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1. Christian street preacher who was arrested and kept in cell for 19 hours without food after he told two gay men homosexuality is a sin paid £13,000 compensation by police

A Christian preacher arrested and imprisoned without food and water after he told two gay teenagers the Bible says homosexuality is a sin, has won £13,000 in compensation for poor treatment by police.

John Craven, 57, says he was held by Greater Manchester Police after he told the couple ‘God hates sin, but he loves the sinner’.

The young men then kissed in front of him and approached a police officer and claimed Mr Craven’s comments were ‘insulting’ and had caused them ‘harassment and distress.’

2. BBC plans to air expose on Tower Hamlets mayor, Lutfur Rahman and ‘issues’ with the political process there. 

(Let’s hope they manage to broadcast it before any meaningful truth is scrubbed out of it and let’s hope some kind soul manages to capture it before it is scrubbed from the public memory like so much similar material often is)

I’m not going to give anything away about the broadcast (except to say Lutfur may regret his decision to be interviewed), but I think the bigger story, in the short term at least, will be the background to the production itself: accusations of racism against the BBC and a so-called journalist betraying highly confidential sources (and then absurdly, in my view, claiming to be a whistleblower).

Lutfur Rahman’s council has spent tens of thousands of pounds (we don’t yet know the final figure) on City lawyers Taylor Wessing and PR outfit Champollion, whose remit was to suppress the programme. Over the past few weeks, they, Lutfur and the council’s interim monitoring officer, Meic Sullivan Gould, have tried to badger the BBC into pulling it at every opportunity.

3. US Air Force’s Secretive X-37B Space Plane Shatters Orbital Endurance Record

(Wadaya know! Maybe NASA isn’t just doing stupid political stuff after all! They must have snuck this project past the commander in Chief)

Image of on-orbit functions for NASA’s X-37 space plane.
This NASA Marshall Space Flight Center image shows on-orbit functions for the reusable X-37B space plane, now under the wing of the U.S. Air Force.
Credit: NASA/MSFC View full size image

The U.S. Air Force’s robotic X-37B space plane has broken its own all-time endurance record in orbit after more than 470 days of circling the Earth on a mystery mission for the American military.

The X-37B space plane currently in orbit in flying the Orbital Test Vehicle 3 (OTV-3) mission, the third long-duration flight of the unmanned Air Force spaceflight program. The miniature space shuttle launched on Dec. 11, 2012 and is surpassed the record for longest X-37B spaceflight on Wednesday (March 26).

4. A Navy F-18 fighter pilot and former Top Gun instructor is publicly warning admirals that retention is beginning to suffer from the military’s relentless social conditioning programs.

Cmdr. Guy Snodgrass, until recently a Pentagon speech writer for the chief of naval operations, Adm. Jonathan Greenert, said sailors are becoming fed-up with the constant emphasis on social issues — an apparent reference to gays in the military, women in combat and ending sexual harassment.

5. Christian group defends against islamic 30$M Lawsuit

6. Here is a rather decent piece of pop TV on race relations. Reason and truth has become rare. Its nice to see when it appears.

7. An Egyptian journalist by the name of Ahmad al-Gamal has demanded that his government sue the State of Israel for damages the Jewish people caused by the ten biblical plagues outlined in the book of Exodus. His request comes suspiciously just in time for the holiday of Passover.

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  1. New US embassy in Islamabad to get $400,000 camel sculpture

    The US State Department is planning to spend $400,000 in taxpayer funds to buy a sculpture for the new American embassy being built in Islamabad, according to

    The sculpture titled “Camel Contemplating Needle” is the work of American contemporary artist John Baldessari and it depicts a life-sized white camel made of fiberglass staring at an over-sized threading needle.

    Officials explained the decision to purchase such an expensive art piece for the embassy through a four-page document by saying: “This artist’s product is uniquely qualified. Public art which will be presented in the new embassy should reflect the values of a predominantly Islamic country.”

    In a statement, State Department press spokesperson Christine Foushee said the proposed purchase comes from the department’s “Office of Art in Embassies.” In new construction projects, she said, a small part of the total funds, about 0.5%, is spent on art purchases.

    Steven Beyer of Beyer Projects, the art dealer for the project, said the government reached out. “They approached us,” he said. “We were, of course, quite surprised.”

    The $400,000 price tag “is actually a very a reduced price for this sculpture,” he said. “There is an art market that makes these prices, and this is one of the most prominent American artists.”

    Another copy of “Camel Contemplating a Needle” is on display at Hall Wines in Napa Valley, California.

    pic on the page

  2. 1/ Just two or three generations ago the two gay teenagers would have been arrested. How times have changed, for the worse.

