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21 Replies to “Ukraine US-Russian war scenario.”

  1. Hello there……its me again……..Don Laird

    Brilliant post Vlad/Eeyore….thank you.

    Yucki, pay close attention. This forms part of my answer to your other question on a previous thread.

    This is a brilliant analysis and is spot on from a factual and current events perspective.

    Here, as reflected in the video above but not detailed, is a door that opens to the removal of Barack Obama from the White House either by, impeachment, coup d’etat, assassination and or civil war.

    On the other hand, while we are watching the hand that is stirring the pot in the Ukraine, what does the other hand do with the Islamic caliphate pot?

    In the event of thermonuclear war we are completely fucked. I cannot see it being anything less than an all out war and complete and total annihilation of the USA, for one. Obama will have won his battle against the country he and his father and uncle have hated with such purity since their first breath.

    Personally, I don’t see how Obama will have the political support to launch a World War, but then my myopic view of politics results from my recent focus on the Islamic issues.

    On the other hand, what better way for the United States to usher in the 12th Imam, and he gets street cred for beating the Iranians to the punch.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. LaRouche is a nut, but Obama is a nuttier nut, and he may well be supporting the fascist opposition because there are jihadists in it. And NATO has been fighting as a Janissary Corps at least since the Kosovo debacle. Ukraine isn’t just any old country in the world; it is one of the three Russias. Sevastapol isn’t just another seaport; it is Great Russia’s navy’s warm water port. Look at the map, and consider the logistics: Ukraine would be an undefendable salient for NATO; Putin wouldn’t need to resort to nuclear launches in order to cream every asset NATO could possibly send there. Obama (Mr. Nobel Peace Prize) is another matter: If the jihadists were to jerk his chain hard enough he might just push the button.

  3. Now the MAD doctrine claims that both sides will lose in a thermo-nuclear war. But it is a fact that the West has a far greater population then Russia, and far greater wealth then Russia. Though both sides lose, the West has far more to lose then Russia, thus the West will be lose.

  4. Continued

    In any genuine confrontation with Russia, our side knows that is has far more to lose then Russia, thus our side will blink first.

  5. Lyndon Larouche? Are you kidding me? He’s a frikkin nutbag cult leader! His turd brains were the one’s standing around with pictures of Obama with a Hitler moustache. It’s one thing to put a pic of it on a blog for S+Gs but nobody would confuse it for responsible, appropriate or sane public political discourse. Nobody Except a Larouchie.

    I’ve met Larouchies and they ARE JUST LIKE CULT MEMBERS. They have that same happy placid blank thing about them.

    And he says we are trying to goad Russia into a thermo nuclear war or descend into a world war over this. I need no further proof that he is a nutbag. This sort of situation hasn’t led to a world war in a hundred years because we know better.

    That the Russian generals and presedential advisers say the Ukraine is in danger of “going fascist” is basic Russian war propoganda. Everyone they intend to invade is always a “fascist”. Russia’s balony excuse for invading Georgia was that they were “fascists” and were going to “commit genocide” in ingueshetia.

    Add to that I wouldn’t be surprised if the attack on the synagog was a Russian false flag. To give credence to their claims of fighting fascists.

    One of the reasons Litvenko was assassinated was that he worked on a book about how Russia tried to fake (or at the very least create the illusion of) a terrorist attack on an apartment complex in order to create a pretext to war against Chechnya again (not that anyone should have a problem with that). Firebombing a synagog in order to paint the next Ukrianian government as “fascist” pales in comparison to that.

    That the unrest will open up bases for training terrorists. More bs. Taking advantage of the fact that they’ve been dealing with muslim terrorists recently and the public is worked up about it.

    That the Euromaidan will extend it’s activities to Russian cities within Russia “where there is existing racial tension”. BS meant to frighten the Russian populous to get public support for invasion. And a little bit of projection thrown in. Exacerbating racial tensions in other countries was one of the KGB’s techniques.

    (cevat: Not a bad idea. There’s no other way to loosen the KGB’s grip on Russia. But I doubt anyone seriously thinks it has a chance of working in Russia.)

    (Caevat to the Caevat: It could also be BS in order to give the KGB an excuse to crack down on legitimate critics and reformers in the near future.)

