Suicide bombers and Kufar

Weirdly I think this, in a twisted little way, is a sign of an intact culture. Kids in the west aren’t even allowed to play ‘Domestic Terrorists and First Nations’ anymore if I understand the new rules correctly. Perhaps if it is done by white children in a sufficiently self-hating manner it might be allowed but then it would have to be on a stage I think.

Either way, an intact culture or no, it gives a solid idea about the value system in the region.

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  1. Retired army general wants Egypt’s St. Catherine’s Monastery demolished

    Hugh Fitzgerald’s accompanying essay is well worth reading, and saving for use when necessary.

    Hugh Fitzgerald:

    Muslims are at best indifferent, at worst murderously hostile to, the preservation of non-Muslim sites. The world knows about how, with the aid of Pakistani engineers, the Bamiyan Buddhas were finally blown up by the serious Sunnis of the Taliban. But is it aware of how many Buddhist temples, stelae (along the fabled Silk Road, for example), and statues of the Buddha have been destroyed by Muslims? How many, outside of India and the devotees of the BJP and Hindutva, are aware of the Hindu temples and temple complexes — Sita Ram Goal devoted two volumes just to laconically listing them– destroyed by Muslims? How many know that the first mosque in India was actually a Jain temple — the inoffensive, wouldn’t-swat-a-fly, reverence-for-life-long-before-Albert Schweitzer Jains — first?

    Read it all

  2. Richard
    The lap dancing isn’t encourage by our society, it is punished. The human bomb is encouraged by Islam.

    vast difference.

    I’ve seen Muslims give the same kind of argument against a few Christians doing evil and i gave them the same answer as I gave you.

    Please don’t do that.

  3. What normal man could be aroused by a little boy?
    Then he justifies his depravity on “political” grounds. What’s he gonna say when caught next raping a goat?

  4. What normal man or woman can believe a prophet of god could be a slaver as a profession of choice and never left the profession until his death. Someone that typically kills 10 people to enslave 1 person not counting all those directly effected by those they took away.

    I can’t picture a more vial person then a slaver.

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