  3. Eeyore,
    Watch a few minutes of the Israeli demography clip I sent !

    Goodness me, secular Israeli yuppies are breeding like guppies!
    They may not bother so much about dietary laws, but they sure do obey that “Be fruitful…” thing.

  4. 7/
    Did you know Vlad, that some years ago Egypt tried to sue Israel for all the treasure stolen from Egypt during the Exodus? They decided to drop the case when they realised that in order to win it they would have to admit that the Exodus did really happen, thus strengthening the claim that the Jews have a right to Israel and were there before the Arabs.

  5. “Just two or three generations ago the two gay teenagers would have been arrested. How times have changed, for the worse.”

    And yet, I would want to see no one arrested. The men playing at being Gay paying for their own HIV tests when one has been revealed plying too many anuses; and the other unsubsidized to prove capitalizm works in the open market of ideas. If they just want to verbally insult each other from their bubbles, let them. I don’t want to be taxed for either lifestyle or have children taught they represent any form of reality, only mesmerized runners from conscience seeking peace from their torments. Illness and strokes soon follow from self-disabled brains.

  6. Can you imagine a future Doctor asking: “where did you get your STD?”
    The patient knowing if they were found to be the culprit will be made to pay for treatment unless believed to be the innocent party. He swaps seats and declares of his wife, “she was driving!”
    Or the Tax Inspector asking “why are you tax-returns so low?”
    “God is poor!”
    The fruit of disability, gender, and homosexuality training through a common purpose has made Western Governments proactive in promoting the New Religion where every grievance is catered to and promoted. Islam fits the job description perfectly. A Tory MP’s Turkish Delight. One defiling Mankind and the other Heavenkind. Same-Shirk Attraction.

  7. Softly Bob:

    I did not know that. However by that reasoning, this law suit would require Egypt to admit that the Jews are in fact, God’s chosen people and that the Egyptians had them in slavery despite the direct warning of god. I can’t see how this is a win for them frankly. As far as I know, archeology tends towards the idea that the Jews have never been enslaved in Egypt.

  8. KENYA – ‘6 Dead’ as Nairobi Hit by Suspected Terror Attacks

    A suburb of Nairobi known as “Little Mogadishu” has been hit by a suspected terrorist attack, which has left at least six people dead and many more injured.

    Several victims of the attack have been taken to Kenyatta National Hospital, according to local police.

    The Somali-dominated Eastleigh area was rocked by a series of explosions in the 11th Street area.

    Although officials have yet to confirm terrorism as the cause, the area has been the focus of grenade attacks recently.

    video 1 :

  9. RT – Greece: Golden Dawn rally in immigrant-rich Athens district

    Around 1,000 Golden Dawn supporters organised a pre-election rally in Athens, Monday. The rally was held near Saint Panteleimonas Greek Orthodox church, which is an area of central Athens mostly populated by immigrants. Golden Dawn supporters sang the party’s anthem and held Greek and Golden Dawn flags.

  10. British sniper in Afghanistan kills 6 Taliban with one bullet

    Lance Corporal in the Coldstream Guards hit trigger switch of suicide bomber whose device then exploded,

    The 20-year-old marksman, a Lance Corporal in the Coldstream Guards, hit his target from 930 yards (850 metres) away, killing the suicide bomber and five others around him caught in the blast.

    The incident in Kakaran in southern Afghanistan happened in December but has only now been disclosed as Britain moves towards the withdrawal of all combat soldiers by the end of the year.

    Lt Col Richard Slack, commanding officer of 9/12 Royal Lancers, said the unnamed sharpshooter prevented a major attack by the Taliban, as a second suicide vest packed with 20kg (44lbs) of explosives was found nearby.

  11. How can one claim an “endurance record”when no humans are present?Machines last as long as the maker wishes them to,they have no conception of time or fatgue so where is the “endurance?

  12. Eeyore, Bob I have noticed that the raise in acceptance of Homosexuality has increased the more the left worries about human over population of the earth. When the populations drop enough it will become less acceptable.

  13. Richard,
    Watch my demography clip! I repeat myself ’cause it’s too good to miss:

    “Former Ambassador Yoram Ettinger discusses the mythology of Palestinian Demographics posing a threat to the Jewish majority of Israel if it does not abandon Judea and Samaria.”

    The whole lecture is a delight: a morale booster, an optimistic triumph over fixed notions of demography being destiny. Victory to the “non-normative” !

    All we have to do is obey the very first commandment: “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it…” Choosing life is a winner.

    We’ve just seen more nonsense interjected into the “Who’s a Jew” business in British Columbia. Here’s something different, as it plays out in the only place it really matters – Israel.

    [Starts at 36:00. 36:00 Strategic Jews vs Rabbinical Jews]

    The whole thing’s at:

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