News links for March 30 2014 – 2

1. Far left stage violent protests after people of France chose a more rational option for government.

Exit polls suggested that the anti-immigration and anti-Europe party had roundly beaten the governing Socialists in a number of key constituencies.

‘Demonstrators are trying to get at the Front representatives and starting fights,’ said a police spokesman in Frejus, the picturesque Mediterranean town which is hugely popular with British tourists.

Riot police are tonight guarding the offices of David Rachline in Frejus, one of the areas where the right-wing National Front have won local elections

Riot police are tonight guarding the offices of David Rachline in Frejus, one of the areas where the right-wing National Front have won local elections


The Crimea, a peninsula on the border between the Christian West and the MuslimEast, was a place where merchants from all over the Black Sea region, East and WestMediterranean, Anatolia, Turkey, Russia, and West European countries came to buy,sell, and exchange their goods. In this trade “live merchandise”—reluctant travellers,seized by the Tatars during their raids to adjacent countries—was one of the mainobjects to be negotiated. Numerous published and archival sources (accounts of Europeanand Ottoman travellers, letters and memoirs of captives, Turkish
s [registers], Russianand Ottoman chronicles to mention some of them) composed by Muslim, Christian, and Jewish authors provide not only a detailed account of the slave trade in the region inthe Early Modern times, but also a discussion of some moral implications related to thissort of commercial activity. While most of the authors expressed their disapproval of theTatar predatory raids and cruel treatment of the captives, none of them, it seems,objected to the existence of the slave trade
per se, considering it just another o? shoot of the international trade. Another issue often discussed in the sources was the problem of the slaves’ conversion.

3. Swedish prosecutor takes a page from the Soviet manual

But worse was to come a few days later, when prosecutor Magnus Pettersson asked the court to force Dan Park to undergo a psychiatric examination – seemingly based on the contention that the unfortunate artist’s action might be ascribed to clinical insanity.

In other words, we have a crime that has not been determined to be a crime. We have a repeat offense that may not be an offense because there may not have been a crime in the first place and on this basis the representative of the Swedish state has a man put in prison and forced to have his head examined.

4. ‘Scapegoat’ detective sues over mishandled investigation into the murder case of teen who was groomed by child sex gang

A detective who says she was made a scapegoat for a mishandled investigation into the murder of a teenage girl is suing police for up to £500,000 in the High Court.

Jan Beasant was forced to quit her job after Lancashire police failed to bring anyone to justice over the disappearance of  14-year-old Charlene Downes, who was groomed by a child sex gang linked to takeaway food shops in Blackpool.

The teenager’s body has never been found.

(It is widely believed, and with some supporting evidence, that Charlene’s body was cut up and inserted into Kababs and sold to customers)

Jan Beasant, 48, is suing Lancashire police for up to £500,000 in the High Court, saying she was made a scapegoat for a mishandled murder investigation
Jan Beasant, 48, is suing Lancashire police for up to £500,000 in the High Court, saying she was made a scapegoat for a mishandled murder investigation

5. Saudi arrests 3 over YouTube appeals: Activists

Video 2          Video 3

Saudi authorities have arrested three citizens who posted YouTube videos urging the oil-rich kingdom to improve their living standards and criticising “corruption”, activists said on Sunday.

The arrests were made on Saturday, the day US President Barack Obama flew home from Saudi Arabia under fire for not having done more to raise human rights concerns during talks with King Abdullah, activists said.

In one video seen by AFP, a young man identifying himself as Abdulaziz Mohammed al-Dosari addressed King Abdullah saying he has to survive on a low income, and does not own a house or a car.

“We are fed up, and you still blame those who carry out bombings,” the man says, urging the king to give Saudis money to improve their lives.

(How does that expression go again? ‘Spare the rod and … something something the child.. I don’t remember exactly)

6. If anyone has had any difficulty with Jihad watch, or is interested in web-security issues please take a moment and have a look at this.

7. Creator of ‘Gaia’ theory, a hippie favorite, feels that environmentalism has become a religion and soft on facts. Also cools on global warming. 

8. Ethiopian gets legal aid from UK – to sue us for giving aid to… Ethiopia

An Ethiopian farmer has been given legal aid in the UK to sue Britain – because he claims millions of pounds sent by the UK to his country is supporting a brutal regime that has ruined his life.

