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15 Replies to “Watch UK leaders debate now archived, took place this afternoon EST”

  1. Kenya restricts Somali refugees to camps (BBC, March 25, 2014)

    “Kenya has ordered all urban-based Somali refugees to move into designated camps in a bid to end attacks by militant Islamists. Interior Minister Joseph Ole Lenku said the directive had been issued because of the “emergency security challenges” facing Kenya. A refugee group condemned the decision as illegal.

    Somalia’s al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab group has carried out a spate of attacks in Kenya in recent years. It was behind the four-day siege at the Westgate shopping centre in Nairobi in September in which 67 people died.

    On Sunday, at least six people were killed when gunmen opened fire on a church near the coastal city of Mombasa. No group said it carried out the attack. Kenya has repeatedly claimed that refugees crossing over from Somalia are threatening its security.

    Mr Ole Lenku said refugee registration centres in Kenya’s main cities would be closed. All refugees living in cities and towns should report to the Dadaab and Kakuma camps in eastern and north-western Kenya, he added. “Any refugee found flouting this directive will be dealt with in accordance with the law,” Mr Ole Lenku added in a statement….”

  2. What are they doing separating party debates now?

    liberal party vs independence party

    Conservative party vs liberal party

    Don’t get it

  3. Watching the first 10 minutes of the video, (Eeyor, you enrich us with your eclectic news-gathering) I see Nick Clegg is the face of British Liberalism.

    He is the sociopath who says of the bully, “next time he does that I’m going to do this”
    And then he telegraphs this openly.
    So the bully invades surreptitiously through Brussels, taken completely by surprize.
    And so he says, “next time he does that we will do..”
    And then Islam invades with the carrot and the stick. Good and forbidden, and he has no moral compass to challenge or dispute.
    Until he is totally compromised, not knowing his backside from his elbow, “next time” becomes for such a fellow “necks time”. With the enemy within and his identity without, the Russians invade to protect those crying out to be saved from Sharia and British-soiled terrorists. End game. Red or dead.

    Got to get back to listen to some more on the art of dhimmitude: how to lose friends and be influenced by people.

  4. 75% of Laws come out Brussels, 7% of total UK implementation. Any law not British, is rule by a foreign power. The European Human Rights Act is a Communist contract between State and Citizen. The exact opposite of the American Bill of Rights.

    Let’s remind ourselves what the British have forsaken:
    First Amendment – Freedom of speech, press, religion, peaceable assembly, and to petition the government
    Second Amendment – Right for the people to keep and bear arms, as well as to maintain a militia
    Third Amendment – Protection from quartering of troops
    Fourth Amendment – Protection from unreasonable search and seizure
    Fifth Amendment – Due process, double jeopardy, self-incrimination, private property
    Sixth Amendment – Trial by jury and other rights of the accused
    Seventh Amendment – Civil trial by jury
    Eighth Amendment – Prohibition of excessive bail, as well as cruel and unusual punishment
    Ninth Amendment – Protection of rights not specifically enumerated in the Bill of Rights
    Tenth Amendment – Powers of states and people

    Nick Clegg, has revealed the person he is. It’s a job.

  5. Egypt orders mass trials for another 919 Islamists (BBC, March 26, 2014)

    “Egypt has ordered the prosecution of 919 suspected Islamists in two mass trials, days after hundreds more were sentenced to death in a separate case.

    The UN, US and EU have condemned the verdict in the previous trial, delivered against 528 supporters of the deposed president, Mohammed Morsi.

    The defendants in the new cases will be tried on charges that include murder.

    The charges stem from a wave of unrest last August that followed a crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood….”

  6. The Same Sex Couples Act 2013


    Social engineering given a place at the table of respectability. Muslims can pretend to be men, (while full of resentment and rage), feminists can pretend to be women, (likewise demented), and liberals, the inverted spawn of these, can take up their weakness with one another, legitimately.

    Same Sex Coupling has to be an Act of Law. Not an act of Nature. If they were just a tiny minority of disturbverts they could not through democracy ever have the vote to change society. But it is merely the following of a Fabian Script, the decoupling of humans from sanity. Marriage, the founders of Communism despised as the oppression of all womenkind, so they could be free from responsible sex, have turned marriage into coupling for benefits. A marriage of convenience for sexually repressed Moroccans to come via another passage into Europe, (to coin a phrase). Everyone know the Act should be Same Sex (Multiple Partners) Act to be truly equal, but it is to destroy the purpose of the existing marriage: that is to suffer and endure to discover love is more than a fancy and the employment of a fix. The Church is no defence as they do not know what headship is. They have the feminine in supplanted in the place of the masculine. For the ruling elite however, this is one big joke, having abandoned marriage, beyond sham, decades ago.

    Welcome to a new word into the English Language:
    Marriageophobic: to not recognize the pretenders before you.

  7. The married same sex couple’s Bill states:
    (1)Marriage of same sex couples is lawful.

    As it was written by the finest most soberest lawyers in the UK I thought it read:
    (1)Marriage of same sex couples is awful. That there’d been a typo.

