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21 Replies to “Russia Today anchor quits on live TV over Putin ‘whitewashing’”

  1. The comments are a little interesting. The Russians and Ukrainians are babbling semi coherently as usual,

    But some people have pointed out that she has to be full of it because RT let it air.

    She’s resigning because they’re trying to her situated in western news so she can work for Russia from the inside.

    I go with that interpretation.

  2. There was a time when such an event could never take place on any Russian channel.

    I wonder if any American network anchor would have the guts to resign for the tissue of serial lies that the US and UK have fed the public over Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya etc etc. And we must not forget Bosnia and Serbia – two Muslim states created in Europe, over the sacrifice of millions of the like of King Sobieski, to drive Islam out of Europe.

  3. I don’t believe a word of it. It’s probably a PR stunt. She’ll get another job with the MSM and I bet she won’t be resigning because of her new employer’s Leftist bias.
    This is propaganda to make everybody despise Putin who is no threat to the West at all. I’d love to see a news anchor resign because of bias towards the real threat to the West, which is Islam.

  4. This is strange. The RT is routinely airing the most bizarre and outlandish kind of anti-western and anti-american propaganda, but now when there’s a credible and undeniable evidence of US/EU involvement in supporting and financing the violent “Euromaidan” putsch, a couple of American moonbat “journalists” who work for RT suddenly get upset about “Putin whitewashing”. Was it also “Putin propaganda”, when RT was reporting on the moronic US/EU support for the violent islamist power-grab commonly known as the “Arab Spring” ? And where was their outrage when the Russians invaded Georgia (really invaded, guns blazing, infantry advancing, tanks rolling) ?
    What, the people in the Crimean autonomy (overwhelmingly Russian) for some reason don’t deserve to be protected from lawless criminal thuggery of militant anti-russian radicals and their repressive, undemocratic, unconstitutional junta ? I’m not even remotely a fan of Putin. I never was. But this is not about Putin. I think that the russian reaction to what’s going on is justified and understandable, no matter who is currently the President of Russia.

  5. Leo, this newscaster thing is pure baloney. Brought to us by the makers of the “Euromaidan” putsch.

    This “coup” is not even remotely kosher. It has dirty western hands & money all over it. So poorly executed it has to have Obama’s fingerprints somewhere on it.

  6. And Putins, in my opinion it was set up to allow Putin to move back into Ukraine, after all that is where Russia’s only warm water port is, and Russia is the spiritual home of the western left.

  7. Maybe, but I can’t see Obama setting up a revolution in Ukraine unless it would hurt the US, don’t forget the open mike before the 2012 election with him telling the Russian Ambassador to ask Putin to wait until after the election when he would have more flexibility. This may be payback for that patience.

  8. I keep worrying about that comment too. But he sure hates to be upstaged. Now he’s hating Putin almost as much as Bibi.
    [Did you know: Obm made it clear to WH staff and pet journalists that his floppy ears “were not to be made sport of.”]

  9. And we must not forget Bosnia and Serbia – two Muslim states created in Europe

    Sorry but did dp III mean to say Kosovo. Serbia isn’t Muslim!

  10. I agree, Yucki.
    It’s disgusting and horrifying, that the Western political establishment is actively involved in this sort of unethical, cynical and destructive scheming. Yet they still dare to bloviate endlessly about “freedom”, “justice”, “progress”, “democracy”, “human rights”, etc. (As if they honestly believe in any of these things, or understand.what these terms mean.)

    Russian main port on the Black Sea is Novorossiysk in Krasnodar Krai, not Sevastopol (in Crimea). There was no real threat to Russian security or traditional regional interests before this US/EU-orchestrated “Euromaidan” coup. Putin had no motive to manufacture this crisis and then “move back into Ukraine”. (Besides, Russia has enough problems to care about. It gains nothing from this conflict.)
    I’d like to add that Russia is not “the spiritual home of the western left”. The philosophical and historical roots of modern “leftism” are in the Western Europe. Putin’s own political party “United Russia” (“?????? ??????”) is certainly not an equivalent of “the western left”. Not even close.
    I always laugh when various “rightwingers” (typically American “conservatives”) foolishly label Putin and his political party as “leftist”.

  11. Leo Putin is a left winger according to the American political specturm, and he is busy trying to recreate the Russian Empire with himself as Czar, what most people never take the time to set down and thing about is how Communism is simply a neo-feudal system with the Central Committee as the Royals and Nobles. Just as their cult of personality for their leaders is a recreation of the ancient God-King.

    A lot of people keep saying that Obama and NATO actively created this mess, I want to know what the advantage for the US and NATO is with the impending Russian conquest of Ukraine? No sane person seriously thinks the Western Leaders are going to fight a nuclear war over Ukraine or any of the breakaway republics. If we aren’t going to fight a war why stir up trouble? It won’t help Europe or NATO so what is the advantage? Also Obama won’t do anything that would help the US or NATO so why would NATO go along with him in creating a mess that can only hurt us?

  12. I don’t think so, he is running his mouth but making a fool of himself in his other actions, 16 fighters to Poland and on Destroyer into the Black Sea. Neither are enough to be a credible threat and will make Putin laugh rather then pull back. Obama isn’t the macho type, When faced with opposition he backs down and then tries to let other people carry the fight for him.

  13. Him and his advisers think that the US military is evil and are busy destroying it, once the current rounds of cuts is over we will be weaker then we were on Dec 7, 1941. Remember the left thinks that US military power is what causes wars and wants to stop all wars by destroying our military strength.

  14. Maybe but I doubt it, he probably thinks we will think he is acting tough.

    I will have to look up some sources and get them to you.

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