He says UK taxpayers’ money –  £1.3?billion over the five years of the coalition Government – is funding a despotic one-party state in his country that is forcing thousands of villagers such as him from their land using murder, torture and rape.

The landmark case is highly embarrassing for the Government, which has poured vast amounts of extra cash into foreign aid despite belt-tightening austerity measures at home.

Thank you Snaphanen, Nicolai Sennels, UK Pete, Fjordman, M, Yucki and all who sent in materials. 

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  1. Hello there…….its me again……Don Laird……

    A man, who had his “offending finger” cut off……..piteously begs for his life but to no avail…….his Muslim culturally enriched tormentors cut his head off…….

    Calling Darcie Williams!!!!

    Calling Darcie Williams, the Registered Nurse form British Columbia…….please bring your needle and sutures to the local Starbucks!!!!…….heads need to be sewn back on!!!!!


    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. Hello there………its me again………..Don Laird……..

    Its funny, whenever you hear a Muslim talk about Islam the thing that strikes one the hardest, for those with insight into Islam and the truth of the same, is the contrast between reality and the stunning lies that fall out of their mouths.

    In spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary Muslims call their political ideology, Islam, a religion.

    In spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary Muslims tell us of their love for the weakest amongst their own, and from the death and madness that reflects from that murderously obscene departure from the truth can be found another grotesque reflection, as through their clenched teeth, they hiss of their “love” for non-Muslims.

    Those Muslim lies, that poisonous black-hearted Muslim reality is, more often than not, reflected on those who bear the greatest burden of the poison of Islam, reflected on the faces of Muslim children.

    These faces, some as yet unstained with the harsh reality of Islam, reflect trust, love, mirth, wonder, expectation and the simplicity and joy of childhood.

    Unfortunately they will not remain this way for long, for in their future awaits a predator of the human soul, awaits the grotesque, awaits the mind numbing, awaits the hateful and the disfiguring, in their future awaits the love of Muhammad.

    These are the faces of children, unsuspecting and oblivious, children who will meet the purest manifestation of poison, of sickness and of evil…..these are the children who will meet Islam.

    These are the faces of little girls who will spend their childhoods learning that they are worth less than domestic livestock.

    These are the faces of little girls who will learn that for a bodily function as normal as a heartbeat, their menstruation, they are the most vile, loathsome filth on the planet, reviled by even God himself.

    These are the faces of little girls who will lead lives of grinding poverty and servitude, lives completely devoid of one shred of joy, lives in which laughter is little more than a distant echo……a taunting echo reminding them of innocence lost.

    These are the faces of little girls that, for the heinous crime of seeking the wondrous enlightenment of education, will melt and burn as they are splashed with acid.

    These are the faces of little girls who, stunned and bewildered, will pack their meager belongings and be sent off to join the owners their parents sold them to.

    These are the faces of little girls who, at tender prepubescent ages will, in accordance with the dictates of the mass murdering pedophile Muhammad, be married off to men in their 50’s and 60’s……where on their “wedding night”, miles from their villages, their screams will shatter the night air as they are violently sodomized and raped by grunting, drooling Muslim husbands.

    These are the faces, the bright shining faces of little girls who, as Muslim wives, leading lives of quiet desperation, will, for the crime of lacking in domestic skill or failing to bend over and hike their skirts fast enough for the Muslim master of the house, will be dragged outside, held down and have their ears and noses sliced off with a knife.

    These are the faces of little girls, little girls who had the misfortune of being born female in the world of Muslims, and they will pay for that mistake by running, from cradle to grave, a gauntlet of violence, misery, brutality, indifference, servitude, grovelling deference, illiteracy, malnutrition and premature death… other words…..they will live their lives according to the sadistic will of Muhammad.

    These are the faces of little girls, little girls who will grow into women, and as women will, wrapped in suffocating cloth and scurrying like frightened mice from crevice to darkened alleyway, live lives as little more than life-support systems for vaginas and wombs, wombs become little more than arms factories.

