News links for March 9 2014 – 1

1. Birmingham school dubbed ‘Trojan Horse’ for Islamist radicals  ‘holds assemblies promoting notorious Al Qaeda recruitment agent’

Park View Primary School in Birmingham, an ‘outstanding’ school which has been a national flagship school for the state system has been the centre of an alleged extremist plot to promote positive views on jihad.

A senior teacher at the school, which also features almost 100 per cent Muslim students, has repeatedly endorsed radical terrorist icon Anwar al-Awlaki, one of the most important al-Qaeda recruiters who was killed in a drone strike in 2011.

(When the government forces the public into funding war against the public, then why is the public obligated to obey the government?)

2. Regular and serious gym fights in Minnesota cause upgraded security. All participants appear to be Somali muslims.


3. The indigenous people of France are leaving the country in large numbers.

4. DOJ sues school district on behalf of Muslim over beard-length restriction


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The Department of Justice filed a civil rights lawsuit claiming a Pennsylvania school district violated a Muslim employee’s religious freedom by requiring him to comply with its grooming standards.

The Justice Department’s complaint alleges that the School District of Philadelphia established a grooming policy in 2010, requiring its police officers and security guards to maintain beards at a maximum quarter-inch length, according to

The suit was filed Wednesday on behalf of Siddiq Abu-Bak, who had maintained an untrimmed beard for 27 years while employed as a school police officer.

(There really is no point in having rules or setting standards of any kind now if a person can just say they are muslim and therefore have a god-given exemption)

5. Quite a truck for local law enforcement. Let’s hope they never need it.

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  1. #3 This is coming to a lot of nations, the left has control of so many nations and the people who want to work have to leave, here in the US look at the way people are fleeing the Dem controlled states to those that allow success.

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