News links for Feb 26 2014 – 5

1. Pro-Assad forces kill 175 rebels in ambush – Syrian state media

2. Crimea 1

3. Turkish President Gul signs controversial judiciary bill

Turkey’s President Abdullah Gul has signed a controversial bill boosting the government’s control over the judiciary. The move follows a parliament decision to approve restrictions to the Internet.

4. Crimea 2

5. Multicultural Moderate Muslims Plotted To Assassinate Publisher of F. Desouche & Bloc Identitaire President

“Summoned by an anti-terrorism judge last week, so I have had confirmation of threats to me. According to two witnesses, Mohammed Achamlane [creator and spokesman Forsane Alizza] thus asked one of its activists to contact me to try to assassinate me .

(F Desouche is an amazing site, and we post material and videos from there frequently)

6. The EU punishes Switzerland for determining its own immigration policy.

7. Russian spy ship docked in Havana

Havana (AFP) – A Russian warship was docked in Havana Wednesday, without explanation from Communist Cuba or its state media.

The Viktor Leonov CCB-175 boat, measuring 91.5 meters (300 feet) long and 14.5 meters wide, was docked at the port of Havana’s cruise ship area, near the Russian Orthodox Cathedral.

The Vishnya, or Meridian-class intelligence ship, which has a crew of around 200, went into service in the Black Sea in 1988 before it was transferred seven years later to the northern fleet, Russian media sources said.

Thank you M, Fjordman, Ox AO, CB Sashenka, and many more who sent in material. Thank you. Is it just me, or do things seem to be getting worse on geopolitical and Islamic savagery fronts?

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  1. 1. Notice this. It was a relief unit backed by western nations. Sad and scary part is they might be right.

    Translated: “He pointed out that the terrorist group was trying to relieve the pressure on the terrorists who receive fatal blows from our military in the region of the brave Kalamoon by bringing terrorists backed by Western nations and regional cross the Jordanian border .”

  2. 6. The EU punishes Switzerland for determining its own immigration policy.

    I dont think the Swiss are worried.

    First, Switzerland’s universities have the highest educational standard in the world. Combined with the fact that the EU has been actively debasing the standard of education in schools and universities in the EU, it is EU students who will lose. Shame about that, but the EU really dose not care about the welfare of Europeans. It is more concerned about the millions of Africans and Muslims arriving in Italy, and above all their own perks and pensions.

  3. RE; # 1, No problem , at least so far none of our troops are getting killed, maimed, or harmed. Let the others go bankrupt financing this sectarian,tribal,Islamist, and civil war. The amount of precious lives, maimed warriors, human civilian suffering, money wasted, and stolen in the Iraq and Afghan wars was staggering. Billions pissed away with no or BS accountability. The only parties that benefited were the ‘Military Industrial Complex’ and the corrupt politicians whose loyalty was purchased.

  4. RE; # 6, If the EU was such a good deal the Swiss would have signed up decades ago, in their wisdom they saw the EU for what it really is a Dictatorship with the seat of all power coming from the ‘Throne in Brussels’, all of the nations have in fact surrendered their sovereignty, and their ‘national’ governments have been reduced to puppet status.

  5. Big Frank

    I believe we had a chance in Iraq. We blew it. If the nation had got behind it like WW2, we could have done it.

    A few more men but most especially showing the national will.

    Showing the national will would have broken the enemies will.

    Instead the enemy was encourage by Code Pink, Cindy Sheehan, Senator Reid (“The War is lost”) etc.

  6. Blue, I agree between the lack of political will and the asinine politically correct ‘rules of engagement’ the chance of a real victory was denied. A war cannot be fought half hearted with the warriors wondering if they will be praised, wounded killed or end up in a military prison, when the enemy has no rules. IMHO too many have come home via Dover AFB in metal boxes fighting with such restrictions.

  7. Big Frank, blue you are right, the public supported the war until the networks stopped showing the 9/11 attacks and naming the dead from those attacks. During WWII FDR had Hollywood make a series of shorts on Why We Fight and had them played at the theaters throughout the war. Since that war our leaders seem determined to see that the war doesn’t affect the daily lives of the US citizens and they forget the reasons for our fighting.

    I also want to state that if Hitler hadn’t invaded the USSR the left in the US would have spent the entire war trying to undermine the war effort. What most people don’t know is that the left wanted the US to send aid to Russia only and to turn all of Europe over to Russia.

  8. The left – that’s FDR + his pinkies – were helping the USSR right through the ’30s. Meanwhile the Soviets were helping to build the Nazi machine – all that Ukrainian grain, the secret training camps – right up to the “stab in the back”.

  9. Yeah, and there is a lot of evidence (all circumstantial) that FDR knew about some of the soviet agents in his and either ignored them or helped them. Once he as dead Truman was forced to fire one of the moles but then turned around and appointed him to an even more sensitive position.

    People don’t want to know about these facts since them make them uncomfortable, after all if the history books like about those facts what else are they lying about.

  10. Guess who crops up in the above… The Muslim brotherhood in Ukraine .

    See this

    As it now stands, the Tatars have no better ally than the western Ukrainians. Should the Crimea fall to the Russians, the general freedom that the Tatar have enjoyed will almost surely be ended. For there is one thing that is certain, the Russian government hates the Ikhwan. For more than two decades it has attacked the organization in words whenever and wherever it could, and it holds the Ikwhan-qua-”Wahhabi” responsible for prolonging the jihad in the Caucasus. Given free rein in the east, a Russian invasion would almost assuredly put an end to the Ikhwan, to dawaa, and to the Tatar Mejlis. – See more at:

  11. BELGIUM – Afghan asylum seekers find refuge in Brussels church

    Hundreds of Afghan refugees have set up camp in a Brussels church, protesting against their imminent deportation to their home country, which they say is not safe.

    […]half of the church is filled with tents and makeshift beds. People sit on the floor to eat their lunch and children run around the 17th century baroque church’s nave.

    The priest of the Church of Saint John the Baptist at the Beguinage, Daniel Alliet, said he opened the doors to the refugees because he disagreed with Belgium’s current asylum policy.

    Before receiving shelter at the Beguinage Church, the Afghans occupied several empty buildings in Brussels from which they were evicted.

  12. /SAUDI ARABIA – JEDDAH – Man slaughters wife, 4 kids with a kitchen knife

    He then goes to Grand Mosque for prayers before turning himself to police

    A Muslim man from Myanmar used a kitchen knife to slaughter his wife and four children at home in Saudi Arabia, saying he did so because he loved them.

    The murder, which has already sent shock waves through the conservative Gulf Kingdom, took place at dawn on Wednesday and police found all the family lying in a pool of blood inside their small apartment in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah.

    The 42-year-old man, identified as Abu Al Kalam, confessed to police that he slit the throat of his 30-year-old wife and four daughters, aged between 9 months and six years. After murdering them, he phoned his Saudi employer and told him about the crime before heading for the Grand Mosque in nearby Makkah for prayers.

    “Abu Al Kalam stayed there for several hours before going to the police and handing himself over,” the Arabic language daily Okaz said.

    “He confessed to murdering his family, saying that he had imagined that he would die before them in the next few days…he said he did not want to leave behind his family living in misery so he decided to take them with him because he loves them.”

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