New videos emerge from ISIS attempting to make hollywood horror real.

Of course, in order to do that they would have to show more sanctimony and corruption and take foreign money to undermine their own people and culture. But other than that…

CNN clip:

Full ISIS 1 hour movie. FD: I have not watched this yet.

It appears the media is using this to make Al-Qaeda somehow seem to be the good guys. I guess thats cause the Obama admin has been supplying them with money and weapons for some time now and explains the whole Benghazi thing pretty nicely, since Libya was the delivery point if I am understanding all this properly.


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  1. Eeyore,
    Hour-long thing gets a miss from me. So does the big demonstration at the Temple Mount. (There’ll be more substance after Sabbath. At minimum it’s a potential coalition-breaker.)
    ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~
    [Ipse dixit predated Pythagoras by millennia.] My father said that his father said (men of few words, all epigrammatic): “Beware of the Man of one Book.”

    So when I find myself saying — or thinking — ‘That’s Critical Theory’, the ‘Narrative’, the ‘Frankfort School’ — all the time, it means I need another “book”. Please take me to Narrative 102, or wherever makes sense.

    Even just a movie Everyone Should See?


    Out of the crucible of the Syrian civil war and the discontent in Iraq’s Sunni regions, something new is emerging.  The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is no longer a state in name only. It is a physical, if extra-legal, reality on the ground. 

    Unacknowledged by the world community, ISIS has carved a de facto state in the borderlands of Syria and Iraq.  Stretching in a long ellipse roughly from al-Raqqah in Syria to Fallujah in Iraq (with many other non-contiguous “islands” of control in both Iraq and Syria), this former Al Qaeda affiliate holds territory, provides limited services, dispenses a form of justice (loosely defined), most definitely has an army, and flies its own flag. 
    The United States has reacted to this reality indecisively, with policy split in half by the official, if no longer functional, internationally recognized border between Syria and Iraq.  But the reality of a de facto jihadist state is not a state of affairs that can be long tolerated.

  3. ‘Murder probe’ as Briton dies in Bali (BBC, May 24, 2014)

    “The Foreign Office has confirmed the death of a British national on the Indonesian island of Bali. Indonesian police suspect the woman was murdered, according to the AFP news agency.

    The agency quoted police as saying the woman, 40, was found dead by the owner of a villa where she was staying in the tourist district of Ubud. Police said the door to the property the woman was damaged and she had a black cloth over her face, said AFP.

    A spokeswoman for the Foreign Office said: “We are aware of the death of a British national in Bali on 22 May.

    “We are providing consular assistance to the family.”

    A police spokesman told AFP: “She was found by the owner of the villa lying dead on the floor with a black cloth over her face.

    “The door was damaged and there were dried up pools of blood on the floor.”

    Police also told the agency the woman had been renting the villa since 17 May. Ida Bagus Putu Alitin, the head of forensics at Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar on the island, told AFP that the woman’s body showed bruises on the neck and around the mouth….”

  4. Syria crisis: Mortars ‘kill 20’ at pro-Assad rally in Deraa (BBC, May 23, 2014)

    “Mortar fire has hit an election rally in support of President Bashar al-Assad in southern Syria, killing at least 20 people, state media and activists say. The attack happened as Assad supporters gathered in a tent in the city of Deraa on Thursday evening. President Assad was not at the event.

    At least 30 people have been injured, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports. Syrians are due to vote on 3 June in an election branded a sham by the West.

    The president is facing two other challengers, but he is widely expected to secure a third seven-year term in office – despite a brutal civil war now in its fourth year…”

  5. Somalia parliament attacked by al-Shabab in Mogadishu (BBC, May 24, 2014)

    “Islamist militants from the al-Shabab movement have attacked the Somali parliament in Mogadishu, leaving at least 10 people dead. Explosions and gunfire were heard and witnesses reported seeing bodies.

    Somali police were joined by African Union troops as they engaged the attackers. Al-Shabab, which is linked to al-Qaeda, once controlled large areas of Somalia but was pushed out of major cities in 2011 and 2012.

    However, it is still able to mount complex attacks. It has frequently targeted the UN-backed parliament.

    A car bomb exploded outside the gates of parliament shortly before midday local time (09:00 GMT), followed by more blasts and bursts of gunfire. The attackers then stormed the front of the parliament building as security forces fired back….”

  6. Urumqi attack: China arrests suspect in Xinjiang (BBC, May 24, 2014)

    “Authorities in China say they have held a suspect over Thursday’s attack on a market in Urumqi in Xinjiang province in which 39 people died.

    More than 90 others were wounded.

    The man was held in Bayingolin prefecture, to the south of Urumqi. The other four suspects died in the attack, officials told Xinhua.

    The authorities have announced a one-year campaign against militant violence in Xinjiang province, home to the Muslim Uighur minority….”

  7. These sub humans have to be eliminated,exterminated, and erased from existence. There can be no other solution.

  8. The sheer savagery of videos like this needs to be rubbed in the noses of all white westerners so that they begin to see the true nature of Islam, and what they have planned for all of us ‘infidels.’

    When I see videos like this, I want to curse even more the name of George W. Bush who promoted the lie that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’ that’s merely been hijacked by a few radicals.

  9. @ yucki

    … here is a shorter video – ( 3 min 55 ) ( with English subtitles )- same people, same crap, same place – a few months earlier –

  10. Have you ever noticed how much sheer unmitigated fun those young Jihadis seem to be having? I hate to say it, but I think this ISIS video will work like crazy and will bring in endless thousands of young males, eager to blow things up and be utterly, unrestrainedly bad, with no grownups telling them to behave like human beings. What young man wouldn’t like to fire an AK-47 assault rifle or throw a grenade into a tank and watch the whole thing explode and burst into flames? Did you see how cool it looked when they blew up that truck and the bodies flew over the tree tops? Keen, eh? I’ll bet they even get non-Muslims joining up just for the fun of it…

    Until there is another video showing thousands of these monkeys being hanged with their pants down around their ankles and then buried face down in pig excrement, this situation is going to keep getting rapidly worse. But, of course, all the Ed Begley Juniors and the Mariel Hemingways have taken too many checks from guys called, “Mohammed” for that to ever happen.

    Has anybody noticed how much worse all this Jihad stuff has gotten since Barack HUSSEIN Obama seized power? It used to be around one deadly attack per day. Now there are too many to count. Why isn’t it obvious to everybody that Obama is an enemy agent?

  11. I’m surprised that YouTube allows this video to be online, as it shows graphic violence and murder. It also shows Islam in a poor light.

    I just hope that this situation does not come to the West. Europe is the centre of civilisation, and offers Jihadis far more prime targets. Just think of the destruction of Rome, Paris, London, Vienna, Florence, just for starters.

  12. Chris the thinking people know Obama is an agent of the left and the Islamists, the rest are deep in denial that anyone elected President could be anything but a strong patriot.

  13. Yes it is very hard to believe, especially if you have been taught to let the LSM do your thinking for you.

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