British Muslim couple jailed for ‘offensive in the extreme’ YouTube videos that glorified murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby

A Muslim couple were jailed today for glorifying the murder of Lee Rigby in videos posted on YouTube.

Rebekah Dawson, 22, and her husband Royal Barnes, 23, recorded and uploaded three videos shortly after the murder in Woolwich, south east London, last May.


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16 Replies to “British Muslim couple jailed for ‘offensive in the extreme’ YouTube videos that glorified murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby”

  1. How can a felon go un-identified?.. Why does this “thing” be able to wear a mask. This could be “anybody”.

  2. The missing Malaysian airplane mystery is increasingly looking like an “inside” job.

    It is one more reason why I will never fly a Muslim airline, as one never knows when the pilot will get the call of Jihad.

    In this case, some 60% of the passengers were Chinese.

  3. So the judge pointed to, the great offence
    Of not interpreting an event their way
    And in return, the past’s not spent
    Of Allah’s Will and Say.

    Imprisoned for yet another thought-crime
    The side of how glad a lad dispatched
    The unspoken glee of many minds
    Now whispered to be hatched.

    The Mosques resound of victimhood
    Jailed just for being loyal
    Their side of Righteousness of The Book
    Of invasion for their oil.

    The killers Two with Arab’d names
    Hatefully levelled the score
    That deed throughout trial was never blamed
    Which made us all the poor.

    The mind of socialism
    The mind of Islam
    These we are not permitted to see
    So blinding is pride of life
    Offending is the key.

    Tattooed or cleansed, matters no jot
    Their Mark of the Beast is clear
    The right to free speech is only said
    If it’s what they hold dear.

    The University Debate the Lecture Hall
    Stooge-up a false rebuttal
    All is well and ‘peace with you’
    Go home and don’t be troubled.

    So this is how are we are infantalized
    Prevented from seeing the never.
    Unless wheat and chaff are brought in view
    How can we be clever?

  4. Ridiculous that you should go to jail, for being offensive to someone.
    What a sad country we’ve become, infants in thrall to our masters, who must defend us against all hurts.
    Deport them, yes, they should never have been allowed in. But prison for having an opinion?
    Pathetic, just pathetic.

  5. His post on June 12 2013 stated: ‘Any1 who kills an invading soldier in Muslim land I will give them a Vauxhall Astra 3door and money (French British American any kaffir soldier take ur pick).’

    A lot less than Everlasting Paradise and 72 self-sealing hymens.

    Is the offer genuine, will it motivate a taker to kill an invader?

    In the serious business of fighting crime a ‘sting’ would involve an undercover police officer claiming this reward and an arrest on the spot.

    But Blair’s Narcissistic Socialism is to arrest and imprison these muppets. The wannabee Black and the dhimmi White. In their self-interalized prisons: the Black Male the lowest of all males, the White Female the guiltiest of all females. Two mentally disturbed individuals drawn to feed off each other, culturally lost, so that the Imams replacing the Vicars of Platitudes can use to advance a submission-class of children.

    Justice should and must be blind to partiality. Bluster and hot air does not make a crime. That they are a disaster waiting to happen, possibly, as their profile for self-destruction rather than the courage to face themselves is evident, growing up in a morally vacuous Britain.

    Jail, jail for a youtube video made in the UK? The Free People of the world must shudder, that Communism is at their gates. In dismantling the family and love for the British Nation they have opened the door for the Far Right again.

    Prison for a Muslim is merely time to study, pray and proselytize and use the law to their advantage where every weak concession become precedence.

    Among themselves they cut off body parts and each other.

    Only a socialist is terrified of being locked away and isolated as they have no sense of god within them. Their identity is in their relationship and approval from others.

    This is why the Americans stripped Muslim combatants, set dogs on them in front of women prison officers. They wanted to break the Islamic Soul implanted in them, to despair and let go, that Allah had no power here and submit to the will of their jailers not to harm them further. A new caliphate would rule them. A childhood pattern repeated, like St Paul submitted to abandoning Jehovah to the New Jesus-God he heard on the road to Damascus. One layer over the other. A broken person out the other side of rationalization, but our dysfunctional dhimmi.

