The massive grooming report, and finding a way to make time for it.

Not long ago, British lawyer Gavin Boby of Law and Freedom Foundation published a 355 page report on the horrors of the muslim run, child-sex-slave gangs in the UK.

This report is both important as well as horrifying and partly one due to the other.

The report however, presents two problems.

1. It is 355 pages

2. The report has something factual on every page, that will make you angry.

I cannot do anything about the second point but I spent a little time this morning with a friend trying to find a partial solution to point 1, or perhaps a full solution for some people. Specifically those with Android based smart phones.

There is an app available free on the Android app store called, ‘Sprint Reader’. This allows you to open any text file on your phone or even grab chunks of text off of a webpage and read it directly on you device at anywhere from 150 WPM (a bit slower than average) up to 600 words per minute on the free version and 1100 WPM on the paid one.

The format is different. It shows you one word at a time with a single red letter in the middle in a very large font. It takes about 10 seconds to get used to, as your eyes don’t have to find the next word and you can now read this report in chunks when you are on public transportation, in a waiting room or outside one, waiting in your car etc.

In other words, you can get through this important and well written report at 3X your normal reading speed, with less fatigue (no scanning a page) and using time you otherwise would have wasted or have been pointlessly bored.

I managed the first 6% of the report in a few minutes between bus stops today.

Presumably the iPhone has access to this or a similar app as well.

Here is the report converted to text which it has to be in, for the app to see it. Just download it, copy it to a folder on your phone and then open it in Sprint Reader.

People need to read this, and they need to be appropriately angry about it. Maybe then we can force the people to whom we pay exorbitant salaries to protect our children, culture and civilization to actually do their jobs. Because if they don’t its easy to see the various directions this will lead and none of them are desirable.

I hope some of you find this as useful as I do. Especially those readers who are on the upside of 40, as it saves so much effort in reading it actually puts some of the joy back into it. Subject matter not withstanding of course.

Eeyore for Vlad.

PS: The conversion from PDF to .TXT may have caused some minor artifacts which will appear as odd characters in some of the words. This is not that distracting i find at 500 WPM. For an example of how this looks when you are using it on a phone please check this web page and scroll down a bit. This has examples up to 500 WPM.


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