineveh province, the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria established two labs to manufacture weapons and explosive devices on both sides of Mosul, while pointing out that the organization began using the method of suicide attacks in the confrontations with the Peshmerga forces northwest of the city.

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  1. It’s likely that there will be an increasing number of defections of western muslims from Isis. If they have an IQ above room temperature they will see how empty its ideology is. That point will be brought home as less and less recruits arrive each week and air strikes begin to erode their numbers and military capacities.

    • Too bad it never occurred to Obama that he could have stepped up that Westerner-defection-rate by slamming the hell out of ISIS way back when they were called ISIL. After all, one man’s “whack-a-mole”, is another man’s “getting-the-crap-bombed-out-of-you”. If I was a mole, I definitely wouldn’t want to get whacked by the USS George W Bush. I wonder how many thousands of flaming-eyed young Muslim lads have packed their bags for the Middle East as a direct result of Obama’s failure to discourage their insane behavior?

    • Moh, you make a good point.
      Some western Muslims will see [& maybe do] such horrible things, they’ll slip on out eventually and trash the whole ideology.

      But I wouldn’t bet my life on it.

      • I am with you, a lot of the kids raised in the west will simply slip into the full scale mode of inhuman acts and learn to like doing them, letting anyone who has served in any of the terror armies back into a western nation is letting a rattle snake coil around your infant child.

        • Politicians bow to the pleas of parents, “Please allow me to bring my son back to the only home he knows?”
          ~~ Generous man, clean-looking beard. Extended family in the district could bring me x+y votes …
          Buy a hospital, or fix up an old one. Get a law passed that makes repatriation contingent on confinement in a special “rehab facility” for a given period. Has to be staffed A-Z with “culturally sensitive” professionals, including tardish shrinks.

          NHS picks-up the tab.

  2. Detainee ‘suicide’ sparks protest by more than 200 inmates at detention centre (dailymail, Sept 7, 2014)

    “The apparent suicide of a man awaiting deportation sparked a protest by more than 200 inmates at a detention centre yesterday.

    Protesters claimed staff at Morton Hall in Lincolnshire had delayed calling a doctor after the 21-year-old complained of headaches.

    By the time a woman officer got to him, he had hanged himself, detainees claimed last night.

    Shortly after breakfast about half the detainees congregated in the exercise yard to protest. Officers in riot gear were called in and fire crews stood by. Staff were moved to a safe area of the centre.

    The Home Office confirmed the death of the man, thought to be from Bangladesh, will be investigated…..”

  3. Islamic State Beheads 2nd Captive Lebanese Soldier (abcnews, Sept 6, 2014)

    “The mother of a Lebanese soldier held captive by the militant Islamic State group said photographs posted online Saturday purporting to show his beheading appeared to be real.

    Zeinab Noun said her 20-year-old son, Abbas Medlej, was “sacrificed” after supporters of the militant Sunni group posted images appearing to show a captured Lebanese soldier before and after he was beheaded.

    “My son was sacrificed,” said Noun, clutching a passport-sized photo of her son, a handsome, smooth-faced young man.

    Medlej’s maternal uncle, Abu Ali Noun, also said the photographs appeared to be of his nephew. A spokesman for Lebanon’s military said it was still investigating the incident.

    Medlej would be the second captive Lebanese soldier killed by the Islamic State group, underscoring the grave challenges that face the ill-equipped Lebanese military as it fends off an unprecedented jihadi threat from Syria-based militants.

    About two dozen more members of the country’s security forces remain held captive by the militants. They were seized in August when several Syrian rebel factions, including the Islamic State group and al-Qaida linked Nusra Front, overran the Lebanese border town of Arsal, killing and kidnapping soldiers and policemen in the most serious spillover yet of the neighboring civil war….”

    • Anyone who dies fighting Islamic Jihad is an actual martyr because they are fighting against the very real forces of darkness. I feel for anyone who dies by Islamic beheading – it is the cruelest thing I have ever seen. We must remember to grieve for them all, whatever nationality they may be…

  4. Allah could fix this easily in a second or two… 😉

    Egypt’s Sisi urges patience over power cuts (worldbulletin, Sept 6, 2014)

    “Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi urged the public to exercise patience towards the problem of frequent power cuts that have paralyzed the nation recently, noting that that the government needs $12-13 billion to address the power deficit over the coming five years.

    “Egypt has a sprawling electricity network…but this network, including the generation and control stations, has not been upgraded over the past years,” al-Sisi said in a televised address to the nation on Saturday.

    “[Lack of] funding was one of the problems that led to the failure to develop the electricity stations, as we need $12-13 billion to cover the power deficit over the coming five years,” he added.

    The address came two days after several Egyptian provinces were plunged into darkness due to a technical failure that caused the national electricity grid to lose as much as 9,000 megawatts of electricity, according to the Electricity Ministry.

    The outage paralyzed important state institutions, banks and gas stations, along with tens of thousands of homes, sparking massive public anger and media backlash against the government….”

  5. Iran threatens uranium enrichment against US sanctions (worldbulletin, Sept 6, 2014)

    “Iranian parliament will present a bill which will pave the way for Iran to enrich uranium by 60 percent if western powers impose new sanctions, according to an Iranian member of parliament.

    Member of parliament’s national security committee, Mohammad Hassan Asafari reacted to sanctions imposed by the U.S. government and said, “The new sanctions show an absence of goodwill from the U.S.”

    Tasnim News Agency quoted Asafari as saying: “Tehran will immediately respond in the event that the negative approach of Washington in nuclear negotiations continues.”

    The nuclear talks between the world powers — dubbed the P5+1 [Russia, China, the U.S. U.K., France and Germany] — and Iran began last November in Geneva.

    On Friday, the U.S. slapped sanctions on over 25 corporations and individuals for allegedly aiding Iran’s nuclear program and circumventing international measures aimed at curbing it.

    The Iranian lawmaker warned his government will immediately develop and accelerate nuclear progress if the U.S. government insists on its “negative approach” towards the talks….”

  6. Didnt take too long…

    Al-Shabab names new leader after Godane death in US strike (BBC, Sept 6, 2014)

    “Somalia’s Islamist group al-Shabab has named Ahmad Umar as successor to former leader Ahmed Abdi Godane, who was killed in a US air strike. The group announced the move in an online statement, vowing to take revenge for Godane’s death. Somalia’s authorities earlier put the country on alert for possible retaliatory attacks by al-Shabab. The alert came as the US confirmed the death of Godane in air strikes south of Mogadishu on Monday night. Little is known about Ahmad Umar, who is also known as Abu Ubaidah. Abu Mohammed, one of al-Shabab’s commanders, said the decision to appoint him was unanimous…”

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