The Values and direction of Islam: Links post 1 for Sept. 2 – 2014

**** Please read item 7 in this links post. It is crucial and important. This is an excellent educational article about the values of Islam ****


1. Article on parents of Navy Seals killed in copter in Afghanistan and their feelings about Obama. Excellent comparison with how the media treated Cindy Sheehan.

2. RT half hour documentary on the slaughter of the Russian school in 2004 at Beslan.

3. Ezra Levant says that Obama’s Ukraine strategy is to provide crappy catering to the victims.

4. In Dearborn Mi. the voice for law and order and constitutionally protected rights is the lone dissenting voice.

5. Israel’s ministerial intelligence oversight chief recently charged that a string of American attempts to train and arm “moderate” militias and armies in neighboring states and entities have collapsed into the Mideast dust.

6. Fjordman: Is Jihad Un-Islamic?

According to Islamic historical sources, Muhammed and his companions mass-executed by beheading all adult males of the Jewish tribe of Banu Qurayza from Medina in the year 627 AD. Their women and children were taken as slaves. This forms a part of the Sunna, the personal example of Muhammed and his companions, which is the most important source of Islamic religious law next to the Koran. It is very difficult to argue that mass executions and beheadings of non-Muslims are “un-Islamic” when they were supported by Islam’s founder and alleged prophet Muhammed.

Is Jihad un-Islamic?

7. Islamic State bans art, music and sports in arts schools. Implements teaching on sharia.

(At last. The rest of us have an example that we can look at to see our own futures. Apparently the signs and posters in British public schools telling kids that music is forbidden and sinful and they must not to it as well as make their friends not listen to it is not taken seriously by the rest of us. Maybe now they will take notice)

AN EDICT from the Islamic State has banned the teaching of music, social studies, artistic drawing, sport and philosophy from all schools in the IS-controlled city of Raqqa.     

The teaching of any religious studies that refer to Christianity has also been forbidden, along with any mention of Charles Darwin and natural selection.

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  1. #1 The double standard is alive and well in the LSM.

    #4 This is what happens when you let the let gain control of a major political party, they start ignoring the law and punishing the law abiding they disagree with.

  2. UK child sexual exploitation raids

    Pre-teen girls were the victims of alleged child sexual exploitation which dates back nearly 10 years, police said today after carrying out dawn raids involving 120 officers.

    Two white British pre-teen girls are understood to have been subjected to a catalogue of abuse dating back to 2005 – but police believe more alleged victims could now come forward.

    The men arrested so far are of Pakistani, Caribbean and Afghani origin.

    At a press conference at noon today, Aylesbury police chief Olly Wright called for communities to stay calm.

  3. Iranians play role in breaking IS siege of Iraqi town

    Kurdish peshmerga fighters and Shi’ite militiamen paraded through Amerli on Monday, a day after breaking the two-month siege of the northern town by Sunni Islamist militants.

    The scenes in Amerli and the surrounding area of Suleiman Beg offered a window into the teamwork among Kurdish fighters, the Iraqi army and Shi’ite militias and into Iran’s role in directly assisting their campaign against Islamic State (IS) forces.

    An Iranian adviser to Iraqi police was spotted on the road near Amerli and Kurdish officers spoke of Iranians advising Iraqi fighters on targeting the Islamists.

    The swift end to the Islamic State’s encirclement of the Shi’ite Turkmen town of 15,000 came on Sunday amid a push by Kurdish peshmerga, Shi’ite militias and Iraqi troops, after U.S. air strikes late Saturday hit IS positions.

    Shi’ite militias, who battled U.S. troops during their occupation of Iraq, played a song in Amerli on Monday that taunted the extremist Islamic State with the line: “The Americans couldn’t beat us and you think you can?”

  4. What is Jauhar?

    “Jauhar is often described in terms of the women and children alone, but should correctly be understood as including the death of the men on the battlefield. Jauhar and saka involved:

    A defending Hindu army being besieged inside a fortification, typically by an invading Muslim army
    The realization by the defenders that defeat was both imminent and inescapable
    The realization by the defenders that the Muslim army would capture women and children and enslave them.
    The immolation, en masse, of women and young children to avoid dishonour and tyranny
    The men of the besieged army riding out to a certain death on the battlefield

    It was considered proper for the men to fight to the last breath when defeat became certain in a war but jauhar was committed to avoid capture and dishonour of women. When defeat at the hands of a more powerful enemy was imminent, the women, dressed in wedding finery, immolated themselves, then the men, bearing Kesariya Bana (saffron coloured dress), attacked the enemy. For men who had been raised their whole life as warriors, nothing was considered more honourable for the Rajput male than to fight and die on the battlefield. Though they might occur at different times jauhar and saka were always performed together.”

    • Arun, why do so few mention the Moghul invasion and that experience of diversity? There must be considerable numbers of “infidel” immigrants from the subcontinent in the UK. I suspect they’re outraged by the growing force of the old foe in their new homeland.

      Or perhaps there are whole sets of websites coming at that perspective…?

      [Reminds me of an old New Yorker Magazine cartoon. A couple of goldfish are swimming in a bowl. One says to the other: “Do you suppose there are other bowls out there…?”]

  5. Multiculturalism: What the Left Would Prefer You Didn’t Know…

    Multiculturalism is the philosophy that says the grooming, trafficking and mass rape of underage white girls by Muslim gangs is not as bad as being thought Islamophobic.

    Multiculturalism is the philosophy that says it’s better to let a little African girl get tortured to death by her relatives than it is to be thought culturally insensitive or judgemental.

    People have had enough of this nonsense. Finally.

  6. Steven Sotloff: Islamic State ‘kills US hostage’

    An Islamic State video has appeared which purports to show the beheading of Steven Sotloff, a US journalist being held hostage by the militants.

    BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner says the apparent beheading is a way for IS to get back at the US for its actions.

    Mr Earnest urged caution about the veracity of the video.

    “I’m not in a position to confirm the authenticity of that video or the reports,” he said.

    “If there is a video that’s been released, it’s something that will be analysed very carefully by the US government and our intelligence officials to establish its authenticity.”

  7. 7/ It looks like this is a translation of the entire edict, if it’s not on that page somewhere already:

    I would say that items 2, 6 & 8, the insistence on the caliphate over any other sort of state, go beyond what is the case in most schools and universities in KSA. The rest is pretty much what teachers adhere to, whether they have specific written guidelines or not.

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