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One Reply to “Gavin Boby on Jamie Glazov. Please watch.”

  1. Hello there……its me again…….Don Laird

    I am torn.

    I do not believe as does Mr. Boby that this will end peacefully. I honestly think this will come to blood.

    Further, while I admire and applaud and encourage the success rate of the Law and Freedom Foundation I bristle at the mention of working for “millions of good Muslims”,that is a laugh and a bloody injurious one that.

    I know, and the reality shows that we stand alone, there are only Muslims, no “good” and no “bad”, just Muslims.

    Here is a section of a post related to the “good Muslim”.


    Further, there are those, again, the Muslim and its useful idiots, or in some cases the genuinely uninformed, who quickly point out the red herring that looms large; The Good Muslim.

    To that I simply say, consider the trials of the Toronto 18, the trial of Mohammad Shafia, the trial of Muhammad Parvez, the trial of Peer Khairi and the many others that have been commonplace in Europe and North America. Consider that these are crimes of breathtaking savagery and murderous psychopathic intent. Consider that the bruised sensibilities of the Muslim and the dictates of Islam are at the heart of each of of these crimes. Then consider the Muslim and its reaction to these trials.

    At every one of these trials not one, not one single lone outraged Muslim stood outside these trials carrying a large sign, screaming its outrage at the nature of the crime and demanding that the perpetrators be tried, convicted, a harsh and withering sentence served and then deported, stripped of assets, to the Islamic country of the criminal’s choice.

    Not one. Not one single “Good Muslim”. Not one.

    However, in stark contrast, as in our own Toronto, Ontario, a single cartoon draws over 2500 Muslims screaming into the streets harassing passersby, blocking roads, committing vandalism, intimidation and assault and all whilst openly calling for murder, mayhem, terrorism, and a wide range of other assorted criminal and vigilante actions to assuage their “honour”.

    Never, ever, in light of the ridiculously stark contrast between the “Good Muslim” and its ignorance and excusing of high treason, mass murder and its embracing of the same to punish cartoonists does our collective media or elected representatives point out the obvious that the elusive “Good Muslim” is a fraud, a myth, a red herring designed to quiet argument or quell backlash.

    In light of that “Good Muslim” and its deafening silence and conspicuous absence, the time is long overdue to stop being dragged into ridiculous arguments and to simply recognize that there is only one brand of Muslim and its presence is highly offensive and injurious to the legitimate members of a civilized and democratic society and culture.

    I think that states my case and the case for reality quite nicely.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

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