News links for April 13 2014 – 2

1. All eyes on embattled Slaviansk

Comrade Putin? Damn man!

2. This picture is alleged to be from Australia. Oz-Rita, our translator from French and German believes she recognizes the area and says it is near a very large mosque in Lakemba, the big Sydney mosque.

Street prayers Oz

Personally I am A-OK with this. Because if its OK for them to pray in the streets, then it should be just fine for us to drive through their mosques.

3. The newly appointed Libyan Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni is stepping down after he and his family were attacked by a militia.

Mr al-Thinni was only confirmed as PM last week after Ali Zeidan was sacked for failing to improve security.

(Makes you wonder if maybe its not to late to use the paddles on Kadaffi. Call Dr. House!)

4. More Birmingham schools inspected for ‘radical’ islamic indoctrination and take-over.

(You would almost think that muslims in the UK are not there to appreciate a better life and fit in)

5. Iranian man who buries his one year old twins due to ‘family dispute’, likely with 20 year old wife, will not be punished. Below, a translation from this article by Shabnam A.

According to reports from Khoozestan region, Iran, a 30 -year-old man married to a 20 -year-old woman buried his one-year-old twins alive due to having
“family conflict “.

And According to Article 220 of the penal code of Islamic Republic of Iran, the child’s father and his father are exempt from criminal prosecution and ‘Ghesas’ [literally, aneye for an eye] if they kill their children and they are only liable for the payment of blood money (Diyeh) and flogging. But in contrary, if a woman kills her children, she is subjected to criminal prosecution and Ghesas in which she will be sentenced to be hanged.

(Reliance of the traveller, the most authoritative book on islamic sharia available is quite clear that a parent may kill a child without retribution, especially if the child in some way goes against islam)

6. How are the mentally ill treated in Morocco? At least the ones who go for the Islamic cure. The ‘beat the Gin out of the Joint’ style.

7. FGM in Ethiopia. CAUTION: FGM stands for FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION. It’s done by muslims on girls just before puberty. This is what you will see in this video. I do not recommend watching it if you are unclear about what it is.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, Fjordman, M, and all. Sorry about this, but more to come.

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10 Replies to “News links for April 13 2014 – 2”

  1. Hello there…..its me again……Don Laird

    Lakemba mosque,,,,,,,this will turn to shooting sooner or later as what choice do the Australians have, the real Australians I mean.

    I have said that this will come to blood, and what choice do Australians have?, this outdoor prayer is an act of provocative and aggressive intimidation designed to indicate to Australians that their tongues are now not fit for protest of the Muslim and its vulgar presence but rather fit only for cleaning the filthy asses and boots of the Muslim.

    The same provocation can be found in the wearing of the hijab/niqab and the laughable labeling of food and other products as “halal”, yet again simply the Muslim presenting its filthy ass to be licked by the non-believing infidel/kuffar.

    Sooner than later this was predicted and don’t bore me with whimpering about the “good Muslim”, the Australians had better get used to Muslim ass and should start stocking up on breath mints and lip balm, the next 1000 years are going to be long indeed.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

  2. # 2. @ Martin:

    once again, Martin, I have to express my amazement to you. I live part of the year at about 20 km from the Lakemba Mosque, yet have not seen the contamination of the “muslim “prayers in the street” which goes to show how much even half informed folk like myself have our heads still in the sand. Yes, I have to say, I avoid “Lakemba” like the pest.

    Re the news video you post: It’s our taxpayer funded ABC – (who wants to be like the BBC when it grows up), nauseatingly dhimmified as you can see – the sugar dripping tone and content of this report makes me reach for the vomit bucket. The “non-muslim” dhimmies you can see/hear speaking there are Labor party (the Left) representatives – although in the back ground I see the “Liberal” (conservative in Oz) Premier of NSW, probably present because Oz has gone so far down already (with officially only 2.5 % of the OZ population being muslim) as to feel obliged to “be seen” at islamic exibitionist “celebrations”.

    Thank you for the video & pics, you are an awesome source of information.

  3. @ Don Laird

    “…this will turn to shooting sooner or later as what choice do the Australians have, the real Australians I mean….

    It has already! I have been absent from Australia for several months, but when I left, we had about 1 deadly shooting per week. They said it was “gang-related’ and the victims and their families “refused to co-operate with police” – and indeed they were majoritarily members of the “out-law motor cycle gangs” – but these motor cycle gangs – unlike previously – are now fully run and occupied by arabs/muslims (mainly Lebanese). They might not yet shout “allah-u-akbar” when they kill, but this will soon come I’m afraid – as we can see already Australia, considering the population number has an extremely high per capita “jihadists going to syria to commit atrocities”.

  4. #1 Did some one just make a real big mistake when he said comrade Putin?

    #7 There is no punishment for that crime that would be harsh enough to be called cruel and unusual.

  5. 1/ Mummy used to brush tangles out of my hair while I yelped. She’d always say, “It hurts to be beautiful.”
    The mother who was asked how she felt doing that to her daughter used the same tone. It’s just something everybody does. Has to do.

    The second part – the one about getting everybody behind the ban – including the _men_. That’s the way to go about it. You’ve got to involve the cutters. Most important: Don’t forget the local mullah.

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