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19 Replies to “French TV: Interview with author of book, ‘Al-Qaeda in France’”

  1. It’s difficult to watch a video like that when you know that fully 50% of the population is convinced that the Islamic threat is nothing but a fairy tale invented by the Republicans because Republicans are all crazy. That’s what the average Jon Stewart fan thinks. It’s all bullshit…doesn’t exist…nothing to see here…

  2. No surprise here , it’s all in their ‘holy book’, their placards and signs they carry at rallies and demonstrations, any intelligent person would see what they are up to. Sadly in the USA the left and many in academia have a perverted fascination with Islam and believe all of the disinformation put forth by the CAIR and the MSM (i.e. The Government Media Complex). BTW I’m still waiting for condemnation by the Muslim clergy for the murder,carnage, pillage,rape, and property destruction perpetrated on a daily basis by ‘the faithful followers of the teachings of the prophet’ throughout the Islamic world . It will be a long wait.

  3. Gen Khalifa Haftar: Libya bomb targets home near Benghazi (BBC, June 4, 2014)

    “A suicide bomb attack at the home of a rogue Libyan general – who has been leading an offensive against Islamist militia groups – has killed four people. General Khalifa Haftar survived the blast, which happened at his home in the town of Abyar, about 60km east of Benghazi. Several people were wounded.

    Gen Haftar’s forces have been waging a campaign against Islamist armed groups in Benghazi for almost three weeks. The general, who was an army chief-of-staff under Col Muammar Gaddafi, accuses the government of supporting terrorism, which the authorities deny.

    His actions have been backed by an array of groups, including military forces in the east as well as some members of the air force. He said that he was well after the attack and vowed a “strong response”. General Sager Al-Jarushi, a senior commander allied to Gen Haftar, told the BBC that four guards were killed in the attack.

    Meanwhile, a Swiss national working for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has been killed in Sirte Michael Greub, the head of the organisation’s Misrata branch, was shot dead as he left a meeting in the coastal town….”

  4. Of course… Release them if it suits your cause. If you need some cash, better ransom them. If the time for punishment is ripe, even better, slay them. Hmmmm… Where did I read this…

    Missing N American couple in ‘Taliban’ video (BBC, June 4, 2014)

    “Family members of an American woman and Canadian man who went missing in Afghanistan in 2012 have released videos showing the couple captive. Caitlan Coleman, sat next to Joshua Boyle, appeals to “my president, Barack Obama” for help.

    The videos were emailed to Ms Coleman’s family by an Afghan man months after she and Mr Boyle went missing. The families of the captive couple said they decided to make the videos public because of Bowe Bergdahl’s release.

    They said their were disappointed the two were not freed as part of a prisoner swap deal that led to US soldier, Sgt Bergdahl, walking free at the weekend….”

  5. Ebola death toll hits 208 in Guinea (BBC, June 4, 2014)

    “Some 208 people have now died from the Ebola virus in Guinea after a deadly spike in recent days, world health officials say. At least 21 people died and 37 new cases of suspected Ebola were found between 29 May and 1 June, bringing the total number of cases in the West African country to 328.

    Of these, 193 have been confirmed by laboratory tests. There is no cure or vaccine for Ebola – one of the world’s deadliest viruses…”

  6. Chris, BigFrank, that’s why we have to get them all out.

    Important Republicans are up to their necks in this mess. They can’t just toss grenades in the predictable partisan way; they’re sitting in the same filthy sty and can’t be allowed to distract attention from their own complicity.

    They’ve nodded & winked as it all’s gone down. They’re all rotten. Time for – maybe – the Young Republicans, or something.

    If they’re not all stupid.

  7. More than 30 French nationals killed in Syria

    French President François Hollande on Thursday said more than 30 French nationals who went to fight in Syria have been killed, AFP reported.

    During an address to the G7 summit in Brussels, Hollande called for increased cooperation and intelligence sharing among G7 members regarding the Western jihadists fighting in Syria.

