News links for March 31 2014 – 2

1. Jewish emigration from France to Israel up 312%.

(And that is only to Israel. I wonder what it is if you include Quebec, the US and UK?)

French Aliyah Up Significantly in 2014

Thousands of Jews from throughout France participated Sunday in an aliyah information fair in central Paris, organized by the Jewish Agency for Israel in cooperation with the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption and the World Zionist Organization.

Participants met with representatives of dozens of Israeli organizations and institutions, including government ministries and local authorities, and received information on opportunities for life in Israel, aliyah programs for young people, educational programs for teenagers, employment counseling, and more.

According to Jewish Agency figures, immigration from France has risen sharply since the start of the year with 854 new olim arriving in Israel during the months of January and February, compared to 274 in the same period in 2013.

(While I am sure that many indigenous Frenchmen are delighted with this, I hope they are equally as pleased with their new residents from muslim countries as they are with the results of their efforts)

2. The US would walk nearly a half million dollars for a camel. And a needle. At least in Pakistan.

3. Angry Muslim youths set on fire Catholic church in northern Nigerian; dispute over Prophet

KANO, Nigeria –  Witnesses and an official say angry Muslim youths set ablaze a Catholic church and tried to destroy an attached school in northern Nigeria over an alleged insult to the Prophet Muhammad.

Witness Tukur Musa says soldiers on Monday stopped the mob from setting ablaze the school in Funtua town in Katsina state, but they arrived too late to save St. Rita Catholic Church

(The article goes on to say that “religious strife” is common in that region, but fails to give a single example of Christians burning down a mosque because they were offended by an exam question within one. Maybe its time though)

4. Kenya police: 2 men arrested with car bomb linked to plotters of Westgate Mall terror attack

The official, who insisted on anonymity because he is not authorized to speak with the media, said Monday that the vehicle was packed with 173 kilograms (381 pounds) of explosives and was meant to target a shopping mall in Mombasa. The official said the two arrested men spoke on the phone with militants in Somalia connected to the Westgate Mall attack.

(Militants ay?)

5. London borough of Tower Hamlets could face inspection

Panorama has found that Lutfur Rahman, the Bangladeshi mayor of Tower Hamlets, has more than doubled funding recommended by officers for Bengali-run charities.

Opposition councillors say they believe the grants were made in return for electoral support. Mr Rahman categorically denies the accusation. In 2010, residents of Tower Hamlets voted in Britain’s first directly elected Asian mayor.

(Video at site. I hope to be able to embed today’s Panorama expose on this issue soon)

6. Why ‘Moderate Islam’ is an Oxymoron Raymond Ibrahim

Both terms—”moderate” and “extremist”—have to do with degree, or less mathematically,zeal: how much, or to what extent, a thing is practiced or implemented. As Webster‘s puts it, “moderate” means “observing reasonable limits”; “extremist” means “going to great or exaggerated lengths.”

7. British sniper in Afghanistan kills six Taliban with one bullet

 A British sniper in Afghanistan killed six insurgents with a single bullet after hitting the trigger switch of a suicide bomber whose device then exploded, The Telegraph has learnt.

The 20-year-old marksman, a Lance Corporal in the Coldstream Guards, hit his target from 930 yards (850 metres) away, killing the suicide bomber and five others around him caught in the blast.

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11 Replies to “News links for March 31 2014 – 2”

  1. #7. Quality work, young man. Congratulations. But how long will it be before someone like him is deployed to do the same on the streets of the UK? 20 years? 30 thirty years? Or sooner?

  2. #3 The elusive exam question. I have yet to find it printed in any newspaper. They call themselves reporters.

    It might be one of these.
    1. In what year did Mohammad make gender equality into Sharia Law?
    2. When was the judgement for Apostacy made the same as hitting a woman gently with a reed?
    3. When was thighing introduced to North India?

    If you indicate there’s a paranoid issue with women, Sister Angelica will meet you outside the study.

  3. #1 Looks like a lot of French Jews are seeing the same future in France that I am.

    #7 I would have liked to be backing that man in a crap game that day.

    joeb, it will be a lot less then 20 years.

