A geopolitical earthquake: Saudis recognize Israel, shun hamas


Saudi Foreign Minister: Time for Islamic World to Recognize Israel

27 Aug 2014 21 post a comment

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister said that now is the time to recognize Israel as a legitimate entity in the Middle East, stressing that the Palestinian arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, terror group Hamas, is responsible for fanning the flames of war between Israelis and Palestinians.

Speaking at the world assembly of Islamic scholars in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Saud bin Faisal Al Saud reiterated that the Arab world must also reject Hamas as the representatives of the Palestinian movement, AWDnews reports.

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9 Replies to “A geopolitical earthquake: Saudis recognize Israel, shun hamas”

  1. But if the Saudis do that, what on earth will Jon Snow, Jeremy Bowen, and The Guardian do? They’ll be beside themselves, purple with rage.

  2. The arabs are afraid of IS and they know that IS at some point will attack both Israel and the arab peninsula. With a future recognition of Israel they hope to soften their relationship with Israel so they can benefit from Israels tech and fire power.

    An official recognition of Israel will take many years and they can easy find a way to halt it.

    • At least David Cameron is finely recolonizing this as an Islamic problem not an Individual criminal Issue as they have been doing since they dropped the “war on terror”

      It is very important though to not follow what a politician says you must follow their actions.

      he has a long way to go though. He is still in candy land believing it is a minority.

      • That whole ‘scourge of extremism’ line gives the game away really. If Islam were in fact a religion of goodness and niceness, there wouldn’t be any issue with Muslims doing it extremely.

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