‘The message is clear. This is our city. If you don’t like it, we will burn it down’

This is a short segment of a new online news broadcast site out of France. A desperate attempt to actually inject some truth back into reportage by some brave people in France. The News station broadcasts live online and Oz-Rita noticed a clip which is typical of how France is today, and translated it for us.

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5 Replies to “‘The message is clear. This is our city. If you don’t like it, we will burn it down’”

  1. Around 500 migrants cross Melilla border in biggest fence jump to date

    The undocumented migrants, who say they come from Mali and Senegal, immediately headed for the local temporary immigrant holding center (CETI) amid jubilant cries of “Bosa, bosa,” which witnesses said means “victory.”


    Spanish and Moroccan officials said some of the migrants threw stones at security forces.


  2. The leadership of Europe is the most delusional it has been since the eve of WWI. Then it was interlocking military alliances that let to devastating and unnecessary continental war. Now, it is immigration policies that welcome hordes of people into Europe who have no prospects of ever becoming anything other than a welfare dependent underclass breeding criminals and terrorists. The outcome of the immigration debacle unfolding in 2014 is going to be no less catastrophic than the political debacle unfolding in March 1914. Europe confronts a clear and present danger to its very survival as a recognizable cultural and ethnic entity. If current immigration trends continue, ethnic Europeans will be a minority in Europe by the end of the century, replaced by followers of a savage ideology of religious intolerance and violence. It is a mathematical certainty.

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