News links for April 5 2014 – 2

1. This stunning story out of the UK shows how insidious and pervasive cultural Marxism is in the UK. It has come to this point where people can in fact break significant laws and get away with it, and those who are even accused of objecting to those laws being broken, have their lifetime’s work destroyed by the mere accusation of political-incorectness.

This is an unsustainable modus operandi. If those ready to produce wealth and live cooperatively with others are this harshly crushed by greater society, we are headed for a very selfish future indeed. Anyone who has not already seen it, might consider clicking on this link for Bill Whittle’s history of political correctness to understand how we got here.

H/T UK Pete

2. Study: All But Two Multiple Public Shootings Since 1950 Took Place Where Guns Were Banned

H/T Richard

3. Very interesting interview with Syrian opposition leader, showing more reason than I am accustomed to seeing in a muslim activist.

H/T Oz-Rita

4. On Friday March 28 2014, a woman was asked to speak at Ottawa U on how the modern fascists have abandoned all due process and willy nilly destroy the rights and reputations of men on the slightest unsubstantiated accusation of politically incorrect behaviour. As a consequence, she was treated with the same Alinski rules-for-radicals fascist behaviour that Ann Coulter was when she tried to speak at Ottawa U. Below is a Brian Lilley SUN NEWS clip on the matter. However someone who was actually at this lecture sent in some video of the actual disruptors and I will post it later on this weekend once I have had a chance to edit it.

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  1. From rt

    ?US finalizing plan to increase support for Syrian rebels – reports

    US authorities are finalizing a plan to boost the training of Syrian rebels and will send shipments to moderate rebel factions mostly based in Jordan, along Syria’s southern border, according to two US security sources, who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity. The additional supplies will not include surface-to-air missiles, the officials said. Earlier in March, President Barack Obama considered authorizing a shipment of new air defense systems to rebels. As RT reported last month, the Obama administration is interested in finding new ways to put pressure on Syrian President Bashar Assad and boost the opposing rebels, who have lost ground in the conflict over the last few months.


    After the Taliban shot Malala public sentiment turned against them. For this they blamed the media. Also public sentiment was going against htem in general. Again the Taliban blame the media.

    They said back in December that they were now going to target journalists. They composed a list and have killed two recently.

    The journalist wrote over three stories. At least Two for AP, at least one for other publications and did a story her blog about going back to Malala’s village. The photojournalist took the pictures that accompanied those stories.

    So no NATO did not bomb this man’s family and make him sad. He’s a dirty lying terrorist.

    Also the Taliban is trying to mess with the election going on right now. The two journalists were with a group that was working on the election when they were attacked.

    But because the terrorist targeted them only it suggests their journalistic coverage of Malala was the motivation.

  3. Lena, maybe you know something about George Soros.
    I’ve seen his name here and there, but it’s always like the Wizard of Oz. Who is he?

    Anybody else know?

  4. Billionaire George Soros behind major push for marijuana legalization

    […]is making headlines over some major donations he’s made to help legalize marijuana.

    […]Advocacy groups are leading the campaign to crush marijuana prohibition from coast-to-coast, and 83-year-old Soros is helping line the pockets of those making that push.

    […]“Through a network of nonprofit groups, Mr. Soros has spent at least $80 million on the legalization effort since 1994,

    […]Soros cuts other substantial checks annually to the American Civil Liberties Union, “which in turn funds marijuana legalization efforts,”

    video – Glen Beck : George Soros, Puppet Master

  5. #1 Political correctness is an evil that will haunt the world for many more decades, the purveyors of political correctness are guilty of mass treason to civilization.

    #2 I thought this fact should be made avaible to everyone.

    Yucki George Soros is a refugee from the Soviet Union that has made a fortune in stock trading, he is a Marxist in belief who regularly works to establish a socialist government on the US. He is reported to be the man funding the occupy movement and has contributed 10 times as much to left wing groups as the Koch Brothers do to conservative groups.

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