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12 Replies to “USA, Geopolitics, ISIS and troop movement.”

  1. Eeyore thank you for the laugh, we all need a little humor to help us stay at least semi sane in this crazy world.

    To answer you question of why only 300 troops, Obama doesn’t want enough to really do anything instead he wants to spread the US military out piecemeal to make the US weaker and open so the reported 10,000 Quads force and Hezbollah commandos will have an easier time when they are given the word to make their move.

  2. Gotta wonder if Cheney gets a chuckle every time he sees something like this. It really makes his continued anti-terrorist diatribe sound justified. He just doesn’t see, or care, that he played a major part in blowing up the Middle East. Convincing people that they have been mistreated, then taking away what order they had, their infrastructure, schools and supply chain clearly does not convince the young men that the US is the good guy.

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