News links for March 22 2014 – 3

1. Some local elections in France are 100% Turkish

2. UK ‘must do more’ to tackle Sahel-Sahara terror threat

Hostages seen with their hands in the air at the Amenas gas facility in Algeria MPs said little had been achieved since last year’s Algerian gas plant siege, in which six Britons were killed

The UK needs a “bigger footprint” in Mali and other Sahel-Saharan countries to fight extremism, a committee of MPs has said.

The Foreign Affairs Committee pointed to a “mismatch” between the UK’s vision of a secure western Sahel-Sahara region and its “very light” diplomatic work.

It said jihadists had “put down roots” in the region, which was a “new frontline of violent extremism”.

(Violent extremism”. A euphemism for Islam which is so inane that only the Obama administration could possibly have come up with it)

3. Refugee in Denmark complaints to ministry of Justice: Its too cold!

Danish tax payers pay 30,000 euros yearly per refugee, and here is a stunning example of thankfulness. Via, translated from Information by Nicolai Sennels:

“It was Justice Minister Karen Hækkerup (S) that Friday in the Chamber told about the sensational complaint when considering a bill to change which quota refugees should be allowed into Denmark.

‘- I know that we actually have a complaint from a quota refugee who think that here is a bit too cold.'”

4. Islamic law is adopted by British legal chiefs

Islamic law is to be effectively enshrined in the British legal system for the first time under guidelines for solicitors on drawing up “Sharia compliant” wills.

Under ground-breaking guidance, produced by The Law Society, High Street solicitors will be able to write Islamic wills that deny women an equal share of inheritances and exclude unbelievers altogether.

5. Femen appear to have made boobs of themselves protesting an Islam week meeting in Berlin. While the target of the protest seems to have deserved it, their strategy sagged pretty low this time.


Thank you LenaN, Fjordman, M, Oz-Rita and all who sent in material and helped with translations today. Most likely more will come. Islam is what it is and C4 never sleeps.

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  1. Islamic law is adopted by British legal chiefs….

    As soon as some of these cases are enforced through British courts the legally aggrieved will be knocking on the door of the ECHR.The British government will probably then have massive fines imposed for both sex and race and religious discrimination.
    No matter how much middle eastern money floods into London the sharia and western liberalism are totally diametrically opposed to each other.
    The sight of the leftists trying to accommodate this absolute contradiction of their own treasured human rights will be most entertaining ………

  2. This article is a very good read about today’s geopolitical madness:

    Q. What is, in your opinion, the main purpose of declaring the so-called humanitarian intervention? Does it have more to do with the domestic public opinion or with the international partners?

    A. The ideology of Human Rights (a dubious concept, incidentally, since “rights” should be grounded in concrete political arrangements, not on abstract concepts alone) serves both domestic and global purposes. For the European Union, it suggests a “soft” European nationalism based on social virtue. The United States, which is more forthright than today’s Europe in proclaiming its national interest, the ideology of Human Rights serves to endow foreign interventions with a crusading purpose that can appeal to European allies and above all to their domestic opinion, as well as to the English-speaking world in general (Canada and Australia in particular). It is the tribute vice pays to virtue, to echo LaRochefoucauld.


  3. If there is anywhere in Europe that should very concerned about the Syrian effect, it is indeed the Balkans:

    Balkan worries of the Syrian aftermath

    By Ioannis Michaletos/The recent arrests of Jihadist recruiters in Albanian and Serbia relating to the Syrian conflict and the revelation of the involvement of the Furqan NGO and its two coordinators, “IC and SP”, is a short glance of the networking involved between a substantial and radicalized Wahhabi/Salafi base centered in Bosnia-Herzegovina and their “brethren” in Syria. It is estimated that around 1,000 Balkan Islamists have fought or are currently engaged in battles in Syria.

  4. Sunday March 23 2014 – Kenya Mombasa – Gunmen kill three in “terrorist” attack on Kenyan church

    Two gunmen stormed a packed church near the Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa on Sunday and opened fire on worshippers, killing three people and wounding others, in what police called a terrorist attack.

    One witness said the gunmen shouted out in a foreign language before shooting indiscriminately at the congregation. Blood-spattered Bibles and overturned plastic chairs lay strewn across the church’s floor after the attack.

    “Both carried big guns and began shooting all over the place. I fell to the ground and could hear screams,” said Lilian Omondi, who was leading a prayer recital at the time.

    Kenya’s parliament has called for better coordination between the security and intelligence agencies after 67 people were killed in an attack on a shopping mall in Nairobi in September.

    The raid on Sunday took place in Likoni, located across a deep-water channel from Mombasa city, a major tourist hub.

    There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

    Likoni’s police chief Robert Mureithi said the high number of bullet cartridges recovered for the Joy in Christ Church indicated the gunmen were armed with automatic weapons.

    The attackers tried to raid a second church nearby but fled when armed police on patrol in the neighbourhood appeared.

    “This has all the indicators of a terrorist attack because the attackers did not steal anything and appeared focused on killing,” Mureithi told reporters at the scene.

    Two people were killed at the church. A medic in the emergency ward at Mombasa’s main hospital said a third person died in hospital and that three children were among the wounded receiving treatment.

    The violence comes at a time of heightened warnings of Islamist attacks against the east African nation and days after prosecutors charged two Somalis with terrorism-related offences after police seized a car packed with explosives.

    The Somali Islamist militant group al Shabaab and their Kenyan sympathisers have been blamed for other gun and grenade attacks, which have targeted churches before, in Mombasa, and Nairobi.

    Kenyans are increasingly alarmed at the relative ease at which militants appear to move within the country, east Africa’s biggest economy and a recipient of U.S. counter-terrorism funding.

    The Nairobi government has sent troops into neighbouring Somalia as part of an African Union force (AMISOM) to combat the al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab group.

    Al Shabaab said it carried out the Westgate mall siege in the capital to avenge the military deployment in Somalia and has threatened more strikes in Kenya and other AMISOM-contributing nations, including Uganda and Ethiopia.

    video : Government Clamps Down Hard on Increasing Acts of Extremism In Mombasa

  5. RE; # 4 At one time it was said that “Britannia rules the waves” , now it has become a fact that ‘Britannia waves the rules’. If this foolish , subservient and Politically Correct behavior continues the UK is finished.

  6. Big Frank the British national anthem says Britains never will be slaves, given what the British government is doing they need to change that to Britains ever will be slaves.

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