    “It is a Western Project…” Welp sort of. But I’d bet it’s more Europe than America. More accurate to say it’s a confluence of Europian and Ukranian interests. The people of Ukraine absolutely do not want to be part of a Russian hegemony (and who would?). So it’s not like anyone is sticking their noses in where they aren’t wanted.

    What we do is educate reformers in dictatorships on how to stage massive protests. But that just means we help like minded people figure out how to change dictatorial governments on their own. It doesn’t mean such events are directed by us at all.

    That US ships are in the black sea, sending in marines, and have deployed more tanks in europe. Can’t speak for the tanks and ships but the marines? That’s just this suspicious report’s say so.

    “they are preparing for an operation by land and sea” mmmmaybe. I was told by a marine that he was almost deployed to Haiti while the coup against Aristide was going down. With that in mind it is not inconcievable that we have a presence in the area in order to dissuade Russia from invading.

    But we would NEVER fight them directly and I think both sides know that. So if there is any shred of reality to that statment, it’s a game of brinksmanship that neither side intends to lead to mutual kinetic engagement (is that a thing?).

    The report is almost completely Russian propoganda meant for internal consumption about how to create a pretext for invasion and how to sell it to the Russian public OR just flat out propoganda meant for internal consumption. But LaRetard, who presents himself to his slavish followers as some sort of savant, is acting as if it’s what anyone really thinks.

  6. One could say I’m wrong about getting into world wars since WWI. But WWII was always going to be a world war and Hitler was always going to invade Russia. There was no spark that set it off like with the assasination of Duke Ferdinand in Sarejavo.

    And islam is waging WWIII against everyone else. But this war started in 1928 and the Late 40’s and is based only upon their ability to wage war, rather than a spark or diplomatic misscalculation. (Aside from the idiocy of not realizing the Muslim Brotherhood is Al Quada and treating all it’s members accordingly.)

    But this is like the Eastern Block revolutions. We’ll help and nudge but if Russia invades we won’t get into a direct violent confrontation over it.

    I gotta say, staging this while the Russian security services were fairly tied up with the Olympics was a cunning stroke. I hope the timing helps.

  7. Truthiocity

    The people of Britain also do not want to be part of the EU.

    There is far too much dissemination about. But after the blatant lies told us about WMDs and the like in Iraq, and setting up a vibrant democracy in Afghanistan, and invasions of these countries that has destroyed whatever little economy they had, one has to treat Western output with a great degree of scepticism.

  8. I agree that this is Russian propaganda setting the stage for an invasion of Ukraine, I remember that the US sent ships to the Black Sea to “provide protection for the Olympic athletes.” I doubt if the Russians expect many people to believe the statements in the video but they are still the out there as the reason for the invasion. The true reasons are 1) as woodyoaks said Sevastopol is there warm water port, they will do anything to keep that port open. 2) their base at Sevastopol is not secure unless Russia controls all of Ukraine. #) As I have stated previously Putin wants to rebuild the Russian/USSR Empire with himself as the new Czar.

    As Ross Loyd implies Obama won’t do anything unless it will help re-establish the Caliphate, which unfortunately a war between Russia and NATO would do. Even so I expect Obama to set back and let Russia have Ukraine since there is too much chance that Russia might blink if he confronted them. The Cuban Missile Crisis was mentioned by what isn’t taught about that crisis is the Khrushchev had no intention of putting nuclear missiles in Cuba (he didn’t trust Castro) the Soviet freighters didn’t have any missiles in their holds. Kennedy blinked and pulled our missile batteries out of Turkey and got nothing in return.

  9. OT
    You know I love it when it’s piled on the Kennedys. It brightens my outlook even during nuke-talk to think they’re all dead now. There wasn’t a stake in the entire state of Massachusetts big enough to drive through their brittle, twisted little hearts.

    If I didn’t hate that treasonous, cowardly, liar J.Kerry for who he is, I’d hate him for his Kennedy impersonation. The ghoul who would be king.

  10. Don,
    Tell me more about the “door that opens to the removal of Barack Obama from the White House,” short of the Apocalypse, that is.

    (Intutition tells me he was given a fake button, broken red phone, seven seals sealed seven times each. We still had some military intell in place before he was passed the baton.)

  11. Hello Yucki,

    The republicans are war weary, the opponents of Obama are war weary.