  4. “(While I am sure that many indigenous Frenchmen are delighted with this, I hope they are equally as pleased with their new residents from muslim countries as they are with the results of their efforts)”


    You do realise that mass immigration into European nations(including the USA, Aus , Canada and NZ) was/is a project with overwhelmingly jewish architects as were the various race and hate laws that criminalised our defence of our own homelands.

    In the UK as late as 1997 it was three jews Straw(vinski), Hodge(Oppenheimer) and Ashton that fully opened our gates to rub the “rights” (read Britons) noses in diversity and we all know that diversity is just code for White genocide.

    While Jews can go back to Israel for their racial state and safety where do we go?

    We never wanted this and without the various laws mentioned above and all the other ‘initiatives’ , PC , politicised police forces , cultural marxism , White guilt etc etc it would have ended a long time ago. There would be no muslims in Europe

    The ‘efforts’ as you put it where from above not below, that vast majority of Europeans have been bullied into accepting non-European immigration and their own potential genocide. We’ve had enough false blame and guilt placed on us we’re not having this as well.

  5. This is what Jews do. They arrive in homogenous nations, then they agitate to change laws on legal residency and citizenship,loot a bit, then scram once the vibrancy coefficient is too hot to handle. Then they blame the damned victims for noticing.

  6. And the percentage in that is? If I understand you correctly. you are saying that Jews go to a nation, then make that nation impossible for those same Jews to live in, because of policies they force on an unsuspecting public by bringing in millions of neanderthal like, rabid jew-hating muslims, then get the hell out of dodge to do it somewhere else? And this I suppose is to give them a few years worth of slightly cheaper dry-cleaning?

  7. What a load of bull, to apportion the blame at the feet of Jews. Nice try but Jewish immigration to Europe is centuries old.

    If you need to identify a turning point in Muslim migration, de Gaulle era would be it. The whole issue is intertwined with the development of the Common Market, the advent of large global corporate markets, a self belief in the goodness of socialism. Just look at Sweden for example. Of course, part of this flow is within so called Jewish business leaders, but it is not unique and not just that either.

  8. To talk about straw and co… They are naive socialists first and foremost, they certainly did not piggy back on Judaism.

  9. Rob,
    You have a point. Too many Jews are liberal socialists partly responsible for this mess. Just as they’re highly successful in many of their endeavors, so here too are they are prominent in the MUG.

    The Deadly Triad = Media + University + Government.

    There’s no conspiracy, though. They’re devastating, suicidal in Israel as well. MSM is appalling. Every Prime Minister’s cabinet has to include lots of their types because large segments of the population VOTE for them!

    In order to cobble together a coalition – to get around them at all – the Prime Minister’s party has to ally itself with the most hardcore Haredim – ultra-orthodox – parties and even fringe elements.

    He’s got to buy off the Haredim by allowing them to control such things as exemption from the draft, shutting down public transportation on the Sabbath, disallowing marriages between Jew and gentile. And even worse.

    Can you believe it? Crazy?!

    Even including Haredim for a steep price, there are still too many suicidal dreamers with too much power. The negotiator with the Palestinians needs a muzzle. Channel 2 is 5th column. Haaretz might just as well be the New York Times.

  10. Rob: “While Jews can go back to Israel for their racial state and safety where do we go?”

    Get a Google street map that shows people. Homogenous?
    ___No place on earth is as diverse as the streets of Jerusalem. Jews come in every color, speak every language, have different notions of etiquette.

    ___That’s just Jews. But there are Christians of every sect from every land.

    ___And of course: Muslims. Lots & lots of Muslims. Muslim citizens of Israel who enjoy the same freedoms as Jews. They’re exempt from compulsory military service, but welcome if they volunteer. They vote for proportional seats in Knesset [Parliament].

    You think that’s cool? It is. Though sometimes there’s so much friction you don’t need a match to start a fire.

    Safe? Military service is universal for Jews; you’re in the reserves until you’re 45 or 50. For these soldiers everyday is a hot war. Look around: See all the young adults with scars and artificial limbs?

    They’re the parents, children, siblings, best friends of the liberal socialists who vote for the WRONG side. Over and over and over again.

    Your mom lives on the frontline. Your kids know too much about gas-masks and air-raid shelters. You see men picking tiny pieces of flesh and bone off the sidewalk, smoldering cars, shards of shop windows. The tiniest remnant has to be buried, respected as human created in the image of the divine.

    The next day it’s back to “normal”.

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