News links for March 6 2014 – 2

1. Classical muslims attack Sufi mosque in Syria

Photo of the destroyed mausoleum in the city of Tal Maruf, sent in by our Observer Mohamed Issam.

Jihadist fighters have destroyed a mosque in northern Syria, which to them represented a heretic form of Islam. These jihadists, who are part of the extremist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (known as ISIL) attacked the mosque after taking over the Kurdish city of Tal Maruf in late February.

“The problem with jihad is, you know when you’ve lost, but how can you know when you won? Cause when do you stop fighting for allah?” -Line from the movie, Deterrence

2. Russia told to remove troops or face sanctions. EU

3. Ben Shapiro on Jamie Glazov offers some insight into exactly how screwed we all are.

4. Stop slashing animals’ throats in ‘ritual’ slaughters for halal and kosher meat, says new leader of Britain’s vets

5. Ukraine: Border posts spring up around Crimea.

6. Anti Russian protestors outside the White House DC

Thank you M, and all who sent in material.

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6 Replies to “News links for March 6 2014 – 2”

  1. 3/ The 39 mins. leading up to that are also good for Shapiro and friends’ thoughts on the mentality of Leftists and how to debate them.

    ‘I like to quote Mike Tyson in this context… “Everybody has a plan until you punch him in the nose.”…That’s how a debate is supposed to work. You don’t wait till they attack you, you just go in and you punch.’

  2. We are watching a new cold war develop, one that was inevitable given the lefts control of the media and politics in the west.

    Ben Shapiro is correct, we really have nothing of the old freedom loving US to conserve but memories, what we have to do is re-establish the US as a free nation. There are only two ways this can be done,, 1) the article 5 convention to amend the Constitution to reverse the damage and restore liberty or 2) violent revolution to re-establish the US as a free nation. I prefer the former but am very afraid that the latter is the only thing that will work.

  3. Unfortunately you are correct, the original idea was that voting was limited to people owning real property, land. Then everyone was given the vote but you had to make an effort to register, this was to ensure that only the committed people who vote. Now it is set up so anyone can vote early and often. Combine this with the deliberate dumbing down of the educational system and not teaching the kids history so they don’t have a good idea of what has failed in the past and you have a recipe for a dictatorship followed by a disaster. Rather like what we have right now.

  4. Some of whom were terrorists out to destroy the US, they discovered they could do more damage teaching in Universities then they could with bombs.

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