News links 2 April 14 2014: Russia top gunning, Ukraine and more on Nevada ‘turtle showdown’

1. U.S. Military Official: Russian Fighter Jet Made Repeated, Close-Range Passes Near American Warship

In the first public account of the incident, the official said the Russian Fencer flew within 1,000 yards of the USS Donald Cook, a Navy destroyer, at about 500 feet above sea level. Ship commanders considered the actions provocative and inconsistent with international agreements, prompting the ship to issue several radio queries and warnings.

2. Another man’s opinion as to the nature of the dispute in Nevada, and federal land management.

3. CAR Muslims want to ‘Balkanize’ the nation and take a section as a new muslim area.

4. VICE NEWS – Pro-Russian protestors in Luhansk, the most Eastern city in Ukraine, took over the headquarters of the state security services on April 9. Armed with guns they found in the building, the demonstrators were determined not to leave. VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky visited the occupied building, which despite the occupation, was surprisingly calm.

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  1. I wonder if US jets would fly over a Russia frigate close to America’s coast. Or US navy monitor its presence.

    What is it about the US that it thinks it can invade any country, without any international legality.

  2. DP111 if a Russian frigate sails close to the US they are shadowed by subs, they never know the subs are there. All nations do this,

    The only time we have acted on invasions with out any international legality was in the Balkans, and back in South America during the 1930s. Remember international law is simply the treaties that the nations have signed.

  3. I got distracted from what I wanted to say, the US is correctly upset over the buzzing of the ship, not the tracking which is legal and expected but the illegal buzzing.

    In both Gulf War I and the current war the US went to the UN for permission to use force and was given that permission. In both cases requesting permission from the UN was a mistake since international law said is was legal for us to use force. Learn the laws before you start saying they have been broken.

  4. The US will also have to fight nations that are supporting the terrorists that are attacking us, Afghanistan and Iraq were giving money, equipment and training to al Qaeda. That was the reason we attacked them, the news media ignored the al Qaeda support as a reason and concentrated on WMD research alone. On this matter we found ruminates fo chemical and bio weapons programs that were moved to Syria and Iran and 500+ metric tons of yellow cake uranium from West Africa. the MSM ignored these finds since they don’t fit the blame America for all evil meme.

  5. International legitimacy conferred by _whom_?

    The U.N. lost its glow when a cluster of “oil-wells with flags” began to demonize Israel. The Organization of Islamic States – and those who toady to them – they’re the ones who call the shots at the UN. To the extent it has any power at all, the UN is a negative force. Thank goodness for veto power, the only thing that protects us from their depredations.

    Human Rights Commissions? We, the CounterJihad brethren are in their crosshairs, not those who are ethnically cleansing the Mideast of Christians. Soon international law will make blasphemy of “The Prophet of Islam” a high crime, not misdemeanor. Do they have any legitimacy at all?

  6. Good point, all of the old treaties (that are still in force) say we had ample reasons for invading, but the left will refuse to accept this fact since in their minds the West and the US are the roots of all evil.

  7. I am talking about the Geneva Convention and other western treaties, treaties the left misquote all or ignore all the time.

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