    “We have decided on cooperation to prevent, deter and punish this type of movement, which can jeopardize our own security,” he said, referring to the movement of Islamist militants in Europe.

    He cited the shooting on May 24 at the Jewish Museum in Brussels in which a French national who had gone to Syria was arrested.

    French authorities have said about 300 young French nationals have gone to Syria and had taken part in the fighting there.
    G7 leaders agreed Wednesday to increase efforts to address the threat posed by foreign fighters who go to Syria.

    A British diplomatic source told AFP that the discussions were intended to “review the resources and expertise” of states, and consider what can be done in terms of “cooperation with the countries” bordering Syria.


  8. Some serious delusions propagated by CNNs Amanpour and her guest, Robert Ford (former US ambassador to Syria). This foolius even says, albeit somewhat indirectly, but it really follows, that “we” should adjust our foreign policies according to our homegrown terrorist pressure groups… A must watch, especially if you have about eleven minutes to spare.

    Former U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford: I could no longer ‘defend the American policy’ (CNN/Amanpour/Video, June 3, 2014)

    “The Former U.S. Ambassador to Syria, who left his post just a month ago, told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday that he could no longer stand behind his government…..”

  9. 1. Thanks Eeeyore for the thanks and for YOUR relentless work! We owe you big time.

    2. Incidentally, for those who might not know, the MEHDI NEMMOUCHE referred to in the video is the French muslim killer of the people in the Jewish Museum in Belgium.

    3. Chris Jones, I fear from my anecdotal observations even more than 50% of the herd have their heads in the sand.

    4. yucki : “Time for – maybe – the Young Republicans, or something.”

    In France they have a glorious young group “Les Identitaires” which, of course, are very demonised and defamed as “extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme right wing” – I have met a few of them and they have my full admiration – they are young, brave and they care ! You might remember they climbed up that mosque in France holding a banner “no to mosques” or similar. Incidentally, dont believe when you hear that they are “anti-semitic” it’s all part of the defamation, in fact they strongly criticised the father of Marine Le Pen when he made his stupid statement of the Holocaust being but a small part of history in WW2.

  10. Yet another cross-dressing follower of Muhammadanism…

    Husband who lured his ‘Westernised’ wife to her death in ‘honour killing’ then dressed up in her clothes to convince family and friends she was still alive is jailed (dailymail, June 4, 2014)

    “A husband who lured his estranged wife to her death as part of an ‘honour killing’ and then wore her clothes to convince her family and friends she was still alive has been jailed for a minimum of 20 years. Ahmed Al-Khatib put on Rania Alayed’s jeans and headscarf and then carried the mother-of-three in a suitcase less than an hour after she dropped their children off at his brother’s flat in Salford, Greater Manchester, on June 7 last year.

    After killing his wife the Syrian-born Muslim, who fled the Middle East for Britain, drove her to the North Yorkshire area and buried her. Police have yet to find the site where the Syrian-born mother-of-three was buried despite numerous searches.

    A police officer today called the ‘honour killing’ a ‘horrific act of self-pity’, adding that Al-Khatib’s ‘male “pride” clearly couldn’t take a strong woman trying to determine her own fate’. Al-Khatib, 35, was today convicted by a jury of her murder and sentenced to life….”

  11. Rita,
    Thanks so much for the translation & extra-thanks for comic relief. Urgent need for a laugh right now, or to see that cute little pig fly across my screen.

    Defaming as “extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme right wing” or denouncing “Islamofauxbia” is all they’ve got.

  12. Oh Martin! I join yucki in saying THANK YOU.

    We once played this “what would you do if you were King of the world” thingy: The one who, in my opinion, won by 1000 miles is the friend who said:

    I would make it obligatory for everyone to listen to Mozart at least 10 minutes each day”

  13. French President François Hollande on Thursday said more than 30 French nationals who went to fight in Syria have been killed, AFP reported.


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