News links for March 26 2014 – 1

1. Muslim Students Assn. at Ottawa’s Algonquin College continue fight for Islamic supremacy at school.

(It is well advised for those who are not familiar with the MSA to research them. You may find my headline is an understatement rather than a hysterical exaggeration)

“We went and we prayed in front of the security office,” said Naddaf.

2. Outrage as brother of one of Lee Rigby’s killers condemns judge for handing down full-life sentence after ‘trial by public’

The brother of one of Lee Rigby’s murderers said today that the decision to give his sibling a whole life prison sentence was Islamophobic.

Jeremiah Adebolajo believes Michael Adebolajo should not be forced to die behind bars and claims the judge in his Old Bailey trial caved in to ‘pressure’ after ‘gave the public what they wanted’.

3. Saudi man ordered to leave Canada after choking, threatening daughter

(This is very important. The video in this story is, as the expression goes, ‘The damnedest of lies’, meaning of course a lie with just enough truth in it to be effective, and hence pernicious. The original story we posted here some days ago, had the father stating clearly that his daughter was involved with a non-muslim and therefore he needed to attack her and possibly kill her for it. Now they have massaged the islamic angle totally out of the story, slipping in some details of the truth while interjecting aspects of it that anyone might think is motive for anger. “cultural differences, honour changes to husband” and other total bits of informational sight of hand to take the islam, the real motive for all of this, out of the story. Both the video and the article here have been sanitized. Here is the link to the article from Monday this week. It appears that link has been sanitized as well)

Here is the original report, now removed from Youtube and CTV:

4. Ever wonder what the expression, ‘One man golf clap’ means? Watch this video of a recent Obama press conference and you will know.

Thank you M, Grace and everyone who I will list shortly!

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6 Replies to “News links for March 26 2014 – 1”

  1. 2/
    Personally, I’d give this piece of shit a life sentence as well. Who the fuck does he think he is?
    His words suggest that he is a potential jihadi like his brother. Why take the risk with these untrustworthy immoral cretins? Lock all of them up, or better still line them against the wall and shoot them.
    Prevention is better than cure.

  2. RT – Party over: US Secret Service agents sent home over drunken Netherlands incident

    Three agents from the US secret service responsible for protecting President Obama in Amsterdam this week have been sent home after a night of drinking. The incident happened just a day before the president’s arrival.

    One of the agents was found drunk and passed out in a hotel hallway by hotel staff on Sunday morning, according to the people familiar with the incident who spoke on condition of anonymity, reported the Washington Post. The hotel workers immediately alerted the US embassy in the Netherlands, which then informed senior agents on the presidential trip, including its director, Julia Pierson.

    The same source added that the other two agents were also involved in the incident who “didn’t intervene despite being in a position to assist the drunken agent or tamp down his behavior.”

    The agency “did send three employees home for disciplinary reasons,” confirmed Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan, adding that they were put on administrative leave pending an investigation. However, he declined to comment further on the case.

    All three men are GS-13-level agents of the elite Secret Service’s Counter Assault Team, known as CAT, which is responsible for ‘the last line of defense’ for the president, according to Washington Post sources.

    One of those involved in a drunken incident was a ‘team leader’ on counter­assault, however, he “was not in a supervisory position in the agency,” added the source.

    The agents’ duty was to prepare for Obama’s arrival and ensure his safety, including during his attendance at the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, the Netherlands.

    They would have been called on Sunday for a briefing ahead of the president’s arrival in Monday for a week-long trip to Europe and Saudi Arabia. Their drinking on Saturday evening and Sunday morning violated the rule adopted in 2012 which forbids anyone on an official trip from drinking alcohol in the 10 hours leading up to the assignment.

  3. #2 On the level of the act of cowardly murder, I am for a jury deciding the humane injection of a peaceful departure.

    But the aggressors have indicated their motives were political and religious. The Irish Republican Army received much less a punishment for doing more murders than these.

    Do we make them Martyrs? Or will they secure early release when some nuns are captured (directly due to this sentence) in Syria?

    History has shown that those who do not forthrightly resist Islam will sucumb to its mercilessness extermination of the inferior Unbeliever.

    As there are so many many martyrs in Islam, two more will not add to the already vast grievance-pool.

    But, it is obvious these young men were brainwashed. Their soul-killers are still at large. The gang should have been rounded up.

    It is the UK’s goverment to have no Islamic-reparative therapy service, no British Defense League, that reveals the rotteness to the core of the British Establishment. For they look at Islam and look ar themselves, and say “their leaders are no different from us”.

    A dead from the neck up and docile people-herd, is a dead from the neck up and docile people-herd.

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