Anonymous video on the Nevada cattle matter

Interesting video. They basically recap events as they understand them, and then do not issue any threats really, as per the usual quasi fuzzy-TV style super villain/dark knight super hero kind of thing. Just saying they will look into the role of the FBI etc. They better have Eddie Snowdon working for them if that is their planned target though.

Below, another analysis by an American wearing a T shirt with an anonymous logo.

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9 Replies to “Anonymous video on the Nevada cattle matter”

  1. Hello there…..its me again……..Don Laird…..

    The American federal government has really stepped over their borders with respect to power, influence and jurisdiction.

    This family, the Bundy family, is a hard working, law abiding family that is one of tens of millions of vertebra that make up the backbone of the United States of America. This action by the US federal government is both obscene and criminal. I trust that senior echelons of the US military are reviewing plans for the removal of Obama and his administration from the White House in order that they be made to stand trial on charges of treason and sedition.

    This should be obvious to everyone that Obama and the entirety of the US federal government needs to be thrown from the halls of power, Now.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

  2. The Obama administration has broken the law on numerous occasions, it is ridiculous to expect them to obey it in this case, the only thing about this situation that surprised me was the Feds backing down. That isn’t like Obama or the leftist he has filled his administration with.

    The Anonymous video is interesting, I don’t trust Anonymous or their motives but this time they are acting more like intelligent people then they normally do.

  3. Unelected BLM creating rules just as fast as they can. Then enforcing those as laws via federal militia, or martial law.

    They told one interviewer something like, “It got to a point where WE were the cattle, they’d have to get us first.”

  4. From what happened in Nevada we have the start to a very good militia/army, the trick is to get the people to continue to hang together and to find a leader that is smart enough to do the job but who wants to return us to a small government.

    If you want some more movies tell me, I ran across two comedies last week.

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