  6. Blindguard:

    You are absolutely right. At the same time, during times of war, it is a crime to aid and abet the enemy, to provide comfort to the enemy in times of war, and I suspect, to spread or make enemy propaganda in times of war. I wonder if we can’t use this charge to prove a kind of covert admission by the government of the UK that they are considering themselves in a state of war with Islam?

    In terms of actual freedom of speech in peacetime, as you say, this is unacceptable. As is this blurring of the lines. But I do think that we should respond to islamic calls for a state of war with a declaration of our own and begin to act accordingly.

  7. “His post on June 12 2013 stated: ‘Any1 who kills an invading soldier in Muslim land I will give them a Vauxhall Astra 3door and money (French British American any kaffir soldier take ur pick).’”

    Which, if true is clear incitement to murder. It should be treated the same way as if you hired a hit man.
    In my opinion he should be imprisoned for a long time for this say twenty years. If a person is killed and it’s shown it was so he could get this payment then the person putting up the payment should be executed along with the actual murderer.

  8. “If true, is a clear incitement to murder”. And that is the whole premis. To investigate and obtain evidence that this can be proved beyond reasonable doubt. Not bluster, bravado or frustration for an ideal utopia unmet.

    The biggest haters are Muslims and Socialists. That is a given. They see their paths as the way to truth or love. You can’t covert into one of them without removing and leaving behind part of yourself, to hate your old self and put on the new facade. These hatred-filled, ‘cat on a hot tin roof’ egotists, who cause violence in the name of peace marches.

    So they invented hate crimes to hide their own inner hate crimes, the littlest slight to raise the greatest grievance. All distractions away from their corrupted perversion of innocence.

    The law therefore, has to deal impartially to these Far Left and the Far Right submitters/dhimmis to embraced Gods and embraced Demons. To treat them to the balancing scales of justice. So if a deranged psycho or sociopath utters their feeling, it does not mean you imprison them, you help them to conciousness and civility with derision, (which costs far less than the lawyers’ and prison fees), or they need surveillance as they are going to betray their country as a network of identified-believers loyal only to themselves.
    The socialists could deport all Muslims or Muslims decapitate all socialists, but the rest of us are all damned with the yokes they carry. From the frying pan into the fire.

    The evil of both must be pointed out for they each want to control the judiciary. Either by mob rule or by Shariah.

    Imprisoning muppets, for offending, obscentity or venting their feelings, without evidence of deed except talk-talk, the unique expression of the owner and not the collectivist’s fear that someone is listening to propaganda, is the criminal act of denying free-speech. If a retard is prevented from speaking, and this act becomes the tollerated consent of the masses, how much worse the fate of someone informed alerting to the gradual degradation into the totalitarian utopia of Communism to come?

  9. Judge Barker told the couple: “Freedom of speech has long been jealously regarded by the law but with that freedom comes respect and responsibility.”

    “long been jealously guarded”

    “Respect and Responsibility”

    Free speech is no longer jealously guarded, the code is now for ‘religious-respect’ and ‘collective-responsibility’. This was not about any criminal acts but in-your-head acts. Jail!

  10. ‘If we don’t imprison for thought crimes, how else can we intimidate the Muslim to behave?’ Asks the communist, knowing this was a tried and trusted practice on the Rusian and Chinese populations to submission.

    Rationality is the only solution to irrationality. It is an unassailable position. It is a rock. It reflects back their insanity, like in a mirror, in the cool light of day by not flinching or looking away. The war paint and hoopla do not make a human any more different with any less reponsibilities or any preferential protective rights and therefore may cease to be masters of themselves. It is the civilized over the uncivilized.

    Where there is no justice, the people will perish.

    These movie makers were imprisoned.

    The Board of Censors of Movies and Games would have given it a PG.

    The Socialist gave it a Criminal Offence Rating.

    This is how dhimmi we have been led to become.

    When the freedom of the Samaritan was removed, the freedom of the child to see had gone, and poverty, famine and destruction followed.

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