The ‘Prophet’ Mohamed dilemma

On vlad, and on some other sites recently there has been discussion about using the dhimmi term, ‘The Prophet Mohamed’ when referring to the founder of islam.

This is of course, pure submission. Its not like you hear the same journalists or fellow travelers at the coffee shop etc. referring to, ‘Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ’ etc. unless they are devout believers. And even then only some of them.

So what do we call him?

Well I think we should go with historical and even mythological truth as, at least once upon a time in Canada, truth was an absolute defense. So let’s have a look at a couple of basic and easily verifiable truths about Islam’s founder.

1. Mohamed dyed his beard red. According to this site it was for a few reasons. He dyed it to look other than Christian or Jewish, and dyed it red to signify being at war.

2. Mohamed funded his nascent army by raiding desert caravans, stealing the contents and doing what he would with the staff. I won’t provide a link. Do google searches. This is too important for a single link I pick. Mohamed funded his gang and its rules and its take-over of vast territories by raiding other people’s wealth achieved by civilized cooperation and hard work. He paid his army by offering them a percentage of whatever they could steal from unbelievers providing that they kicked up the requisite amount to him and eventually his generals and then those who represent him in the hierarchy, typically called ‘Caliphs’.

(I believe the MAFIA has a more exact term for paying up a percentage of stolen goods to a leader than ‘kick up’ but its been a while since I watched the Sopranos)

So how do we refer to the founder of Islam without being deliberately vulgar and relying 100% on truth as presented not just by accepted history but by muslims themselves in their most holy and authoritative scripture?

I would suggest…

The Pirate Redbeard


Thank you Tundra Tabloids for this historical recreation photo

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  1. Last time, April 1st, it was about a dozen schools. In the now it is about a dozen and some more schools. That is what we call progress! More Islam equals more fun… 😉

    More Birmingham ‘Islam plot’ schools inspected (BBC, Apr 13, 2014)

    “Fifteen schools in Birmingham are being inspected as a result of allegations of an “Islamic takeover plot”, the Department for Education has said.

    Anonymous claims that hard-line Muslims were trying to take over the running of some city schools were made in a letter sent to local authorities last year.

    Ofsted inspectors have so far visited 12 schools in the city.

    The Department for Education said it would take firm action where standards were not being met…”

  2. Libyan PM to step down after attack on his family (BBC, Apr 13, 2014)

    “The newly appointed Libyan Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni is stepping down after he and his family were attacked by a militia.

    A statement released by the Prime Minister said that “no one was injured in the attack, but it was very close.”

    Mr al-Thinni was only confirmed as PM last week after Ali Zeidan was sacked for failing to improve security.

    Libya has been plagued by instability since armed groups toppled Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in 2011….”

  3. 28 killed in violence across Iraq (CNN, Apr 13, 2014)

    “A car bomb went off in the restive northern Iraqi city of Mosul on Sunday, killing nine people, while 10 others were killed in clashes there, security officials said.

    The explosives-laden car targeted a joint security patrol of the Iraqi army and Kurdish forces, police officials told CNN. Five Iraqi soldiers and four members of the Kurdish forces were killed, while another 12 people were injured.

    Separately, four Iraqi soldiers and six gunmen were killed in clashes between the army and insurgents in two neighborhoods in eastern Mosul, military officials there told CNN.

    Seven Iraqi soldiers were wounded.

    Army Gen. Abdul-Hussein Aydan told CNN the Iraqi army had launched a military operation in eastern Mosul against armed groups ahead of parliamentary elections scheduled for the end of April.

    Mosul is a predominantly Sunni city about 420 kilometers (260 miles) north of the capital, Baghdad. It is considered one of the most dangerous cities in Iraq, with al Qaeda-linked groups active there….”

  4. My limited contribution

    The Henna-bearded Desert Don or Henna-bearded Kingpin.

    The islamic Prophet (as opposed to Dhimmis saying “the prophet…”) or simply the islamic founder or founder of islam.

    Qutham (or Kothan plus whatever Gaddafi-like spellings exist) Al-Kindi (based on the fact that the Banu Kindah claim that he was from their tribe not the Banu Hashim by describing him as “a palm tree growing on the hillside”).

    Other variations include: Qutham of Kindah / Qutham the Kindite, Qutham Ibn Al-Kindi / Qutham – Son of Kindah and Qutham Ibn Al-Nakhla / Qutham – Son of the Palm Tree.

  5. The Lost Boys submitted to Captain Hook. The nightmare returned. Every abandoned boy had their salvation in joining the gang of Arabian Dreams named after the Last Apostle of Allah.

    So, how do the Nations of Lost Girls get to address their Leader?

    Thank you. For sending to us such weak inhuman souless female-centric cowards.

    So the Prophet Mohammad will be celebrated throughout the Socialist Empire. To seek out one by one every man and woman who live and breathe freedom.

    The inversion of Man.

  6. It has to be a title addressed by a CBC newsreader to a socialist audience.
    ‘Prophet’ almost fits in nicely between buffy the vampire slayer and beauty and the beast. So it needs to have more of that mystical but less of the patriachical lineage to the final messenger stuff: Mohammad-the-feminist (corrupted by misogynistic Arab tribes).

    Therethrow, Really The Last Avatar Gender-Bender.

  7. My theory is that “mafia” is an arabic word. The methods being used are very similar, and it all started in the south of Sicily under arab rule. Extortion, kidnapping, piracy etc.

  8. When I hear people refer to “The Prophet Mohamed”, I often tell them that they are either mispronouncing it, or mistranslating it. The proper phrasing is “The Pervert Mohamed”. What else do you call someone (who is claimed to be the perfect model for all men to emulate throughout all time) who liked to fuck 9 year old girls? Mohamed, the Pervert of Islam.

  9. i really don’t mind people saying “The Prophet Mohamed” as long as they don’t mind me adding the suffix “IHE” (if he existed), but hey, the “The Pirate mohamed IHE” sounds even better

  10. Mo. Short so you don’t have to waste your mouth. Mo and the Mo Freaks. That’s all Islam from the cock on the dungheap down, in just five syllables.

  11. (Mo being short for homo) Well he was a travel wife when he was a kid, what with being a bastard and having no father to protect him according to some haddiths.

  12. The question all the dhimmi allies of islam need to be asked is:

    “Tell me the difference between child-killer Mohammed who founded islam and the islamist terrorist child-killers in the mall in Kenya”?

    It is up to the CJM to unite behind this one question, and to get it asked in 100s or 1000s of locations. No defender of islam has ever even tried to answer this question when asked.

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