    These are the faces of little girls, little girls who, having no place left to turn, having nothing left to give, having no spot on their bodies unbruised by the love of Islam, little girls who will douse themselves with gasoline and self-immolate and, if they are lucky, will die…..and if not, as reflected in hospitals across the Muslim world, will spend their last earthly moments in tortuous agony, praying every moment for the merciful release that is their death.

    These are the faces of little boys, little boys who will be taught that their sisters and mothers are little more than human garbage.

    These are the faces of little boys who, burying their faces in pillows and covering their ears, will still hear the crunch as the fists of Muslim fathers meets the flesh of their mothers faces, as Muhammad’s law is dispensed.

    These are the faces of little boys who will bear witness to their fathers and brothers as they mutilate the bodies and faces of their sisters and mothers.

    These are the faces of little boys who, through forced mind numbing repetitive recitation, will spend their days and nights being poisoned by the sickness of the madman Muhammad as reflected in the netherworld lunacy of the Koran.

    These are the faces of little boys that will reflect confusion as they are told to dress in women’s clothing and dance an erotic Bacha Bazi dance for the pleasure of leering Muslim pedophiles, for the pleasure of Muhammad and his men.

    These are the faces of little boys, faces that will contort in agony and beg deliverance as they are treated to a post-dance evening of rape, forced oral sex and sodomy as they are passed from Muslim man to Muslim man.

    These are the faces of little boys, faces of little boys that will render pink with their mother’s arterial spray as her head is removed for the convenient contrivance of a crime of adultery or blasphemy.

    These are the faces of little boys who, with rumbling tummies, will be told the blackest of lies, will be told fabrications by the quintessential pimps of madness and hate; conniving mullahs and imams, truly, the blackest of liars to ever walk the face of the earth.

    These are the faces of little boys who will be told that a better life awaits them after death, a life of riches, a life of plenty and ease, a life filled with fawning virgins and sumptuous feasts, all at their leisure and simply for their pleasure…….if only……if only…….they will perform this one small favour for Allah.

    These are the faces of little boys that will be beaded with sweat as, their nervous fingers fumbling, they close the locks and hasps of the explosive vest placed on them with expertise by their own fathers and mothers…….all under the approving gaze of the leering reptiles; mullahs and imams.

    These are the faces of little boys, little boys beguiled with the hypnotic and soothing reassurances, little boys who will wander through the marketplace, the moment of their death, a cell phone, a cell phone held in the grasping hands of mullahs and imams.

    These are the faces of little boys, faces that will, in a deafening roar, in a blinding flash of light, in the sweetest agony of a life taking shower of glass and razor sharp shrapnel, as that number is dialed on the cell phone……..simply evaporate, borne away on a river of blood and despair…….borne away on a cowardly, murderous lie.

    These are the children of Islam………..children who never had a chance.

    I had a thought……….if I could grab every one of these kids………sweep them up in my arms and dash them off to safety………ahhhhh what the hell…….it was just a thought……

    Ladies and Gentlemen…..there is no joy in the world tonight………for the love of Islam stalks the streets and alleyways……….

    Food for thought…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  3. Pakistan’s Musharraf charged with high treason (BBC, March 31, 2014)

    “A court in Pakistan has charged former military ruler Pervez Musharraf with treason, the first army chief to face such a prosecution. Mr Musharraf is accused of unlawfully suspending the constitution and instituting emergency rule in 2007. He pleaded not guilty and has always claimed that the charges against him are politically motivated. He faces the death penalty if convicted. President from 2001 to 2008, he was one of Pakistan’s longest-serving rulers.”

  4. Quote from Lavrov, the Russian foreigner minister

    People who live in Crimea and have chosen to be Russian citizens have nothing to do with any geopolitical matters. They simply want to live in a state that is home to their language, culture, and their “gene pool.” If the EU goes through with such steps, I am sure will we respond in a way that would make the EU understand the unacceptability of such a grave abuse of human rights.

  5. France’s government resigns en masse (but Hollande’s clinging on): Failing socialist policies blamed for elections rout…..

    “France’s socialist prime minister Jean-Marc Ayrault resigned yesterday”…..

    “All 38 of his ministerial colleagues also quit ahead of a government reshuffle”……..

    “Mr Hollande replaced Mr Ayrault with Manuel Valls, the tough-talking interior minister – the French version of home secretary – who is fiercely anti-immigration”………..

    Read more:

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