Major violence breaks out in Pakistan injuring many over Valentines day

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: I dunno but it started a riot in Pakistan.

In yesterdays riot, students who dressed up to celebrate Valentines day, and other kids who dressed up quite a bit more for the islamic, ‘modesty day’ couldn’t be content with just expressing their different point of view. In Islamic states, diversity pretty much always leads to death.

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Story here:

High tensions led to fifteen people being injured in the Pakistani city of Peshawar Friday, as two rival student groups clashed over Valentine’s Day celebrations. Violence erupted at the University of Peshawar when dozens of students rallied in favour of the romantic holiday, in opposition to a rally that was taking place at the same location where conservative students had gathered to promote a “Modesty Day” instead.


How do you say, ‘savages’ in Pashtun?

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