    How can Judeo-Christian roots be cast out into the fire? Brother and sisters, fathers and daughters having the right to marry. As Nick Clegg put it: the definition of marriage is two loving people wanting to live together.

    Is this the freedom of a greater conscience of humanity or the end of children as we will ever know them? Educating Rita was a film about Educating Rita. She grew as a person because her brain could figure out subtleties. From a gawking reactionary to a thoughtful reflection. To be humane and civilized. It is not humane to let the uncivilised trample a noble institution. It is collectivism though. The parallel universes, so beloved by divide-and-rule, diversity. Equalled now, and so are enabled by existing law to become more equal. “When all things being equal, you can positively discriminate”. How, would a gay married couple benefit? Over adoption rights, stupid.

  8. And this is the poverty of the UK. Nick Clegg boldly asserts what he knows nothing about, and Nigel Farage has to fudge the issue. There is no Muslim, never was and never will be. Its a delusional man with a complex against women passing on his fears and childhood rage on to the next generation. The superstition grows precisely in the environment most suited to it. Likewise homosexuality and any other sexual imprinted attachment, from the lonely shepherd to the multi-gender rainbowed in Sweden. It is what happens to you in childhood that brings the compulsive behavior you had forgotten caused it. Living by what your gut tells you, not your conscience. Every ideology knows it, and has an admission package for confessing for little ones. The smallest of lies, to write the holy belief of an untruth, will be because their guardians believe it.

    How do you know if you’ve been hypnotized? See if you get upset. There you go, you can be made to be offended. Like a life is take from you, the very air to breathe. The bigger the rage, the less of your brain you have acess to, and someone else does, and it will grow until it consumes you into a new guiltless identity.
    Coming for the sick in the House of Israel was a doddle, because he knew all their myths; the sick of the house of the world come from every submission and beatings at home. Its just the the same method, to take the same way to the truth or realization about yourself going into the darkest things, to know of yourself you can do nothing, face your fears in an attitude that you’re dead anyway, and be released to regain your life again, is exactly the same. Instead of judging in pride while descending into loveless relationships, see how your fellow travel became imprisoned, and forgive, even if they have crossed over into a new devolved creature, to know they make friends to betray and slay their enemies, still forgive them, understanding they do not know what they do.

    Very few can communicate at this level, preferring rather to take the Hellenistic path of “he who cast the first stone” and walk away from dealing with evil. It is either all or nothing, when you are really able to resolve anything for yourself in a reasonable manner.

    Marriage won’t solve your problems. It’s just the begining, because the nightmare is being formed into the world and crazy will be normal.

  9. According to the law, “a marriage contract or civil union entered into between persons of same sex is prohibited in Nigeria and shall not be recognised as entitled to the benefits of a valid marriage; a marriage contract or civil union entered into between persons of same sex by virtue of a certificate issued by a foreign country is void in Nigeria, and any benefit accruing there-from by virtue of the certificate shall not be enforced by any court of law.”

    Any guess to which lawyer, UK or Nigeria is a sodomist?
    And of course to which country is is a bad thing or a positively discriminated thing. Or which parliament is full of such members.

    Two countries with children to protect. Which one has fathers?

  10. Why pick up this detail of Legislating for Gay Marriage in the UK? Well one politician put it childishly that all people who claim a sexual frission with another will be catered for by the Law and and the other swept it under the carpet. One brazened it our, the other looked away. Surely a change in culture of a State and it Citizens deseved more than this?

    It could not happen in Nigeria because it has not yet created a majority of dependents upon a government of sexual depressives. Those who use sex as a narcotic. Housing, unemployment, tax credits, pensions are not available to bribe and reduce a population to their will. A subservient class, not biting the hand that feeds it.

    Same sex copulation is the removal of self to enter a Born Again role of new allegiances, the submission into the external self. Men may do this with women, and vice versa to claim a new identity off from them, so nothing new here. But this is a new and growing tribe. New values, new dissociations of affection. Obama’s growing-up crowd. Leading in the Church, (which some want to call upon to save us) and in the conservative family-value, (snigger), political parties.

    The initiation ceremonies of secret-cults out in the open. Lowering the age of consent for Islam, you say? To be fair?. Of course, my lord pedophillius. Your ruthlessness to be obeyed. And the head of John the Baptist who unhypnotized them.

  11. “John the Baptist unhypnotise them”?

    Yes, the person walking down the street, sexually aroused by the chaffing motion, rather than thinking, ‘that’s a nice feeling’ and adjust themelves to stop it, has studs to enhance it and wanders in the thoughts it evokes, the identity-feeling and the stranger’s message on the phone to come ‘fully loaded’.

    The Tory MP who resigned, not for soliciting Brazilian Rent Boys, but because yet-to-be-legalized drugs were prescribed. Oops. Or the Ministerial Aid downloading kiddy porn. Oops, not legalized. David ‘mother-knows-best’ Cameron is discriminating against a preferential culture! Know and understand their lifestyle before you judge.


    You have to hand it to the redifiners. As much as Islam has redefined truth as submission.

    In physical or metaphysical estacy, enters the instruction of the ego-life that the breeder and kuffar will take from them if they do not destroy their institutions and temples that aspire to nobility.

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