VICE News on muslim patrols and Britain First in East London

I still find it highly repugnant that so many news agencies feel the need to label a group that supports British law as it is democratically created, and represents the culmination of English culture and heritage for literally thousands of years, as somehow morally equivalent to a group that uses fascist theocratic thuggery to enforce an alien legal system on the world. It is the height of post modern thought. This kind of relativism is something I hoped VICE would be above given their reporting on North Korea and Liberia, both of which are excellent and highly not PC.

Compare what Britain First says at 9:15  to what the various muslim groups demand.

To ask immigrants who moved to a nation to abide by its laws and not illegally enforce their own is hardly morally equivalent. nor is it ‘far right’ as the term is popularly used, to mean Nazi like, which is actually far left. The true meaning of far right would be me. I believe in small government and maximal individual rights and a clean clear separation of mosque and state and not allowing any group to break the law using the fiction of collective rights. In other words, a Jeffersonian liberal.

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And please feel free to head over to the YT channel where this video lives and join in on the comments there. The statements of VICE News need tone challenged.

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7 Replies to “VICE News on muslim patrols and Britain First in East London”

  1. The left has been using moral equivalence as a weapon against western civilization for decades, it is time that they were called on it.

  2. I would conclude VICE would not get their program aired onto any socialist-taxed Networks – if they had gone any further in investigating, examining the motives of these ‘lone’ Islamists. (Not translating their flags and their meaning for a start). We did learn however, just like Tommy Robinson discovered, there are fascists jumping onto the bandwagon. We learned that Britain First is what the Unite Against Fascism should have been, (rather than the Communist front it is). We learned without Islam, there would be no Britain First. The audience of America’s Got Talent were given a clash of two personalities, because that is all they ever watch, or will vote for.

  3. “Since the Woolwich killing, anti-Muslim rhetoric as been at an all time high, and the right-wing Christian Patrols are only exacerbating the rising tensions.”- Vice

    Having read how Vice are portraying this as anti-Muslim when their reporter was told directly by Britain First they are anti-Islam not against the victims of this ideology, and making out those are opposed to Mohammad’s inhuman far-right cult as ‘far-right’ leaves a poor taste in the mouth what these Liberals are doing.

  4. What is repeatedly said in the VICE video is that the government and police have not done much to stop Islamic extremism in Britain, so that is why these civilians have decided to do something themselves. This is the key problem. When governments do not tackle Islamic extremism they create a void where regular people feel no one is protecting them from Islamic aggression, and create a situation where regular people feel they must start doing what the government should have done.

  5. How can Chowdury refer to Britain First as far right with a straight face since he and his followers are in reality the real far right is amazing.

  6. Arun: Yes the VICE video was much more fair than say, a CBC or BBC piece would have been, where expensive high level meetings complete with catering and Kobe Beef, Caviar and a nice Chateau Margaux on tap whilst best deciding on how to demonize the rubes and commoners who refuse to get with the program and commit group suicide. Even so it was infected with moral and cultural relativism and a lie is a lie no matter how nicely its told.

  7. The language of just the first minute carries enough of the infection to get you reaching for the rubber gloves. ‘Two small groups of radicals…enforcing their ideologies on the street,’ ‘strong Islamophobic tendencies,’ and the trivializing reduction of a fight for civilization to a ‘turf war’. VICE can do better. Leaves a bad taste indeed.

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