    The grassroots across the United States are looking for a chance, for any reason whatsoever, for any opportunity, to remove Obama from the White House. A looming world war would be that chance. I truly don’t think the hawks in the senior command echelons of the United States Armed Forces want a war, they can neither afford it, nor can they sustain another major war, not for at least a decade. It would break the back of the United States and leave her an empty shell for her enemies to crush. The republicans and grassroots understand that, as do the military commanders……they won’t allow that to happen……it would result in a removal from command, a sitting American president, by the most expedient and palatable means necessary.

    I honestly thought that with Obama’s attacks on the First and Second Amendment and the laundry list of stunts both he and his administration pulled off, that he was as close to assassination, coup’d’etat, impeachment or arrest as a sitting president could get. In fact I honestly expected him to be killed or removed in the few weeks post his last election. That didn’t happen.

    A blog, a conservative blog, Maggiesnotebook, has aired this same issue many times.

    Look at this link and read the comments.

    The comments of “Thomas” in relation to his references of the legal and constitutional mechanisms to be used to remove a president are spot on, very accurate and are soundly legal.

    I don’t agree with his snide remarks about “crushing the grassroots” but his constitutional analysis is eye-opening.


    In short, Obama is treading on thin ice and according to many in the United States and abroad, he’s living on borrowed time, he and his administration of Leftists and Muslims.

    Food for thought.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  12. Hello Yucki…….

    Here, presented by a fiery evangelical pastor, are a few facts.

    Ignore the messenger and listen to the message with respect to the facts regarding the present White House administration and departments like Homeland Security.


    How does martial law begin?

    How does the first American mass grave get dug?

    How do you excuse the first mass murder of American citizens?

    What will the media do when bodies begin to pile up?

    How will a civil war get started?

    All good questions.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  13. Hello Yucki..

    If you know some of the major players in the current WH administration you will be painfully familiar with Bernadine Dorhn and Bill Ayers, both extremely close friends of Obama, both shadow writers for Obama, both frequent visitors to the White House and both convicted felons and former members of the American terrorist organization “The Weather Underground”…..then listen to an attendee at a meeting Bill Ayers attended……and the topic of dicussion was the mass murder of over 25,000,000 persons who needed “re-education”


    How and when it will get started?

    When will the first American citizen be murdered for “crimes against the state”?

    When will the first “Re-Education Center” be opened?

    All good questions.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  14. Potent stuff, Don.
    Just reactions follow, fragments from this material.

    Soon we won’t have soldiers with sufficient discernment to see what that tormented young soldier, a true patriot, was describing. That will be the point of no return & then we’ll surely be destroyed. We’ll need a citizen militia ready to step in and protect us from the pod that’ll call itself army-navy-marine, but will in fact be an enemy occupation force.

    One of the commentators made the point that the infiltration of the enemy into the highest echelons of power didn’t start with the placement of this most egregious enemy. I’d like to know more about the process of subversion. It will be useful to identify the players and the enablers that brought us to this sorry state. With more specificity than simply “the socialist cabal” or “the useful idiots”.

    Post-Marathon Boston certainly felt like martial law. Nearly a year later and I cried to see the blossoms on the trees, streets emptied, vehicles that didn’t look like any police cars or vans I’d ever seen. We were so vulnerable that we made it easy for them to use us for a dry run.

    How many people outside of Boston knew we were living under martial law for nearly a week?
    It could happen just like that. If not actually facilitate a stunning terrorist attack, just make it easy for the monsters to visit horrors upon us. Prevent investigation of explosions in Little Somalia. Trial runs of infrastructure sabotage. Bury reports of paramilitary camps financed by Islamic terrorist entities.

    Then martial law, perhaps declared but more likely given a futuristic euphemism.Since We the People have been the subject for surveillance, they’ll know just who might challenge a defacto coup.

    * * * *
    Sorry, my eyes are closing. To be continued…

  15. Don the reason we haven’t done anything yet is lack of a leader, all of those who could do it are still trying to work inside the system to change things but given world events this may change.]

    Yucki place your faith and hope in the vets that have retired or been forced out, the sentiment that I am hearing is that they swore to protect the Constitution and they don’t think that oath has been reversed. Here in Missouri (we charge no state income tax on military pensions) we have many thousands of vets and most of them are very angry. This brings us back to what I told Don we haven’t had a leader step up.

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