Václav Klaus, (former Czech President) speaks to Immigration as a weapon.

An original translation by Oz-Rita 

From PI News:


In a broad interview with “Weltwoche”, the former Czech President,

Vaclav Klaus, speaks also about the out of control  immigration to the
EU. The EU wants this in order to dissolve the nation states, to
eliminate borders and to advance their own dictatorship. And so it is:
Asylum policies, welcoming Lampedusa-refugees, acceptance of Turkey (into the EU) etc., all this is not accidental. The EU wants Germany and
all other European states to disappear and make Brussels the Capital.
Everything else are lies and propaganda.
A small extract (of the interview):

Q. What worries you the most in the EU?

The deteriorating economies, the declining respect for Europe from the

rest of the world, the acceleration of democratic deficits and the
increasing frustration by great parts of the European population are
widely ignored. This makes me nervous. Europe is a post-democratic
post-political organisation  One can see this also the way the EU
treated the Swiss referendum on immigration.
The top-ranking EU politicians want to force us to think

“continentally”. They want to suppress the Nation State and dissolve
state borders. In order to weaken the present cohesion of nations, they
propagandise for a massive, unlimited immigration.
Q. The EU regards personal freedom as one of her fundamental

freedoms, as a Liberal you should like this.
One has to differentiate  between the “freedoms” that the EU

promises us, and the Freedoms as a political and cultural value for
which I, as a Liberal, fight. The immigration movements, ignoring the
borders of sovereign states, which have been radically increased during
the last decades, undermine systematically the cohesion and
governability of countries.
The weakening of single states could very easily lead to an

anti-liberal development, because it strengthens the European Super
State which the EU is becoming. The EU is less democratic than each one
of her member states. I have never regarded immigration into any country
as my right. The desire of the Swiss people to keep control over the
extent of immigration into their country is understandable. I did not
understand the result of their referendum as an absolute No to
immigration, but as a message: “Lets slow down immigration and handle
it more carefully.”
The EU must be fought rigorously!

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4 Replies to “Václav Klaus, (former Czech President) speaks to Immigration as a weapon.”

  1. He sees it, but he is either not looking further or is not saying that civil wars are the logical outcome of the current mess, probably he isn’t saying it because he doesn’t want to get in more trouble with the PC crowd.

  2. This is happening in the U.S. as well. Why else ‘immigration reform’ meaning allowing people to enter this country who do not want to integrate.

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