Islam and its metastasizing across the civilized world links 2 for June 16 2014

1. Spanish police bust ISIL/ISIS recruitment cell

2. BBC’s The Big Question: Is Islamism the biggest threat to the Western World?

3. Canada: Police chief warns of rise in homegrown Jihadists

Calgary has been shaken by the violent deaths of two former residents in the Middle East. Damian Clairmont, 22, was killed in Syria, likely in December or January, while reportedly fighting alongside a group of al-Qaida-affiliated rebels in the country’s civil war. This month it emerged Pakistani-born Salman Ashrafi, who grew up in Calgary, was part of a suicide bomb attack in Iraq in November 2013 which killed 46 people.

Calgary police Chief Rick Hanson said fresh violence abroad meant Islamic extremism in Calgary and Canada would become a bigger problem.

4. U.S., Iran Near Talks as Iraq Chaos Worsens

The radical Sunni militia that has plunged Iraq into chaos bragged on Sunday that it had executed hundreds of Shiite Iraqi soldiers, even as the Obama administration said it is preparing to open direct talks with Iran on how the two longtime foes can counter the insurgents.

The U.S.-Iran dialogue, which is expected to begin this week, will mark the latest in a rapid move toward rapprochement between Washington and Tehran over the past year. It also comes as the U.S. and other world powers try to reach an agreement with Iran by late July to curb its nuclear program.

5. Good essay on why peace with islam is a near impossibility 

6. I hope to do a more comprehensive article on this later but for now, here is a sign about the same people who demand that they not have to see a cross at a Muslim funeral, and that we posted about a few days ago. Translation by Henrik:

Mirza Guhlam Ahmad, founder of Ahmadiyya, about Christianity:
 “I have been sent to break the cross and to annihiliate the swine”.
 “Stop Islamization! Preserve human rights!”
Citizens’ rights party for more freedom and democracy.

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There are a lot of people who have been contributing to the site in the past 48 hours who I have not properly acknowledged as of yet. I want you to know its not a change of policy but that I am trying to do a lot of large related projects, such as yesterdays post on the Vatican, as well as another one on the same issue I am shooting for tonight while also trying to get the links and videos on the major atrocities committed in the name of Islam on the site and in the process, I sometimes lose track of who sent what in the dozens of tabs and emails I have open at once.

Please never think that I am not appreciative of all the help I get from everyone from the occasional financial help to run the site as well as thought provoking comments and the sense of community they bring, a very important aspect of this work when you think about how isolating it is to go against the herd, and the links people send in which are critically important to raising awareness of the real situation of Islamic manifest destiny in the world today. Thank you again.

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11 Replies to “Islam and its metastasizing across the civilized world links 2 for June 16 2014”

    • Yes Maria, RT seems to be getting a kick out that one.

      Making Cameron sound shrill and hysterical. Suddenly grasps for those old British values to fend off “perceived malignant Islamization of Britain.”

      Though Cameron might well be hysterical and the Islamization of Britain is indeed malignant.

  1. Eeyore

    You do not have to aoplogize for not saying thanks to contributors. I know that you are doing a huge amount of work keeping up with the RoP.

    Please do take a break, or you will burn out.

  2. One young man is so brainwashed that he thinks that Climate Change is a far greater threat to the West then Islamism (whatever that is). He also thinks that Christian fundamentalism, you know the type that force feeds infidels with apple pie, angel cake and tea, just to convert them to do the same.

    These are the fruits of successive decades of dumbing down education. Ann Barnhardt believes that this is the worst educated Western generation in history, as well as the most cowardly.

  3. From Ann Barnhardt

    Now, let’s go through and list the true premises vis-a-vis the Obama regime that NY Post still refuses to acknowledge:

    A.) The Obama regime is the explicit, sworn enemy of the former United States and is at war with it.
    B.) The Obama regime is explicitly allied with islam as both political systems seek to create a super-rich tyrannical oligarchy over a massive, destitute underclass.
    C.) The Libyan incursion and establishment of a beachhead and depot there in March of ARSH 2011 was done specifically to arm muslims throughout Africa and Asia, and eventually Europe, who would overthrow secular governments and advance the reforming of the Caliphate, as well as fight against and kill US military. The Taliban being armed with these munitions isn’t a “backfire” or a bug, it’s a feature and the original goal.
    D.) The Obama regime is happy to see highly-skilled elite forces, such as SEALS, Rangers and Marines killed because they know and fear that such men MAY ultimately be counter-revolutionary and/or junta risks. Remember the “SEAL Team 6? massacre of 30 of the US’s top fighting men, packed, against protocol, into a mere National Guard cargo Chinook, and delivered on a platter for the kill by the Taliban, five months after the Libyan weapons depot was established.
    E.) The Obama regime looks forward to the inevitable use of stingers and MANPADS against passenger jets – because that’s precisely what MANPADs are designed for – and will use the terror and “crisis” to expand its power.
    F.) The Obama regime never had any expectation that the released Taliban 5 from Gitmo would do anything but be immediately freed to return to the front. They were released because the Obama regime is allied with and deeply sympathetic to the musloid political system.

    I think that probably covers the above NY Post piece. Only when you operate under the previous TRUE premises can TRUE conclusions be reached. If you start with a false premise, the truth table is utterly corrupted, and thus all output flowing from said truth table will be false. If you take the latest Fields Medal-winning mathematical dissertation and begin with the premise that 0=1, you can still run all of the equations… it’s just that the results will be utter, complete gibberish. And if you try to use that gibberish in an applied field, like physics, your structure will collapse and everyone in it will die, because REALITY ALWAYS WINS.

  4. Ann Barnhardt is really pissed of with men.

    The brutality of a totalitarian oligarchy is DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL to the cowardice of the men of the non-oligarch “underclass.”

    I am hard-pressed to think of a more cowardly population of men than the men of contemporary Western Christendom.

    You do the math.

    • The left has spent decades to create this mess, it will take decades for us to recover from their attempt to take over the world.

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