News links for Feb. 27 2014

1. UCLA has motion to boycott Israel, defeated

The divestment proposal failed by a vote of 7-5.  One girl on the panel didn’t take it so well.

2. Meanwhile, at another university not that far from home:

3. Dubai plays dirty with gold sources.

4. Saudi man slaughters wife and 4 kids with kitchen knife

5. Gavin Boby on Michael Coren speaks on a new and extremely important massive report on Muslim rape gangs of non-muslim children in a crime so horrific there is no actual name for it yet. Report should be released any hour now.

(This is an extraordinarily busy week for me, so posting was light today and might be a bit light some days next week. Please don’t get discouraged, will be back to full volume soon!)

Thank you CB Sashenka, Ox AO, M and all who sent in material. I will get to it all within 24.

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  1. Sounds like “good, old, traditional Islam” to me.

    Militants Set Down Strict Laws for Christians in Syrian City (nbcnews, Feb 27, 2014)
    “An extremist Islamist group disowned by al Qaeda has brought back seventh-century laws to govern Christians living in the Syrian city of Raqqa, which it took over last year.

    According to a document obtained by NBC News, a 12-point decree issued by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) commands Christians to pay a levy in gold and curb displays of their faith in return for protection from the group, widely considered to be the most radical among rebels fighting Syrian president Bashar Assad.

    “Christians should commit to pay Jizya on every adult male, the equivalent of 4 dinars of gold, (equivalent to 4.25 grams of gold) on rich families, and half on middle class and half of that on poor families,” according to the document. “They should not hide their income level and should pay in two installments per year.”

    Ringing church bells, praying in public and displaying religious insignia has also been banned. The directive also prohibits Christians from renovating churches or other buildings, even if they have been destroyed during the three-year civil war…”

  2. California Taliban Wannabe Sentenced to 15 Years in Bomb Plot (nbcnews, Feb 27, 2014)
    “A California man who wanted to join the Taliban was sentenced to 15 years in prison Thursday for trying to blow up an Oakland bank with a fake car bomb supplied in an FBI sting.

    Matthew Aaron Llaneza, 29, of San Jose could have been sentenced to 30 years. But noting court documents that detailed his history of mental illness and substance abuse, U.S. District Judge Virginia Gonzalez Rogers approved a plea deal that attorneys for worked out with federal prosecutors.

    Llaneza was arrested Feb. 8, 2013, after he tried to detonate a sport utility vehicle outside a Bank of America building in Oakland.

    The SUV was packed with inert chemicals that he thought he would set off with cellphones, according to documents on file in U.S. District Court in San Francisco.

    Llaneza told an undercover agent posing as a Taliban operative that he wanted to commit violent acts in the name of Islam then flee the U.S. after the bombing….”

  3. 4/ Minor correction, the article says that it was ‘a Muslim man from Myanmar’ living in Saudi Arabia.

    Echoes the story from August last year about a Yemeni man in Saudi Arabia who also slaughtered his wife and four children ‘to make sure they did not live through difficult conditions, particularly as he was a stateless person.’ Maybe it’s catching.

  4. Victims have said to the british press that they are eventually put into revolving door situations and forced to service “double digits” of men a day for weeks on end.

    Smallest double digit is 10, for weeks on end we can only go with 1 week, or 7 days.


    ten thousand victims. 10,000 x 10 x 7 = at least 700,000 people have payed to rape an 11 to 15 year old british child.

    But he isn’t clear if the campagn against pimping says that 10,000 victims means only victims of grooming gangs.

    I sure hope that’s not just the muslim grooming gangs because that number is close to ENTIRE MALE MUSLIM POPULATION of Briton.

