News links for March 6 2014 – 1

1. Yesterday I posted an article from the National Post on a new initiative to “combat extremism”. The article is pure rubbish of course. There is no Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, conservative, Buddhist, Hindu Jain or other extremism at all and certainly not in sufficient quantities to justify a special division of the RCMP. However it is an excellent example of just how amazingly effective the Frankfurt school has been, in forcing the media and governments of Western nations to quite deliberately ignore important truths while relativizing fictions in order to force other people to ignore obvious truths. If anyone still has not seen Bill Whittle’s excellent history of the Frankfurt School and the inculcation of political correctness, please take 12 minutes and watch it now.

2. ‘China attackers wanted to do jihad abroad’

 China says militants from Xinjiang, home to a large Muslim Uighur minority, launched the attack last Saturday in the southwestern city of Kunming, killing at least 29 people and wounding about 140.

Police shot dead four of the assailants and captured the other four.

Qin Guangrong, Communist Party chief of Yunnan province where Kunming is located, said that the eight attackers “originally wanted to participate in ‘jihad’,” state media, including Xinhua news agency, reported.

3. Ezra video on the state of his trial for all of us.

Please check regularly at Ezra’s website for updates and appeals on his most recent fight for basic freedom of speech for all of us.

4. Obama says Crimean referendum violates international law.

5. Russia doesn’t seem that interested in Obama’s opinions or suggestions

6. Europe finds out what the phrase, ‘being held over a barrel’ actually means. 

By Barbara Lewis

BRUSSELS, March 6 (Reuters) – European Union countries such as Poland and Greece are worried they may face gas shortages and economic damage if Russia stops pumping the fuel to Ukraine, with Kiev facing a Friday deadline to pay Moscow a $2 billion energy bill.

EU authorities on Monday convened an urgent session of the bloc’s Gas Coordination Group, set up following previous energy disputes between Moscow and Kiev, to assess contingencies “in case a major disruption takes place” following Russia’s seizure of Ukraine’s Crimea region, a document seen by Reuters shows.

7. Mohammed Asif warned one worker at Costa Coffee on Leeds Road that he would slit his throat as he tried to prevent him from entering again.

The 26-year-old is currently serving a 17-month custodial sentence for offences including possession of cannabis with intent to supply it.

8. Ray Mallon: ‘This was disgraceful behaviour by a small section of the Asian community’

Tards egg city councilor UK

Tards egg city councilor UK


Thank you LenaN, M, EDL Buck, and all. More to come.

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3 Replies to “News links for March 6 2014 – 1”

  1. 3/ Felicitous riposte from Ezra’s lawyer Iain MacKinnon to the allegation that Khurrum Awan’s reputation has been ‘roadkill’ en route to Ezra’s denormalizing of Canadian Human Rights Commissions:

    “…my submission is it can’t be roadkill when you run out into the road and make yourself a target for issues of public comment and public controversy.”

    From the article by Allison Jones in The Edmonton Journal, March 3. As so often, the report on the trial here and reports in the National Post use ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘Islamophobic’ without quotes, as though they are not bogus words for a spurious concept.

  2. 3/ From Blogwrath’s notes on day 3 of the trial, it sounds like the term ‘Islamophobia’ is being accepted in testimony as though it had as clear and commonly accepted a definition as any word in the dictionary.

    Naturally, this being a Canadian court, Muslim witnesses are being sworn in on a Koran, which together with ‘reliable’ hadith and centuries of ‘scholarly’ commentary, form the basis in Islamic law for Permissible Lying, as detailed in Reliance of the Traveller Section r8.2.

    Of course it doesn’t make the least difference what book a practicing Muslim is sworn in on in a legal system that has no sovereignty over the law of Allah. Shariah not only gives permission but in fact decrees an imperative to lie ‘when the goal is obligatory…. Whether the purpose is war, settling a disagreement, or gaining the sympathy of a victim legally entitled to retaliate against one so that he will forbear to do so….’ It is meaningless to say that Awan and his buddies are ‘under oath.’

  3. #4, 5 and 6, Putin is going to ignore Obama and the west, he knows we aren’t going to do anything and the threat to cut off the pump for oil and gas is a very real one. The only way to combat that is for Obama and the Dems to allow drilling on Federal Land and off shore and to let us ship oil and gas to other nations. Since these actions will help the US economy and the weaken the power of the middle eastern nations Obama will not allow this.

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