  5. 1. found this on youtube:

    I have to quote TheFinalCrusade:

    “‘And I was like…you know so disappointed…and I was like at this fucking meeting…and I’m like so disappointed…and we fucking like …so fucking blew…and I was like so disappointed…and I was like just so like fucking blew it…I was just so like, like, like so disappointed…and I was like…so disappointed and I like, like, like so fucking disappointed and we like fucking blew it……………’ Later she was to be heard in the ladies room crying…’I was like so disappointed and we like so fucking blew it…like, so, like so…like fucking blew it’……Later she was spotted at Costa Coffee surrounded by men children crying…’we so fucking and I was like, so fucking blew it, and I was like so disappointed and I was like, like, so like, like fucking blew disappointed so like’. She was then taken to hospital and diagnosed with a libtard induced aneurysm.?”

  6. @ Truciocity:

    “…ten thousand victims. 10,000 x 10 x 7 = at least 700,000 people have payed to rape an 11 to 15 year old british child.

    But he isn’t clear if the campagn against pimping says that 10,000 victims means only victims of grooming gangs.

    I sure hope that’s not just the muslim grooming gangs because that number is close to ENTIRE MALE MUSLIM POPULATION of Briton.”

    *mulling over this*

  7. Here is Danielle Dimacali Facebook page:

    I would like to remind you before you post something too her.
    She is a victim of her schools. They are training her and people like her to be a Marxist Nazi Jew haters.

    Think about what you say.
    She will delete her face book page if it isn’t constructive.

    I found this here:

    interesting conversation on that page.

  8. @ Rita

    I do NOT present this as definitve truth but as a possible indication and strongly encourage other people to try to figure it out themselves.

    It can’t possibly be all of them. But every which way I’ve attempted to calculate the numbers of people who participated as “johns” – based upon victim’s, police and social workers statments to the reputable press, and the various numbers of victims and perps given by the government, and no matter how I try to skew the variables down, the numbers of those who participate as consumers is ALWAYS astronomical.

    and notice that I use what I think could be the smallest possible variables.

    -Actual victim statments are often much larger than the numbers I used. 3x to 6x of what I use in fact.
    -It goes on for more than a week- but after 1 week it’s too variable to use – so I can only comfortably use 1 week.
    -It’s been going on for 30 years but numbers presented by the government are often about the last few years or present time.

    Those factors indicate that my variables and estimated totals could be much lower then the truth. I redily aknowledge that they could be much higher.

    Interestingly, when I based my method of calculation on the fact that the Oxford gang had 2000 clients, and extrapolated to other gangs in large cities, the numbers were in line with my previous calculations based upon vicitm, Police, and social worker statements to the press.

    Mr Bobey himself notes that the government has been behaving extremely cagy when it comes to giving numbers about this. I am dead certain that my numbers indicate one of the biggest reasons they’ve been so coy about the numbers over this.

    The british don’t kill people in the street and don’t lynch so the governemtent’s reason isn’t about public safety but about trying to prevent negative political fallout to themselves.

  9. All that being said, it does look like the police have finally taken their thumbs out.

    Well actually, the EDL yanked those thumbs out.

    After years of reading of this depredation, nobody pressued the police to act until after the EDL started screaming bloody murder in the street over the inaction.

    Say what you will about Stephen Yaxley Lenon but there are tens of thousands of british children who won’t now experience lifelong misery, substance abuse, mental illness, overdose or suicide because of That. One. Man.

    That’s not hyperbole. Much less sexual related trauma has just those long term effects upon the victim. What these girls are put through is unimagiably worse. He has literally saved tens of thousands of lives.

  10. Truthi, you said, “The british don’t kill people in the street and don’t lynch…”
    What’s shocking is that rioters haven’t taken to the streets, haven’t flushed out the traitors who opened the gates to this appalling hoard of barbarians.

    This sounds like the Rape of Nanking.
    Can you imagine if Brit perverts took Karachi children in this way? Or girls from Kuala Lumpur? British outposts in every dirt-poor excuse for a Muslim country would be ablaze. Demands for indemnification would beggar the pitiful state that used to be Great Britain.

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